Best Way to Switch to a Project Management Career

Best Way to Switch to a Project Management Career
What's new about CAPM Certification? Recently in 2020, PMI updated the benefit of this certification to one that can be maintained every 3 years, instead of taking the exam every 5 years again and again. This is awesome as some people prefer to be project team members and the 15 PDUs that they earn every 3 years keeps their knowledge current. See the CAPM handbook on to see the details required for PDUs. This page was updated on 11-30-2020.

Many people who work within the operations of an organizational, already have some project management exposure. They are aware of some ongoing projects, may provide some project support, or may even work on a project team. Employers want to make sure you understand the subject matter. So if you have some exposure, but no formal project management training, then this class may be for you!

People use this certification to qualify them to work on a project team. They gather a lot of experience and over time may be given projects to lead, and thus this certification is used as the stepping stone to the PMP(R) certification.

You might find yourself in one or more of these situations:

(1) You've fairly fresh out of college with a bachelors degree in business administration, and you feel you have may been doing projects, but you're not sure. You may have worked 1 to 2 years on the job. What did you do? You could have done some projects. However, you could have done a lot of routine daily activities also, such as customer service, or you are participating in sustaining daily operations. If you have not served as a project support or had any exposure to project management and agile basics, then start your career shift with a 4 hour class in Project Management & Agile Basics, then take the CAPM Certification Training.

(2) If you have served on the project team or provided project support and you are aware of basic project management and agile concepts, then by all means take the CAPM Certification class. or email her your resume.. It's possible that the PMP Certification is in your horizon.

(4) If you are an Admin and you are under the direction and supervision of someone else, these activities will not be considered projects. You may have done a lot of project support; however, you did not led and direct your projects. Start with CAPM(R)certification.

(5) You have a high school education or equivalent and you spent most of your management career performing quality tasks, or risk assessments or you worked in the procurement department. We would need to see your resume and look at your work descriptions in order to understand your projects. You would need 7,500 projects over a 60 month period, all within the last 8 years in order to take the PMP exam.

(6) Project Management Certification can include project management fundamentals (CAPM(R) Certification), PMP Certification which includes traditional, agile and hybrid projects, an Agile Specialist that broadly understands 10 methodologies and the majority of tools and techniques used in agile or business analysis professional certification or program management or portfolio certification.