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Professional in Business Analysis, <br> PMI-PBA(R) Certification Group<br> Training.  <br>Call 360-584-8614 to schedule an <br>onsite training for your group.
Professional in Business Analysis, PMI-PBA(R) Certification Training Onsite for your Groups 100% Live Online or Onsite in Bellevue Seattle, DC, or MI. If there is just one of you, please see our 100% Live Online Training for PMI-PBA Certification Training classes, 35 hours for exam approval with the prep you need to pass. The PMI-PBA exam is not included. The current PMI-PBA exam started 6/25/18. Current Exam Class#: TRBA34. We will provide class prices which will depend on the number of people in your group training.

Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 for details or email her.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Provider* (A.T.P.) #3441. See our testimonials.

About the Class:
Each class comes with 30 days of free online quiz practice that starts on the last day of training comprising of 947 questions divided into 8 quizzes. This PMI-PBA class is a Project Management Institute certification covering Requirements Management and Strategic Alignment, Needs Assessment, Managing Organizational Change as these areas are all a part of Business Analysis project knowledge. It is BA project certification. The BA typically does a BA project in parallel with the PM, and the BA owns the requirements for the PMs project. This is a certification of the Project Management Institute. All classes, whether onsite or Live online are 100% Instructor led. Our Instructors do not play videos. They teach all segments of your training.

See PDU Details Below

For Federal Government PMI-PBA Certification Training Pricing Click here.

Class schedules are showing in the menu on an ongoing basis. Please click on the down arrow above the green "add to cart" button to see more options. To purchase, click on the dates you want, then click on add to cart or Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614.

If you have questions regarding your experience send Nereda Haque, PMP your resume for review. There is no charge to review your resume and assess your experience. We also go over the application in class.

About SmartPath LLC and the PMI-PBA Certification Training with Exam Prep and What You Will Receive:
(1) 35 hours of training for exam approve and the information and Prep you need to pass the PMI-PBA Certification exam
(2) Class materials includes workflows for exam and BA project visibility
(3) Up to 30 days of online quiz practice for simulated and interactive learning starting with the last day of class

See Benefits of SmartPath LLC's PMI-PBA Certification Training

SmartPath LLC has taught Business Process Analysis for over 8 years highlighting why it is so important. You may read our article here. This page has been read by thousands world-wide since it was posted in February, 2012. SmartPath LLC believes that Business Analysis skills are "must have" skills for all project managers. We are now proud to be able to offer a PMI-PBA Certification class. Business Analysis is a growing field with a job increase of 22% estimated by 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Discounts are for people attending class together.

Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CMfgT, EDMP. Mo is a very seasoned and highly experienced instructor. He is easy to understand, and he will provide clear answers to all of your questions. Verify Mos Experience. Verify all Mos badges.

Mo Haque is a brilliant educator, with a strong experiential background throughout his global project management career directing and managing global programs where he used enterprise analytical techniques, analysis, and modeling to improve organizational efficiencies through gap identification and process automation. He is famous for his storytelling, workflows, and for making the seemingly difficult, simple. Mo Haque spent 9 years as the head of a College of Engineering.

Those who have experienced his training, continue to come back to class for other training, never ceasing to be amazed at just how much wisdom and knowledge he is able to impart from so much experience.

SmartPath LLC's Training Locations:
Talk to us about scheduling your onsite group training in DC, MI or WA.

If you are outside of the US or in Hawaii or Other territories: purchasing 10 days in advance may be more prudent. You will pay the difference between $15.05 USD and what it takes to get your package to you via USPS priority. You will be provided a quote as well as a link to pay for the postage.

Training Hours: 35 hours over 4 or 5 days

Date and Time: See the "add to cart" menu and click on the down arrow to see all dates.

How to purchase the class: All class dates shown are available for purchase. Onsite seats at SmartPath LLC in Washington DC are limited to 8 people and in Bellevue-Seattle are limited to 9 people. A few live online trainees or live online resitters may participate in the class. Please plan your training so you ensure that you have a seat. Click on the down arrow, then click on the dates you want, then click on "add to cart" and follow the menus. If you are awaiting organizational approval let us know so we can reserve you a seat temporarily. You may use either a credit card, or debit card, PayPal or choose pay later using PayPal in the add to cart menu. If you prefer you may purchase over the phone by calling 360-584-8614 or 1-855-SMART50.

Call Nereda Haque at 360-584-8614 if you have any questions.

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, Operations Managers, Business Managers, System analysts, enterprise architects, MBA's, who analyze business problems or manage requirements within a project or program.

PMI-PBA Training Objectives
   ◦  Apply the learned processes when you manage a business analysis project in real life
   ◦  Use visual diagrams to guide you through any business analysis activity, with the related inputs and outputs relationships
   ◦  Produce needed models to initiate, plan, execute, business analysis projects in real life
   ◦  Understand business process analysis. Do not cram it.
   ◦  You cant apply what you dont understand.
   ◦  Apply for the certification examination and PASS

PMI-PBA Testimonial
I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the training last week! I usually, not only hate being confined to a desk for extended hours in a day, I dread listening to instructors who drone on about theatricals that have little or no practical use.

You are, not only a gifted instructor, your grasp on theory and practical concepts is without rival. Your personal experience, coupled with your magnetic personality, all combine to make learning even at my advanced age interesting and exciting. I have rarely encountered a professor of your caliber. Keep up the fine work!" - Joe C., PMP - Joe works for US Largest Employer

PMI-PBA Exam Pricing is not included in the training price:
Member of PMI: $405
Nonmember of PMI: $555
Reexamination - member: $275
Reexamination - nonmember: $375
Certification renewal - member: $60
Certification renewal - nonmember: $150
PMI Membership fee - initial: $139

You may apply for Exam approval without becoming a member of PMI. However, before you pay for the Exam, to get the member rate, you need to become a PMI member.

If you studied Business Process Analysis / Business Analysis with us during the last 8 years and you would like to get PMI-PBA Certified, then see our customer loyalty program - Loyalty BPA / BA pricing

PDU Details - 35 PDUs : T = Technical for the certification; L = Leadership; S = Strategic. For TLS breakdown:

PMP/PgMP PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-ACP PDUs: T/L/S: 0/5/5
PfMP PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-PBA: T/L/S: 15/5/5

For Federal Government PMI-PBA Certification Training Pricing Click here.