PMP(R) Testimonials & PMP Exam reviews

PMP(R) Testimonials & PMP Exam reviews
Enjoy the PMP(R) reviews and testimonials from some of those who passed their PMP certification. SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, (ATP), #3441. We appreciate your comments. Keep them coming! 100% Live Training and Group Schedules are available onsite or online: 100% Live Online ; PMP Instructor, also teaches all the other classes, See PMP Materials & Tools

"I passed the PMP Exam today because I went there believing I could do it." Jamar B, PMP - passed 3-25-2024

"I passed [the PMP Exam! . . . Lots of work! But you two really helped me prep. It didnt feel overly technical with most questions . . ." - Chryssa H., PMP - passed 1-31-2024

"Nereda & Mo
I want to thank you both for all the help you both have given me throughout this process. I learned so much in class and I'm grateful for all the knowledge I've gained. This whole thing wouldn't have been possible without you guys. Passing the exam was the first hurdle, now my next challenge is joining the PM market. I'm very excited for what's to come and I can't wait to keep growing as a PM. Thanks again and any opportunities you all send me will be greatly appreciated." Diego M. - passed - 1-30-24

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Just to let you know that I passed the PMP exam. I presented that yesterday afternoon. Thanks so much for your support!" - Humberto M. PMP - passed 1-29-24

"Evening Mo and Nereda,
I am happy to share that this afternoon I sat for and passed my PMP exam! Once I receive the official certificate Ill update my LinkedIn. Thank you both for the support . . . 😊 While going through the FlexQuiz tests the last few weeks I had a little lack of confidence (my scores were in the 50s and 60s), I found the test to go easier and in most cases the answer was apparent. Really, understanding the right sequence of events made a big difference. Again, thank you both." Gerry B., PMP - passed 1-23-2024

"Hello Nereda, I took my exam last Thursday and I passed the [PMP] certification. Thank you to you and Moe for your notes and teachings." Dhruv R., PMP - passed 1-4-2024

"Good Morning Nereda and Happy New Year,
FYI I took my [PMP] exam on December 28 and passed. Thank you again for all of your support!" Melissa T, - passed 12 - 28-2023

"Just finished the [PMP] exam a couple hours ago and the piece of paper says I passed. Still cant believe it. Thank you to the both of you for all the help and support. As I said your prep really made the difference. Your prep quizzes helped so much." - Keith F, PMP - passed 12-27-23

"Hi Nereda, I took the exam this morning and preliminary report said I had passed, what a relief. Assuming results are no usually turned over, that is a big weight off my shoulders, thanks for all your help! " - Sean P, PMP - passed 12-27-2023

"Hello, I passed {the PMP Exam] AT all sections. Sorry I was out of office afterwards. Thanks!" - Diana P., PMP - passed 12-19-2023.

"Hi Nereda,
I did just recently take and pass my PMP. I took my test on December 20, 2023. I really appreciate the support and training you both provided!" - Jessica A, PMP

"I passed the [PMP] exam!!! Thanks so much to both of you (and Mo!) for helping me with this process . . . It was easier in some ways." Stef T., PMP passed 12-6-23

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I just wanted to let you know that I took and passed the PMP exam. Happy Holidays! . . . It seemed a bit easier than expected . . . All I did was study the material and hoped for the best." Andrew B., PMP - passed 12-2-2023

Did to pass on 11-23-2023? "Yes that was me." Andrew R., PMP -passed
I would like to share with you a great news. I took the PMP exam last Saturday and yesterday. I received the result, I was approved. Thanks for all the support." Gabriel; S. ,PMP - passed 10-28-23

Did you pass the PMP Exam on 10-23-23: "Yes, that was me. Thanks! I enjoyed the weeklong training." Taylor S., PMP

"Hey Nereda, I took my exam yesterday. Something new PMI is doing is they no longer give you your results at the testing center, they are emailed to you 1-5 business days later. I got mine this morning and I passed. Thanks for all the help! . . . It was pretty similar to what I expected. I finished with a good amount of time left but wasnt confident I passed. " - Joe, V, PMP - passed 10-12-23"

"I took my exam on 9/14. Thanks!" - Keisha B., PMP - passed 9-14-2023

"Good morning Mo and Nereda, I just wanted to let you both know I passed on Friday . . . Thank you so much for your help. . . The exam was easier than expected for most items. There were a few tricky questions. . . overall, I felt pretty good about my answers going through the exam " Lauren H., PMP - passed 8-21-2023

I wanted to inform you that I PASSED my [PMP] test!! Hoooray!!! Appreciate your help with this. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!!" Joy G, PMP - passed 8-5-2023

"Hey Nereda! I indeed took the exam and passed! Overall it was a pretty straightforward experience. It was in a very formal exam space with lots of security protocols. They must have issues with academic integrity. But overall the exam went smoothly. I felt really confident going into the exam after taking the prep quizzes, but honestly didnt feel that confident as I was selecting answers. Almost all of the questions felt like they had multiple correct answers haha. I guess I made the right choices though because I passed above expectations. Thanks so much for the thorough training and for all the effort working . . . to make it happen. You guys are the best!" -Brad H, PMP - passed 7-14-2023

"Hi Nereda,
Yes, it is me- thank you! You and Mo helped me get there! The practice quizzes really helped me get ready for the quiz [PMP exam]. " - Stephanie S, passed July 2023

Hi Nereda!
I am pleased to share that I've passed my PMP Exam!! I scored Above Target in ALL AREAS!!!! Thank you Mo & Nereda for the training, coaching, encouragement and guidance over the years! ." Will B, PMP - passed 4-22-2023!

"Hey Nereda I have great news! I passed my exam above target in all three categories." - Austin H, PMP - passed 4-23-2023

"Hi all,
I just wanted to share the good news with you. I passed! Thank you so much to you two (and Mo) for the support and instruction. I could not have done it without you.

Report attached too, above target for all. I followed the study guide exactly as instructed. Warm regards," - Emmanuel R., PMP - passed 4-21-2023

"Thanks for your kindness and support in training me up for such a career milestone! I have attached the result for you to see [Above target in all areas!]" - Arif M., PMP - passed - 3-24-2023

"Nereda, Mo
Just checking in letting you know that I passed the [PMP] exam yesterday (yay!) Above Target in all three areas. Probably should have been more disciplined and had done it within 90 days of the Boot Camp, but its all done now.

Thanks for all the great support from SmartPath I reiterated to ___________ and some other ____________ staff prepping for the exam: After the boot camp, its all about putting in the time with the questions/quizzes. I invested a LOT of time with these in the past month and they helped with a set of thematic that enabled me to field most everything. And I have used the workflows at work as a bonus. Thanks again for the great boot camp and prep!" - Eric B., PMP - passed 3/1/2023

"I passed 😊[the PMP exam]. . . Definitely easier than expected. It only took me 2.5 hours, including two ten minute breaks. "- Jacqueline K, PMP - passed 2-14-2023

"I sat for the [PMP] exam this morning as scheduled, and passed! THANK YOU both, Mo & Nereda, for the excellent training and support. . . I felt well prepared and confident on the material so it made it easier, though I wouldnt say the exam was easy. However, as anticipated, calculated the time a few times and really had to scramble at the end - ended up with only 6 minutes to spare. Thankfully with all the preparation, the time crunch just became a gut check of the material. The Workflows were excellent tools which helped my study." Lynne O, PMP - passed 2-15-2023

Passed the PMP(R) Exam: "I took in on 1/26. I only did one round of practice exam, and didn't have the time to do it for all types of quiz. It was pretty easy in my opinion. But I have not looked at the detailed result yet , I will take a look at that. " Soniya M, PMP - passed 1-26-2023

I just wanted to thank you and Mo for your assistance, training and practice quizzes. I am happy to report that I have successfully passed the PMI-PMP exam. I will continue to bang the SmartPath LLC drum thanks to my continued success with the PMI exams." Jarred, J, PMP, PMI-ACP, CAPM - passed 1-26-2023

"Good Morning, Nereda. I took the exam on Tuesday and passed! Im a decent test taker but an even better procrastinatorI spent Monday cranking through ~1500 of the practice questions and thats the only studying I did. If thats not a testament to the training and material provided I dont know what is! " - Cassandra C, PMP - passed 1/24/2024 - This company has had 27 pass out of 27 since the end of 2021. This is the 9th pass this year!

"Exciting news, I have passed my PMP exam! Thank you for your great instruction and support in helping me to achieve this milestone! I asked him if it was easier or more difficult. He said this: It was more difficult than I thought it would be. However my score was above target, so I guess I was well prepared for the challenge! " - Joshua S., PMP - passed 1-23-2023

"Hi Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP [exam] on my first try! Thanks for running a great program. Much easier than expected. And thank you!" - Colleen K, PMP - passed 1/12/2023

"Thank you so much for your kind email. I took the exam on January 3rd. I honestly thought the [PMP] exam was harder than expected. While the questions/topics were similar to the practice tests, the answer choices threw me. The answer wording choices were different from the practice tests and the PMI Study Hall so picking the right answer was not as easy as I expected. I had 6 minutes left before I finished the exam, and was very surprised that I scored above target in all domains. Oh welljust glad it is over!" - Carrie N., PMP- passed 1-3-2023

Good morning, Nereda and Mo
I wanted to share the good news with you both that I just passed my PMP exam Above Target in all 3 domains!! Thank you so much for all of your support in the preparation process. I am certainly thrilled to be on the other side of all that studying :-). Thank you, again! Warmly, Camille W. PMP - passed 12-21-2022

"Good morning Nereda,
I took the exam yesterday. Thanks for that confirmation [that he passed] and for all the support / training!!" Colton, K., PMP - passed "above target." - passed 12-12-2022

"Hi Nereda, I passed the PMP exam 12/14/22

Thanks! . . . [It was] harder [than expected] in the sense that it is difficult to pick an answer as the options could be very similar . . . I finished all the tests [quizzes} and repeated the first three. Looks like a good result! [It was indeed! . . . an above target overall performance on his PMP(R) Exam certificate. Thanks for the class, the additional material and the quizzes. It really was a lot of practice but it was worth it." Gerardo P, PMP - passed 12-12-2022

"Hi Nereda. I passed the PMP[R] exam yesterday with Above Target in all the domains. Thanks for the quizzes and coaching. It really helped" - SaiPriya S., PMP - passed 12-7-2022

"Passed PMP Exam
Good afternoon, Mo and Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the PMP exam today. Attached is my result summary from test center. Thank you very much for the training and opportunity. Sincerely appreciate your support." Uday V., PMP - passed 11-7-2022

"18 out of 18 of the people who took the PMP exam from a company in WA have passed the exam since 11-2-2021. We congratulate all of them!!!

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you for following up! Yes, I was able to pass the PMP exam in October, I achieved above target on all the sections. I wouldnt say it was harder than I anticipated . . . I would like to thank you and and Mo for all the support you provided!" Hassenat F., PMP - passed Oct 2022

"Hey Nereda, I took my PMP test yesterday, Wednesday 28th, and passed." - Jordan F., PMP - passed 9-28-2022.

"Hi Nereda, I wanted to update you that I took my [PMP] test on Monday and I have passed all areas above target. Thanks for your assistance leading up to this and your patience with me." - Katherine B, PMP - passed 9-26-2022.

"Hi Nereda, I passed the PMP Exam this morning." C.S, PMP - passed 8-18-2022

" Hello Nereda,
I can confirm that Ive taken and passed my PMP exam already . . . . . . The exam was much, much easier than expected." - George Q-M, passed 3/18/22.

"I pass the PMP Exam today. Thanks for your support . . . [I had} great teachers. Thanks once again!" Marvin M., PMP - passed 4-19-2022

"I passed my [PMP} Exam." - Sasha H. - passed 4-12-2022.

"Thank you Nereda Haque and Mo, for an amazing boot camp. Passed my exam last week! Laura M., PMP - passed the last week of March 2022.

Re Congratulations! "Hi Nereda. Thank you! I am very pleased to have accomplished this [PMP credential] and want to extend my thanks to you and Mo. I will state that the exam was easier than I expected and felt that I was more than prepared." - Joe S., PMP - passed 3-16-2022

"Good Morning, I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP yesterday with Above Target in all domains. Thank you for allowing me to sit in the class a second time and giving me ample opportunities to use the quizzes." ~Katherine McK, PMP - passed 3-16-2022

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you so much!! I took the exam yesterday and it wasnt as bad as I was expecting. Its just very long. I think taking the practice quiz bunch of times on top of the knowledge I gained in class helped me. Thanks." Ankit S., PMP - passed 3-9-2022

"Hi Nereda, I took it on Mar 5th. It was similar questions what I practiced, not too hard. But the time feels tight, plus their software crashed when I have about 20 questions left, I didn't get to finish all questions. But luckily I passed. Thanks, Claire S, PMP - passed 3-5-2021

"Hi Nereda
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam last week. Thank you for all the help during training. . . It was different from what I expected not easier or harder. Aside from the quizzes, I studied the text book especially the portions that Mo highlighted as you will definitely get a question in the exam on this topic. Most of my study was with the quizzes though. " - Priyanka P., PMP - passed Feb 25 - 2022"

I passed! There's another PMP at Kenworth! I passed my PMP today. Thanks again for the training! The quizzes were daunting, especially after seeing the first scores. They definitely helped, however. All the best, " - Gordon _, PMP - passed 2/19/2022

"Hello Nereda. I hope you and Mo are doing well. I took my PMP exam today and passed. Thank you for all the help you and Mo provided during the classes to get us prepared for the exam. Kind regards," Nausheen A., PMP - passed 2-15-2022

"Hello! I took the exam on Saturday 2/12, remotely from my office. I think my biggest key to success was studying practice exams, . . . The real exam was easier than any practice exam I had done, but I would attribute that to my studying. If I hadnt studied, the real exam wouldve been extremely difficult." Co P, PMP - finished training 1/28 and passed on 2-12-022

"I passed the PMP exam. Thank you so much for all your support." - Prachi S., PMP - passed 2-9-2022

Mo and you are awesome. Thanks for all your help." - Julie K. - passed 2-4-2022.

Response to, "Are you enjoying the training? "Very much! Mo is wonderful. Thank you both for making sense of it all." LM - 1-28-22 - last day of class

I took the PMP exam at 1 AM this morning. It was challenging. The good thing is I passed. Thank you to Mo." Priscilla A, PMP - passed 1-7-2021

"I did it!!!!! [passed the PMP exam]. I did it. I did it !!!!!!! Certified I am!!!!! Above target in all 3 areas! I am going to sit down and cry for a few minutes. Whew!!! . . .No way I could have done this without you and Mo. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! . . . It was surprisingly easier than I imagined." - Kim J, PMP - passed 12-30-2021,BR>
Done and passed [the PMP exam]! . . .Thanks to you and Mo for all the support! . . . It was about as difficult as I expected, which was to be generally less difficult than the prep quizzes. Overall though I still feel it is a fairly difficult exam because of the best answer format and the nuances in each situation described in the questions. That said, the exam tended to have clearer best answers and more obvious distractor answers where the quizzes had less separation between best and less-best. " Nick H, PMP - passed 12-15-2021.

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you for the training! It very much helped and the resources and [the PMP] exam prep questions were valuable. I did not do all that well on your quizzes but focused on understanding the content and parsing apart the questions to figure out what the question was asking, what the PM would most likely do and what type of environment I was in (i.e Agile, Predictive, Hybrid). That usually weeded things out pretty well. The exam . . . was probably easier than I had made it out to be in my mind. However, time management was a serious deal and to keep on pace my brain began to melt towards the end probably mostly in part to many questions reading similar but slightly different. Best," Drew M.,PMP - passed 12-2-2021

"Thanks to Mo and Nereda for the great guidance!" - Tracey S., PMP - passed 12-7-2021

"Thanks for reaching out. I did take the [PMP] exam and passed. . .I would say it was a little bit easier than I expected. I liked that the questions were a lot of scenario based and applying the knowledge. . ." - Steve N., PMP - passed 12-4-2021

I want to thank you for the great [PMP] prep course. It definitely helped me get prepared to take and pass the exam. I took the exam this morning and did really well on it. I know you have a study group coming up, and I would definitely suggest to the participants to study the first three exams. Those were my primary practice exams and they definitely helped. . .Just wanted to say thanks and that I truly appreciate the wisdom you shared and passed on to me. Best Regards," Bruce G., PMP - passed 11-30-2021 - above target in all areas.

"Writing to inform you that I just received a passing score on my PMP exam with above target performance across the board! Thanks to Mo and Nereda for the excellent training!" - Miles M., PMP - passed 11-30-2021.

"Successfully passed the [PMP] exam. Thank you for all your support. Akshay C., PMP passed 11-23-2021

"Easier [PMP Exam easier than anticipated.] Thank you for the great insight and mentoring for the exam." - Amanda K, PMP - passed 11-21-2021"

Hi Nereda. I just wanted to share with you the good News. I passed my PMP test last night! Thanks to both of you! Alexjandro M., PMP passed 11-18-2021 – above target overall."

"Took the test and passed. Thx for the course." - Dan M., PMP. Passed on the 10th day after class, 11-2-2021

"Mo, Nereda, and Gordon,
Thank you for the PMP training a couple of weeks ago. Between the classes, materials, and guidance I was able to complete and pass the [PMP] exam this morning! The hardest part of the test was picking "the best" answer. Many look right, but as mentioned in class, only one was the best. Glad that I wasn't the one to break the streak of passing students. Thank you," Eric D., PMP - passed 11/2/2021 within 10 days after class.

"Hello Mo Haque / Nereda,
Today I have attended the PMP exam and I have passed the exam. See the attached exam report [above target in all areas]. I just practiced the three must-do quizzes before the exam, and it helped a lot for today's exam. Thanks a lot for the support!!!" - Mohammed B., PMP - passed 10-18-2021

"Hi Nereda,
I took the exam on 10/16/21. Mo had told me that the exam was easier than past years but I still prepared like it would be difficult. I felt like the exam was fairly easy." - Andreas H., PMP - passed 10-16-021

"Nereda, regarding your email. I think the test is hard!!! The first 60 questions before my first 10 minute break I was nervous and it felt long. The next 60 questions somehow the correct answer would pop up in my brain as if they were highlighted in the test, then I took the second break, and the next 60 questions were against the clock as I was running out of time, [and] in fact I missed the last two questions." - Orlando N., PMP - passed 9-30-2021 - Above target in all areas.

"Hi Nereda, Yes, I did pass it the first time. I was meant to let you know, sorry I didnt. I felt I didnt have enough time to prep and thats why I was pushing the exam date but at the end, it was easier than I thought it would be and I passed above target. " Vee B, PMP - passed 9-14-2021

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Happy to report that I passed, above target in all three areas! It certainly didnt feel like I was doing well while testing but am pleasantly surprised that I did well. Thank you," Deepa C, PMP - 9-30-21

"Hi Nereda, I am PMP certified now! Just to let you know." - Ashraf S., PMP - passed 9-24-2021

"Passed! [PMP Exam]" - Devon M., PMP - passed 8-21-2021

"Hi Mo, Nereda,
How are you? Please be informed that I have just passed PMP today. Thank you so much for your support! Have a great day!" Hisashi, N., PMP - passed 8-5-2021

"Mo & Nereda, good afternoon,
RE: Kristine G., PMP 😊
You asked that the workshop participants let you know when they test and when they pass. Although I did the workshop in early May, testing facilities in Washington were booked solid until September. After our state opened up at the end of June, I was able to move up my test to today as we returned to 100% occupancy at Pearson Vue. I took this first test and now am officially a PMP. Thank you for the training and especially the 1900 questions which made me really read to comprehend and use my process of elimination skills in the test." Kristine G., PMP - passed 8-2-2021

"Passed PMP [exam] above target score! Thanks for the coaching! You guys were spot on!" - Guy A., PMP - passed 7-24-2021

"I just passed [the PMP exam] today! Sorry I didnt respond earlier I was heads down studying during my week off for vacation haha! I sent you and Mo an email today, but thank you again for all your support! Im so happy and thanks to you and Mo I felt prepared and confident. Above target in all fields was a shock but awesome. Thank you again and I cant wait to keep praising SmartPath 🙌" -Thomas H., PMP - passed 7-24-2021

"Hi Nereda. I was able to pass the PMP yesterday! Thank you to both you and Mo for helping me out along this journey :)" - Andrew M, PMP - passed 7-24-2021

"Good Afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Haque,
I took and pass my PMP exam today. I want to Thank you guys for all the help and support. Regards" Syed C., PMP - passed 7-17-2021

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you know I took the PMP exam last week and passed! Thank you to Mo and you for your support during my preparation. Have a great weekend and thanks again for all of your help." Sarah B, PMP - passed 7-7-2021

"Hello! Happy to say that your class was very helpful, I took the PMP exam this Wednesday and I passed it with an above target on all fields. Thank you so much! " - Daniel S,, PMP - passed 6-30-2021.BR>
Passed 9 days after class.

"Hi Nereda, Hope everything is fine with you. The reason Im contacting you is because since my PMI application is valid until July 2021, I have decided to scheduled the exam to see how I was doing and have enough time to prepare in case I failed. I was out of town for a while and studied a lot here and there, I took the test last week and Im so happy because I passed. " Margarita R., PMP - passed end of May 2021.

"Great to hear from you and I really appreciate the commitment and quality of work both of you put into the training. I completed the training feeling that you really are committed to my success in this exam. At this time I am getting more into the quizzes, trying to align my training with my understanding of the questions. Right now I really need to put more time into the quizzes and reading before I could say where I really need help with. More to follow." - DM

"Hi Nereda. I have completed the [PMP Exam]. I think I passed the exam. I got the message, 'Congratulations on your PMP Certification.'" Janakiram K, PMP - passed 5/9/2021 - indeed you did!

"I passed!! [the PMP Exam]. Many thanks you to you and Mo for the preparation course! I am so excited!! " Jill S., PMP - passed 4-29-2021

"You [Nereda} and Mo have made my professional career so much better by helping me truly understand the PMP process. For that I am sincerely grateful. May God continue to bless your family for generations to come..." E.J., PMP

"Hello Nereda, I just want to take a moment to let you know I passed my PMP exam today and was above target in all areas thanks to you and Mo. 😊" Brandy K., PMP - passed 4-16-2021

"Just to inform you and Mo that I passed the exam yesterday. Your quizzes and materials helped out a lot. I am so happy it is finally over. Thanks!" - Alison B., PMP - passed 4-9-2021

"I passed the [PMP] Exam. . . It was not difficult." Joshua J, PMP - passed 4-3-2021

"Hi Nereda,
here was a computer malfunction on my original test day, so I rescheduled to today. Good news, I passed. " Maria W, PMP - passed 3-2-2021

"Hey, Nereda, just passed the exam. Thanks for everything . . . You guys do good work. I was over prepared . . . The only thing I struggled with was reading fast enough . . ." - David Y., PMP - passed 2/5/2021 - above target

"Yes I passed, very relieved! Thanks. . . I was familiar with agile, having worked in an agile company before. However yes there was a lot of new material. No I didnt take the class" - passed 1-14-2021

"Mo . . . I am happy to have it passed before the holidays, that freed up a whole load of time for friends and family again. Thank you for the materials, they were effective, and good fortune with the new material next year. Duncan S, PMP - passed 12-23-2020"

Passed. It was more difficult than expected: "Thank you for all your help in getting prepared! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!" Andrew B., PMP - passed 12-16-2020

Passed: "It was easier than I thought! 😊 Happy holidays!," Elisha Y, PMP - passed 12-16-2020

"Thanks for all you help, I passed, " Monroe H., PMP - passed 12-14-2020

"Good afternoon. I just wanted to pass along that I did pass my PMP exam on Saturday. Thank you and Mo so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it." - Brian M., PMP - passed 12-12-2020

"Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam yesterday. I am very grateful for the education, support and tools you gave me to pass the exam." Sanjay M., PMP - passed 11-30-2020.

"Good morning Nereda, I hope you and Mo are doing great.

After so many times kicking the test out this year due Covid concerns, I finally completed the test in late November. I know you and Mo like to have feedback on status of completion, so Im glad to communicate I passed the test. Thanks for all your support and happy holidays! " later: "I feel the test was easier than what I was envisioning, although I studied for the worst, which was a great help with the theory, and backed up with my personal real life experience made the test easier. Thanks for all the help and the backup charts and books, those were really helpful! Happy holidays! - " Jesus C., PMP - passed 11-24-2020

Passed the PMP Exam: Rashonda H. PMP - passed 11-18-2020

"I actually passed the PMP Exam yesterday" - Amber S., PMP - passed 10-27-2020

"I PASSED!!! So happy 😊 . . . I was pleasantly surprised by the test, I definitely think it was right on par with what I knew. "- Carmen G., PMP - passed 10-26-2020

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you! Im very glad that its over! If you dont mind me asking, how did you know I passed? I think that it was more difficult than I expected in that the questions were more situational. I expected the questions to be much more straight-forward and have a definite answer rather than more judgement based questions." Natalie M, PMP - passed 10-13-2020

Passed the PMP Exam: "Much easier than expected. I finished in a little over 2 hours. Thanks for your training. It helped a lot." - Roy C., PMP - passed 9-21-20

"Hi Nereda,
Just letting you know that I took and passed my exam today. Thanks for all your help." When ask if the exam was harder or easier than expected, Rosalyn said: "It was about what I expected: hard, but not impossible." - Rosalyn D., PMP - passed 9-4-2020

"Hi Mo & Nereda,
I wanted to share the good news that I took my exam today and passed! I achieved Above Target in all domains but Initiating (got Target there). Thank you for all your help in getting there. You guys rock!" Kat W., PMP - passed 8-29-2020

"Mo and Nereda,
Thank you for the awesome class. I really enjoyed it. It was very informational and was very well taught. . .Now to the next step - passing the exam." - Sanjay M.

"It [the PMP exam] was significantly more difficult than I expectedI honestly didnt think I was going to pass while taking it! " - Ayleen, K., PMP - passed 6-29-20

I earned my PMP certification! Thank you both once again. I've earned my PMI-PBA and now my PMP because of your training courses. Please reach out when in NYC so that we can meet." Rosalina C., PMP - passed 6-1-2020

"Just passed the [PMP] exam, doing the remote proctored version. Thanks again for the great training and resources. Love those quizzes. " - Mark W., PMP - passed 5-28-2020

"I took the [PMP] exam yesterday and Passed with Above Target score! On first try. I am so happy. Thank you for your support. I could not have done it without your help. Tell Mo. I am glad I took his class. Regards," Grace M., PMP - passed 5-11-2020 - took the PMP exam Live Online

"Yes, I took my [PMP] exam a little bit ago. I got above target in all areas." Jason, M., PMP - passed 3-27-2020 BR>
"Its been over a year since I took your class. In the past year life has moved me to Florida, and I've been working for _______ as a PM. But even with all of this change I really wanted to get my certificate since I worked so hard last year studying, and in your class. I was nervous that I wouldnt remember what I learned but it was there and all that knowledge was ready for the [PMP] test." - Ivy B., PMP - passed 3-11-2020

"Thank you so much Nereda! It was wonderful experience and I enjoyed the classes and learned tons! " - H.M

Copied from texts: "Nereda, . . please tell Mo I passed the [PMP] exam this morning!!!!" Nereda asked: Was it easier or more difficult than you expected? Rebekah replied: "Easier, I was above target on everything except initiating and closing. Mo's practice exams are difficult and I was panicking a bit before the exam . . . lol. Nereda responded: But those practice exams prepare you for easier and more difficult exams. Rebekah said: " They definitely did! . . . Thanks again!!!! " Rebekah, W., PMP - passed 3-3-2020.

I congratulated Bill after seeing his PMP pass on the PMI registry. His response: "Thanks for the note. Id say the [PMP} exam material was easier than I expected but there were definitely questions where I felt I was just throwing a dart too. Preparing for the exam was a bit harder than Id liked but thats more because my process of learning requires a bit more immersion into the material so I spent more time than anticipated. I was motivated to get it done early in the year since I prefer to be outside on the weekends and not inside studying." Bill C., PMP - passed 2-17-2020

"Good Morning Nereda, I passed my exam yesterday!!!! Thank you very much for the training, it was really helpful. . . Here are my results: ______." - He passed with some buffer to spare! - passed 2-13-2020

"Hello Nereda and Mo,
Just wanted to let you know I passed my PMP exam today. Thank you for all your help. Take care." - Shelli C., PMP - passed 2-13-2020."Hi Nereda. I have [passed] the PMP [exam]. I did it!!!!. Thank you very much for everything! You are amazing, and Mo as well." - Ivett H. PMP - Passed 2-11-2020 - This gal is amazing. She had every excuse in the world not to take the exam, but she did it anyway!

" I really appreciated the great course offered by Smartpath! Simply in awe with your level of professionalism, Mos passion in teaching, etc." S.E. 1-20-2020

"I would recommend for others individuals interested in the PMP Certification. Mo (Instructor) and the learning materials are awesome at bringing the subjects to life and illustrating industry applicability." R.R. 1-15-2020

"Hi Nereda, Hope you and Mo are doing well. Just thought I should let you know that I passed my [PMP] exam a little while ago. Thanks for all your help!" - Andrew B. - passed the PMP exam 12-30-2019.

"I took the exam yesterday and passed. Thank you!" - Sunny C., PMP - passed 12-5-2019

"Hello Nereda and Mo,
Thank you so much for the education and helping! I read the book [pmWorkbook] for 3 times and did the quiz for 2 times, so the exam was easier than I expected. Everything went smoothly. Thank you. " Tianyang L., PMP - passed 11-15-2019

"Hi Nereda, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam today on my 1st try. Thanks to you and Mo for the good coaching! " Isabelle R.,PMP -passed 11-26-2019

I passed my exam last night. I really appreciate your and Mos help! The practice book exercises and carefully chosen language helped me throughout. Thank you," - Andrew B., PMP - passed 11-5-2019

Re Congratulations . . . passed 10-25-2019: "Thank you so much! I did work hard. The exam was a lot harder than I expected. I know I could never have done it without your teachings. And my vacation day was so I could review in the morning and then take the exam that afternoon I wouldnt call it fun but it sure turned out great!!" Mary, F, PMP - passed 10-25-2019 in just about 30 days!"

Mo and Nereda,
I passed my PMP exam this morning. Your materials and training were incredibly helpful! Thank you," Drake P, PMP - passed in just about 30 days - passed 10-25-2019

"Hi, Mo and Nereda: I have passed [the PMP exam] today! Thanks for help!." Jeff L. PMP - passed 10-19-2019 - passed in just over 30 days

"I have been studying and just starting the online quiz cycle trying to pull my percentages up. The class was great . . . " - Darrell C - Sept 2019

"Very happy that [the PMP exam] is completed. It was a bit more difficult than I expected as majority of the questions (almost 90%!!) were situation based! So I could argue multiple answers but in the end had to select the best one. Ended up with above target for most sections though. Thanks for all your help with your teachings, instructions and materials!" - Joshua B, PMP - passed 9-25-2019 in less than 30 days post class.

"I passed! Far easier! [than anticipated], FloAnn Y, PMP - passed 9-6-2019

"Sorry for not being able to make it this week. I just got done with the exam, 3x above targets and 2 on target. Thanks again for your support. " Justin B, PMP, - passed 7-19-2019

"Well thanks to you two (Mo and Nereda), I'm now a certified PMP!!! Thank you!!! See attached for my placement." Andrew T. , PMP - Passed June 30, 2019

"I passed my PMP exam yesterday afternoon. So I just wanted to thank you for all your help." - Emmy W. K., PMP - passed 6-28-2019

"To you [Nereda] and Mo
What will you do????? Get a coffee! I passed! [the PMP Exam] Thank you both! Cheers! - Jeff J. - passed 6-28-2019

"I don't know if you care to hear about my stories, but thought I would share as a way to say thank you for the [PMP} training. It has been the best investment of my time for education!" - Kirby B, PMP - passed some time ago. Now a consultant.

"Just wanted to let you know I sat for the PMP exam . . . , and I passed . . . Thank you to you and Mo for your help." Jeremy H-M, PMP - passed 6-27-2019

"Hi Nereda,
Just letting you know that I passed the exam this morning! I took all of your practice exams , . . . and was overall above target (target on initiation and closure). Thank you and Mo for your class and your help!" - Mike C., PMP - passed 6-3-2019

"Thank you for your reply. I did not send you anything for you to review. Thank you again for helping add light to the PMP/PMI path. It has really helped and is greatly appreciated . . . passed." Ken N, PMP - passed 5-8-2019

"May today be outstanding for you Nereda. You have been an amazing influence on my life - I'm grateful for the work you and Mo do!" - E.R. - Just a nice email. This person passed last year.

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you so much! I appreciate yours and Mos hard work. I really enjoyed the classes [PMP, PgMP, Overview of Business Analysis] and I will work on my PgMP application. I really want to get that certification as well.BR>
I have renewed my PMP [did class again for PDUs] today and I left a 5 star review for you. I will definitely spread the words about your classes at work and whomever wants to take any classes. I will be in touch. Thanks so much again." F.F. PMP

"I passed the PMP test today . . . It was much easier and much more coherent than expected. I achieved Above Target for 3 domains and Target for 2. The "fuzzy" questions on the real one weren't very fuzzy. They were definitely significantly less obvious and I bet some of them were research questions . . . Hope you're both doing well! " Danny V, PMP - passed 5-7-2019

"Hi Nereda (and Mo),
I passed the exam! Thank you and Mo so much for all your help and guidance! I have been (and will) definitely recommend your course to colleagues. Best regards," - Bargavi T., PMP - passed 4-18-2019

"I Passed PMP Exam Today. Strangest damn test I've ever taken. Very similar to practice tests A-L. Thanks Mo and Nereda." Ron B., PMP - passed 4-23-2019 in 25 days.

"Strangest damn test I've ever taken. Very similar to practice tests A-L. Thanks Mo and Nereda." - Ron B, PMP - passed 4-23-2019

"Hi Nereda (and Mo)
I passed the exam! Thank you and Mo so much for all your help and guidance! I have been (and will) definitely recommend your course to colleagues. Best regards," Bargavi T., PMP - passed 4-18-2018

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I cleared PMP on Sunday with over all above targets thank a lot for all the support and material." Srujana, M, PMP - passed 3-31-2019

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed my CAPM exam on Friday. Thank you and Moe for helping me to be successful on the exam." - Sherry E, CAPM - passed 3-31-2019

"I've just been sorting through papers and came across my SmartPath PMP Training certificate of completion, which made me think about sending you an update: Last year in April I got a contract project management position with ________________ , to support their subject matter experts and directors. In September, they hired me full-time and it's been GREAT! It's a small firm __________ mostly engineers, analysts, researchers, field staff, and 2 PMPs. We use _________ for our project management & accounting, and we're putting into practice pretty much everything I learned during the PMP certification process. It's great to work in a company that values project management and is committed to putting strong systems and infrastructure into place. Without the PMP certificate, I wouldn't have even been considered for this role. So, I want to thank you and Mo for starting me down this path." H.T., PMP

Regarding a promotion: "Thank you Nereda! Your help with the PMP certainly helped get me here, thank you so much for all your help way back in 2014, means a lot. My best, "J. H., PMP

"TWO - passes!!!!! 😃" - Paula, S, PMP and Kateri S, PMP - both passed 1-31-2019 - Finished training 1-13-2019

"Thanks! Took the exam on 1/22 and passed. Appreciate all the material and especially the practice tests. Best, Alison" - Alison B., PMP - passed 1-22-2019

"Mo, I just wanted to pass along to you that I just walked out of the testing center in DC... With my PMP Cert! Thanks for the training Curriculum and well taught course! I'll give it a few months then head back for the PgMP. Thanks again and happy Thanksgiving. " Dan K., PMP - passed 11-20-2018

"I passed my PMP certification exam earlier today. In case you are curious, here is a quick rundown of my performance: Overall performance: Above Target." - James, M, PMP - passed 11-20-18

" Passed! Thank you for all your help and support! Its so exciting to have completed this. Its the start of what I know will be an epic adventure and career!" - Liz R., PMP - passed 11-24-2018

I passed!! [the PMP Exam] . . . it was much as you guys described it." - Frank A., PMP -passe 11-8-2018 - passed in 18 days.

"Nereda & Mo, I passed my [PMP] exam yesterday! Thank you for the help and the solid training. " Nathan L, PMP - passed 11-2-2018. Finished training Oct 19th.

"Hi Mo and Nereda
I am pleased to report that I passed the PMP exam on the first try earlier today! I must admit that I didn't do much studying (maybe 8 hours total involving reviewing the slides and my notes from class, and going through maybe 50 sample test questions). So I think that's a testament to the effectiveness of the class alone! Of course my professional experience helped with a lot of the situational questions.

Many thanks, and I'll be referring coworkers (both from ______ and my consulting office) to your classes." Carrie O, PMP - passed 10-31-18

"Hi Nereda,
I ended up moving out my [PMP] exam date again to today. I just got out of the exam, and I passed! Yay! Thanks!" - Susan L, PMP - passed 10-1-18

"Hi Mo,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam! Thanks again for your support! . . . Thanks again Mo for the excellent course. Ill be sure to keep in touch.

" Matt T, PMP - passed 9-21-18 - Finished training 8-24-18

"I passed my [PMP] exam! Woohoo! Thanks for all the information and insights! " - Nicole U., PMP - passed 9/21/18 - Finished training 8-24-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Wanted to let you know I took the PMP test today and passed! So happy and relieved--that was tricky, long and hard!

My metrics are: Finished with 3 minutes to spare. I read each question at least 2x and used your situational/analytical reasoning to solve . . . Thanks for everything," Cindy S., PMP - passed 9-13-18

"I cannot thank you and Mo enough for your guidance and knowledge. Your class and your materials have been extremely helpful. With that being said, I am happy to tell you, that I am officially a certified PMP. I took my test for the first time this morning and had an Overall performance score that tested 'Above Target." I would not have been able to succeed in this manner without your assistance! Thank you so much!" - Jason R., PMP - passed 8-15-2018 - finished training on July 22-2018

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam last Friday, 8/10. Thank you both for your help and training. All the best," - Adam W., PMP - passed 8-10-18 - finished training on July 27 - 2018

"I am so happy I passed! - Elsa C., PMP - passed 8-2-18

"Hi Nereda,
FYI, I took the [PMP] exam today and Passed it! What a relief. Thank you and MO for everything," - Reza Y., PMP - passed 8-1-18

". . . had my interview(s) yesterday at ____________. 4 hours-7 people. Have 1 more phone interview today and should know next week. I was the first of 3 people to be interviewed. Wanted to say I did bring the flow charts and lots of oooos and ahhhhs! Thank-you for suggesting to do that. Thanks in advance I AM :-)" - Anonymous

"Nereda, Mo,
I passed the PMP test. I could not achieve it without your support. I would like to thank you for your long time support on PMP test preparation, your efforts, motivation, and suggestions. Thank you." - Ismail B, PMP - passed 7-31-18

"Hi Nereda,
My [PMP] exam was this morning and I passed! Thanks for all your help and the excellent prep materials! Best, " - Sarah S, PMP - passed 7-26-18

"Thanks! Your class is amazing! I need those workflows all over my office!" - J.P., PMP - passed the PMP Exam the next day in DC - passed 7-21-18

"Hello! And thank you. It [the PMP Exam] was very confusing and loooooong. " - Mariangella D., PMP - passed 7-20-18

"The [PMP] exam is rigged. There is no way I could have passed but I did! Thank you for all the help. You are the first one I texted. I almost ran out of time. It wasn't easy at all. I thought I answered most of them wrong . . . thank you for tolerating my incessant requests for explanation." - Ha Y., PMP - passed 7-10-18 - Finished training 6/24/18

From Nereda: "Nereda,
To: Jaime: We are so happy you passed your PMP Exam. So was it more difficult or easier than you thought it would be. From Jaime: "Thank you Nereda! More difficult I would say..." - Jaime V., PMP - passed 6-21-18

I took the [PMP] exam on Wednesday, and I passed. I was at the high end of "Target" with three out of five areas in "above target" and two in "Target." So, I did really well. Thanks for everything." - Scott H., PMP - passed 6-20-18

"Hi Nereda,
[The PMP Boot Camp] Class was amazing! Feeling like I am at Base camp 1 at Mt. Everest! But the work I need to do was clearly outlined by Glen--(great instructor/great class). Looking forward to your coaching assistance. . . Thanks, Nereda!" C. S. 6-18-18 - DC Class

"I passed [the PMP Exam] - above target! Thanks for all your help." Annette L., PMP - passed 6-16-18

"Hi Nereda,
Below is the confirmation email that I passed the [PMP] exam. A big THANK YOU to both you and Mo for the training and support throughout the process." - Joy L, PMP - passed the PMP Exam 6-13-18.

"Passed PMP Exam . . . Good news, I passed the PMP exam and I'm now officially certified. It's already coming up with recruiters. Thanks for all your help! . . . I found copying out all the flashcards to be the most helpful study tool. I took all the quizzes, reviewed the final quiz, and passed [the exam] "above target" in all areas. Thanks for your coaching. Best Regards," - Anne W., PMP -passed 5-24-18

This lady passed the V6 exam, although she had no V6 information. "Passed the PMP exam. Thank you so much for all your help. Say hello to Mo." - Marcia L, PMP - passed 4-25-18

"Passed the [PMP] exam! Thanks Mo, your material was perfect." - Jarrod F., PMP - passed 4-6-18

"I took the [PMP] exam . . . this morning and I passed. Thank You. I spent all day Friday and Saturdays studying the Executive and Monitoring and Controlling Process Groups and really hit quality, quality control and risk hard." -- Kevin C., PMP - passed 3-25-18

"Thanks for all your help. I passed the PMP exam today!" - Roger B.,PMP - passed 3-24-18

"I passed today :)," Muhammed M., PMP - passed 3-24-18

"Thank goodness i passed the exam!!" Corinna B, PMP - passed 3-23-18

"I passed. Would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much." - Shavari J, PMP - passed all areas - 3-23-18

Thanks Nereda and Mo I have cleared the [PMP] exam this morning with Above Average in all Domains. Now will await the certificate so i can update everywhere. Thanks for all your help through this process even after I took the course almost 1.5 years ago. Anyway glad got it done and finally PMP certified !!" - Sameer U., PMP - passed 3-23-18

"I am sending you this message to let you know that I passed the PMP certification exam last Tuesday." Kathy V., PMP - passed 3-20-18

"Thank you for your assistance." Passed. Above target overall. " Homa S., PMP - passed 3-19-18

"Hey Mo and Nereda,
I just finished the exam and I passed. Thanks for all of your help. Best," - Patrick E., PMP - passed 3-19-18

"I passed!!!" Wesley, Y, PMP - passed 3-19-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I passed the exam yesterday. Thank you for your help preparing." Michael K., PMP - passed 3-13-18

"Hi Mo, Nereda

Thanks for the support and training guidance. Pleased to share that I have cleared PMP certification." Suresh K, PMP - passed 3-12-18

"I took the test last weekend and passed! Please tell Mo the good news :) Have a good weekend," Melissa T., PMP - passed 3-3-2018

"Hey Nereda
This is Kevin W. I passed the PMP today for awareness. I appreciated the class" Kevin W., PMP - passed 3-12-18

"I am happy to share that I . . . took the CAPM exam yesterday and passed! Thanks to you and Mo for all of the guidance! I plan to take the PMP in the next 2 years once I have enough project hours to qualify for it. Thank you." - Jaime D, CAPM - passed 3-9-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo
I [took] the [PMP] test today and passed! Above target in 3 areas, and at target in Exec & M/C . . .Thanks for all your help." Bill S., PMP - passed 3-9-18

"Hi Nereda, Lili L here. I passed the PMP [exam] today. Thank you so much for your help! . . . It was really hard work! More so than graduate school. Best." Lili, L., PMP - passed 3-7-2018

"I passed [the PMP] yesterday, Wednesday. Thanks for your help." - Ken M, PMP - passed 3-7-18

"I passed! [the PMP exam]. Thanks for all your help. The questions were just like the practice questions in your quizzes." Mariah M., PMP - passed 3-4-18

passed . . . I tested on 01 MAR2018 [for the PMP Exam]. I got an extension and also wanted to get it in before the [PMP] test changed. Thanks for all the help." - Travis A., PMP - passed 3-1-18

"Just to let you know that I passed the PMP test today . . . Overall score: Above Target. I thank you for your teaching and guidance. My next step is to update my resume and look for a job. Hopefully the PMP certification will help me landing a job quickly. " Daniel W., PMP - passed 2-28-18

"Overall score: Above Target. Just wanted to let you know that I took the PMP exam . . today and passed. With lots of room to spare! I was almost in the above target category." - Rose E., PMP - passed 2--24-18

Thanks again. Tell Mo he did a great job teaching. I passed the [PMP] exam! Thanks for all your help." Peter S., PMP - passed 2-23-18

"Hey Nereda,
On 20 Feb I passed my PMP exam. YEA!!! Thanks for you support." - Don K., PMP

"Hi Nereda,
Just want to thank you and MO for your guidance and training. Yes I am PMP certified now!" - Paddy S., PMP-passed 2-20-18

"Im happy to announce I passed the [PMP] exam! Thanks for all your help!" Was it easier or more difficult? "I would say it was just about what I expected in terms of difficulty. The questions were much more subjective and situational than I had imagined though; I felt as if most of the questions had 2 answers that were good, and in some cases I felt as if none of them were good. Overall not too bad though." - Zack L. PMP - passed 2-20-18

"Hi Nereda! I just passed my PMP exam! My overall score was on the high end of target . . . The test overall felt way harder than I expected - there were only a handful of questions that I felt very sure of my answer. So glad it's over! "- Erin B., PMP - passed 2-15-18

"Hi Nereda,
I took the PMP exam yesterday and I passed! Thanks for all of your and Mos help." - passed 2/8/18

"I'm just texting to let you know that I have passed that I have passed the [PMP] test. Whew! Glad it's over!" - Heather C., PMP - passed 2-8-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I took my exam yesterday and passed!!!! :) :) So wanted to let you know, I think Mo's teaching, study material and online quizzes helped very very much! Thanks so much for everything! :) I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again," Neha C, PMP - passed 2-1-18

" Hello, Nereda
I passed my PMP exam today!. Great classes. I'll recommend yours and Mo's program to anyone who will listen! Thank you!" Was it easier or harder than expected? "Easier, much easier." - Kris C., PMP - passed 1-26-18

"Hi Nereda.
This is Patricia S____. I just wanted to let you know that I took the PMP today and I passed. Thank you for all of the help! " - Patricia, S., PMP - passed 1-23-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I just wanted to let you know that I took the PMP exam on Monday and passed! It was a really challenging one -- I'd say for at least 75% of the questions there was at least 2 good answers, and for many there were 3 or 4 . . . I have to say, I was surprised I passed. I finished all the questions with an hour to spare, but was still reviewing questions when the exam timed out, I was so unsure of many of my answers (since there were so many "fuzzy" questions, as you put it). I'm not sure if it's unusual to get so many fuzzy questions, but it sure did make the test nerve wracking. But I'm very glad that I passed and ready to move on with my PMP! "G.M, PMP - passed 1-22-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo!
Thank you! When I finished [the PMP Exam], I honestly didnt think I passedbut I did what Mo saidI closed my eyes, took a deep breath and when I opened my eyes, it was just as he had said. I saw Congratulations on the screen! I was shocked! I had the lethal exam . . . I had a hard time figuring out what process I was in for many of them and ran out of time to review all the questions I had marked. That being said, I was pleased that I scored above average in the start-up/initiating, planning, and closing and scored on target in execution and monitoring section. To directly answer your question, everything was super helpful and dont think I could have passed without the combination of the 3 [Training, materials, and online quiz practice]. Thank you again for speaking with me early last Sunday morning it was very helpful! " - Christine J., PMP - passed 1-22-18

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP exam today. I also wanted to thank you for your continued support. At some point I would like to take you out for lunch at that Indian place we went to." - Paul D., PMP - passed 1-21.18

"I passed the [PMP] exam this morning. Thanks for your and Mos help and guidance!" - Dani S, PMP - passed 1-19-18

"I finally took the [PMP] exam yesterday, Jan 8, and passed in the 'above target' range. Thanks! Your online exams were a great tool. " - Eric P., PMP - passed 1-8-2017

"I passed the PMP today!!! . . . Thanks Nereda! I used your flowcharts and ITTO worksheets, going over them repeatedly . . . Thank you so much for all of your help and support!!" - Cliff W., PMP - passes 12-30-17

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP certification exam yesterday at the Fife location. Thank you all for the support. " - Tom B., PMP - passed 12-30-17

Hi Nereda,
I passed my [PMP] exam back in December and don't need to be on this email list any more. Thanks . . . " What helped? "Definitely the practice quizzes." - Jake W., PMP - passed 12-20-18

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you so much! I couldnt have done it without you guys. Your training material and online quizzes enabled my success. Without the feedback from incorrect quiz answers I would not have been ready to test as soon as I did. The materials were great too. I used the indexes to look up the information I needed as I moved through the quizzes." Jerrod M, PMP - passed the PMP Exam on 12-20-2017 - class ended Dec 10.

" I passed the PMP [Exam]." - Jeff S., PMP - passed 12-18-17

Passed: "I took the [PMP] exam last Friday at the DC exam center. I probably shouldve studied closing more, but overall, it was much easier than I prepared for (see attached results) . . . My key to a successful finish was weeks (day and night) of reviewing the SmartPath exam prep along with the PMBOK and some simulator exam questions . . . I had purchased prior to taking your course. Im so happy to finally have my PMP certification out of the way and focusing on my career. " - Leon M., PMP - passed 12-15-17

"I passed [the PMP Exam] !! I am off to an HPE afternoon conference and am so excited! Feel free to do a notice on LinkedIn if you would like. I will do one tomorrow when I am in my office. I tested in Fife. . . I finished at about 3 hrs 25 minutes. The test wasnt too bad after about 80 hours of studying the past month! Thank you both so much for all your help!! - Joe G., PMP - passed 12-12-17

"I passed my [PMP] exam today! It was super hard kind of reminded me of quiz L- tons of fuzzy questions and "what would you do..." - Kristin W., PMP - passed 12-7-17 - finished class 11-10-17. Finished exam with Above Target. Awesome finish.

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I was able to pass the PMP exam . . . Thank you for everything! I feel awful I never wrote back thanking Mo for the clarification. But I was really sick with a visit to the ER last week. It is a miracle I cleared the test today ☺. But I am so happy, it takes away my sickness. Thank you very much for everything." - Swati M., PMP - passed 11/28/17

"I'm happy to report that I passed the [PMP] exam today. Thanks for the very comprehensive course and study guides." - Michael Z., - passe 11-22-17

"The [PMP] exam was less difficult than I anticipated based on the review questions. I exceeded all categories except the controlling & management . . . I agree with your relayed comments from students before me that it isn't really the content of the course, but Mo's situational interpretation that enables you to pick the best answer. Obviously you need to remember what the PMP common terminology means . . .so you needed to think, "What would Mo do?" " - Lisa N., PMP - passed 11-17-17

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you and Mo know that I cleared my PMP test today. Thanks for all the coaching and help!" Amruta J, PMP - passed 11-20-2017"Nereda,
I just wanted to let you and Mo know that I passed the PMP test this morning. I literally studied every day for the past 10 weeks. I started studying the day I received your material in the mail which was 3 weeks before class even started . . . My brain is still hurting!!! I would guess that about 90% of the questions were fuzzy in nature. However, you still had to know the order of the processes and the tools and techniques to answer the questions. I am a slow reader and finished the test with about 15 minutes to spare. I had marked a lot of questions (about 50) for review. The test was taking me so long to do I just stopped marking questions for review about half way through the test! I probably reviewed about 30 of the ones I marked during that last 15 minutes. Thanks for all that you two have done. I believe the material was very helpful because I could refer to it every day. I even created a lot of flash cards. And, the test quizzes were probably most helpful. I went though all of the test quizzes twice except for the 2 timed quizzes. I only did those once. The quizzes probably helped the most since the real test focused on what-if type questions in real-life type scenarios instead of actual book knowledge. Once again, thanx!!!" - Mitchell W., PMP - passed 11-5-2017

"I passed [the PMP exam]!" What helped you pass the most? "The sample tests were the most important. They taught me how to work the different questions." - Mary B., PMP - passed 10-23-17

"Passed the [PMP}exam 😁 . . .Thank you two again for everything." Divya R., PMP - passed 10-7-17 - Great. Everyone in her class has now passed the PMP Exam!

"BTW I would have never been able to pass this exam without the support of both of you.....The best advertisement is word of mouth and their is no way anybody could have passed that exam w/o taking your class (I guarantee it)." - Dennis T., PMP - passed 9-17-2017 - trainee from 2015. (Even though life got in the way he purchased new materials, did his quiz practice and he's back!)


Just passed the PMP [Exam]. Thank you so much for the classes, consultations, and materials. It was really helpful!" Dmitry S., PMP - passed 9-7-17

"Just to let you know, I just passed the PMP. Above target in planning and closing. At target in the others." What helped the most? "Repetition. I took the different focuses from the process worksheets (so tools, in/out, roles, etc) and then went through all the processes and wrote out the list. It resulted in going through the process list many times and helped me associate the flow of the individual focus areas through the overall process. . .The quizzes were also a lot of help, but I wanted better explanations on why the answers were wrong on some of them. Because I have a lot of experience managing projects, I was trying to unlearn some things (terms that were used or shortcut methods that were used at the different companies that I worked for), and I think more explanations would have helped. But... part of that is my own learning style as well. Apparently what was there was good enough. . . Thanks again for the help (and patience)!" Chris N, PMP - passed 9-2-17

"Good Morning Nereda, Marvin and Mo,
I passed the PMP exam on Saturday. Thank you for all the help! It feels good. As they say better late than never. Thanks again!" Todd P, PMP - passed 8-19-17

"I passed. Thanks." - Albert L, PMP - passed 8-19-17

"Yes, I took it in DC on the 17th, and I passed! Thank you and Mo so much for your time and support. For general information - I found the test very hard even after studying for weeks! . . . But I passed with 3 proficient areas and 2 moderately proficient areas! "Z.H, PMP - passed 8-17-17

"Hi Nereda, Subject: Kudos to Mo!
Thanks so much for providing all of these [PMP] practice tests- they'll keep me busy for the next few evenings! I wanted you to know how exemplary Mo was in the PMP course I took over the last two weekends. Your organization's learning materials are exemplary, and Mo was thorough and patient as I stumbled a few times due to overwhelm and overall fatigue 😊. Kudos to you both for creating such an amazing organization. Thanks and have a good evening, Melissa" - M.T. MBA, MPH,RD - 8-15-17

"To the "BEST" PMP instructors in America, I'm driving back from Richmond, VA now after successfully certifying as one of our nation's newest Project Management Professionals!! It wasn't an easy journey to get here, but I can now transition to collecting PDUs, vice studying for that "Mother of All Exams"! All the best to you, and let me know when you might be putting on your next MS Project course in D.C. Thanks again," Curtis M., PMP - passed 8-4-17

"Mo and Nereda, I am glad to let you know that I passed my PMP exam yesterday. Thanks for all your support." . . . Our question to Thusintha: What helped you pass the most? "Mo's training off-course!!! The real time examples helped to understand the whole Project Management process with ease. The Online Quizzes helped to refresh the entire study materials (A,B,C,D,E). Rest of the quizzes (F,G,H,I,J,K,L) were exam oriented. The exam questions were entirely situational. No straight forward questions. I did the following analysis before answering each question:
1. What process/knowledge area is it?
2. Is it about input/output?
3. Is it about tools and techniques?
4. Is it about PM Role?
I revised Quality, Risk and Procurement areas, Final exam prep, What went wrong and Workflow # 11,12,13,14,15 in the morning as my schedule was at 3:30 pm.. . . I was Super cool, got some good sleep, did not feel too much pressure and that is also a key factor to succeed in this exam. - Thusintha L G., PMP - passed 8-3-17

"I passed the [PMP] exam today!!! Thank you again for everything and Mo too! . . . I wish I could of scheduled the exam right after the course refresh that Mo gave but there were no openings then. That would have helped. What helped the most was doing the practice exams 3 times . . ." Michelle B., PMP - passed 8-3-2017

"Hey Mo, Nereda,
Wanted you to be one of the first to know that I took the [PMP] exam yesterday and passed! Proficient in Planning & Executing. Moderately Proficient in the other three domains. Thanks for all your help and support and guidance in this journey. Couldn't have done without it . . . I don't know if there was one single thing [that helped him pass], or a mix of many little things. The materials and guidance from the class were helpful � needless to say. The cognitive and muscle memory from the quizzes, practicing at the needed pace, and managing the stress were definitely very important factors for me. Especially since I am not a good speed reader, let alone do it for 4 hours straight. Even with the amount of timed practice the last couple months, I barely managed to touch all questions with a just few minutes to spare." Reji K, PMP - passed 8-3-2017

"Hi Nereda,
I took the [PMP] exam this past Thursday and passed! Thanks so much! . . . I thought the exam was easier than expected. The practice quiz questions were certainly harder, which I think helped foster a deeper understanding of the material. I also found the �eliminate the wrong answer� questions to be easier than expected / easier than the practice quiz questions of that type. In terms of what helped the most, I think the quiz questions helped the most. The instant feedback was a great way to reinforce [the] material." Jimmy D - PMP - passed 7-13-17

Mo and Nereda,
Good news! Yesterday I passed my [PMP] exam scheduled in Glen Allen, VA. Thank you for the excellent prep class and training materials!" - Jim K, PMP - passed 7-12-2017

"Morning Nereda,
I took the Project Management Professional (PMP) test yesterday and PASSED! Just wanted you to know I passed this milestone. This is a really big one. Thank you for your support. . . To answer your question, "What helped me the most?" Two things: that I could re-sit the course and hours and hours of study. Every day I focused 6-8 and sometimes 10 hours on the material. I would read and read, write and write. I redrew the Knowledge flows so I could really understood the flow of deliverables and change requests/approved requests. It helped me both understand and retain the information. I made up sheets listing the just the purpose of each step - I had a quick review on two sheets. And then other sheets for the tools and techniques so I could see, at a quick glance for example, where expert judgement is used. I have papers and papers scattered all across the house. As for the test being easier? It seemed easier as I finished it with 40 minutes to spare! I believe I had this result because I had a better understanding on how to read the question, what was fluff, and what were the true key words. For example understanding when the subject is a stakeholder/customer versus the sponsor I knew that the answer had to vector one way. I will tell you this. You know how high anxiety can get before sitting for the test. So at the end I hit the submit button literally on the edge of my chair. The screen went BLANK! OH NO what happened!? Then a survey popped up. A survey?! Well, I did the survey and at the end I saw CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED. I felt stunned and then it was as if a ton of wet blankets slid off my back. I literally felt I was walking on air. The real reason I succeeded is the support you and Mo generously gave. I cannot thank you both enough. - Tricia, B, PMP - passed 6-21-17"

"Dear Nereda & Mo
Thank you for the first class training and invaluable online study resources provided by SmartPath, I am very grateful for the experience and the immense amount of knowledge I have acquired. I am also happy to report having successfully passed my PMP exam today on first attempt! Many thanks and kind regards," - James M., PMP - passed 6-21-17 - finished class 5-19-17

"Hi Nereda, Thank you very much. I was going to send you and Mo an email thanking you. . . I took the exam at the Troy, MI center location. Overall, I would say the exam was a little hard in the sense that the questions were not long but confusing (a lot of play in wording of the sentences), there were too many of the these kind of questions." - Venu S, PMP - passed 6-13-17 - finished class 5-12-17

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP Exam this morning. Thank you and Mo for a great class." - Cindy S., PMP - passed 6-10-17 - finished class 5-12-17

"Hi Nereda,
So sorry, I meant to send you email but keep forgetting. Yes, I passed the exam last Friday. It was not too bad, I was able to do all 200 questions in four hours. I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement to finally find the time to study and take the exam . . . I also appreciate you taking the time to help me file my application!!! We�ll be in touch in case I need another training. All the best to you and Mo!" Igor, S., PMP - Passed 6-9-17

Thanks for the quizzes they really helped in preparing for the exam. I took the exam Friday, June 9th at the Livonia test center and passed. Thanks again," Bill T, PMP - passed 6-9-17 - finished class 5-12-17

"Hi Nereda
Quick note to let you know that I passed my PMP exam. . . study materials were great to understand concepts (and not cram!) and the course was well designed in the sense that it gave me the right techniques to analyze the test questions and come up with the best answers. I took boot camp classes. I do not recommend for everybody but if you are determined, focused, it's a great way to get the required number of hours and quality teaching in a short amount of time." - Celine, C, PMP - passed 6-9-17

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam today! The class from Mo and the study materials and guidance from you both helped make sure I was prepared to pass the test. Thank you!" Regarding expectation of the exam: "It was about what I expected. I expected it would be tough. The practice quizzes really helped and gave a good idea of what to expect. - Mark M., PMP - passed 6/7/17

I would like to thank you and Mo for the help with my PMP preparations and pass along some good news. I passed the test yesterday. Hooray!!!! Enjoy your day! . . . I found the SmartPath practice questions challenging . . . which made the exam questions seem easier. " - Mark S., PMP - passed 6-5-17

Thank you so much. I thought that the exam had some difficult sections and easier sections. Like I felt the first 50 questions were hard but then the rest of the test was on the easier side of things. I think the practice questions helped out a lot in teaching me how to answer the questions. I also want to thank you and Mo for the class and teaching the way you do. I really appreciate your support. Thank you" - Maged T., PMP - passed 6-2-17 - finished class 5-12-17

"Thanks Nereda!
I thought it [the exam] was easier than the practice exams. I didn't take the two final practice exams, but took all the others. I felt very prepared during the exam, had 49 questions marked, and two unanswered after my first pass. After going back and reviewing my marked and unanswered questions, I finished in about 3hrs." Aaron T., PMP - passed 6-3-17 - finished class 5-12-17

"Hi Nerada,
I confirm that I got all links for the quizzes. Thank you also for the learning suggestions. I am very happy that I chose SmartPath for this prep course, your focus to help candidates succeed is exactly what we need!" - Michael Z.

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Took the exam today and PASSED!!! Thanks for all your help. Some of my _________ colleagues are considering taking the SmartPath class. I think our manager is checking on how many are interested so they can have a group discount. I highly recommend the course . . . It [the exam] was easier than expected, although from all of the practice questions I finally learned to read the question carefully, identify key words, look for PMP terms; for example if it asked for an input, don't select a tool and technique. Still, there were several that I could narrow down to 2 answers, and then had a hard time choosing the 'best' answer. The practice questions helped with this too." "- Sandra M., PMP - passed 5-17/17

"Good Afternoon Nereda,
I cleared the PMP exam." - Vivian O., PMP - passed 5-16-17

Re: Passed on the 16th: "Nereda, Thank you very much!
The exam was hard and I did not think I was going to pass.
What helped me the most:
-Mind Map of the 55 processed, I ran through this everyday on my own flashcards,
-Taking the quizzes while managing my time. I tried to take each quiz as one session, and I tracked my time to try and keep 60 questions per hour. I think that this helped me keep myself on track during the exam." - Ken M.,PMP - passed 5-16-17 - finished training 4-21-17

"PMP test passed! . . . [It was] more difficult, actually surprised that I did as well as I did. . . 1 [question] in particular got me stuck for like 5 minutes cause I was re-reading the question to make sure I didn't miss anything. I finally gave up and moved on." Jamie M., PMP - passed 4-23-17

"I passed!!!!!! Yippee!!!" - Matt L., PMP - passed 4-21-17

Wanted to let you know that I took the exam today and passed. . . Thanks for the help and the recommended quizzes yesterday." Andrews K., PMP - passed 4-13-17

Just wanted to share that I took the exam today and passed! Thanks to you both for your training, support and patience expended towards my behalf. Is there anything for me to follow up on or for me to provide to you? Please let me know. Thanks again," Marvin D., PMP - passed 4-21-17

"Hi Nereda, Thanks to the interactive instruction, excellent training materials and practice exams from SmartPath, along with focused study, I was able to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. I would highly recommend the SmartPath PMP Exam Prep Course to anyone serious about wanting to pass the PMP exam. Thank you so much." - James R., PMP - passed 4-6-17 - passed on the 17th day.

"Great News!!! I PASSED!!! The first time. Thanks for your help. . . I really appreciate your time, your concern and your commitment to the learning process. It speaks volumes to the professionalism of you and your company." - Nikisha M.. PMP - Passed 4-3-17

"Thank you to SmartPath for helping me obtain my PMP credential! It [the Exam) was easier than I had expected, in many ways. I probably worried a bit more than I needed to. I don't think many of the "trick questions" stumped me, but I did completely blank on some of the formulas (between all the check-in procedures and getting to my seat, *poof!)" Rachel C., PMP - passed 4-3-17

"I passed my PMP Exam today!!
Just letting you know :) Thank you for the help!" - Kari M-P., PMP -passed 2-28-17

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Thank You so much for your help. It was tough preparing for the exam but it was all worth it in the end. For me the most helpful was taking my time 20-30 mins each day(before doing exercises or quizzes), and do all 55 processes. I wrote down all inputs and all output of each process to understand the concept and the flow of each process. Doing the quizzes help a lot and I redid quizzes F, G, H again to help me understand the knowledge areas better. . . THANK YOU!!!!" - Vi N., PMP - passed 3/24/17

"Hi Nereda
Just a quick note to thank you and Mo again for all for the excellent training, materials, and guidance! I took the test today, and passed :-) . . . It was easier than I expected overall, but plenty of questions I had to really chew on. It took me almost all of the 4 hours - totally worth it." Amy R., PMP - passed 3/18/17 - finished training 2/23/17

"Hi Nereda
Just dropping a note to say I passed the PMP exam last week. I took it in Puyallup. It didn�t seem too bad. Thanks for all your help!" - Michelle C., PMP - passed 3-8-17

"Letting you know that I passed the exam on my first try today in Seattle! Thanks to you and Mo for everything! 😁. . .Certainly feels great. I felt the exam was easier than your quizzes. Which is a great feeling! . . . couldn't have done it without your preparation materials. Thank you two!" - Marisa M.,PMP - passed 3-7-17 - Finished training 2-23-17

"Re Test: I took it on Friday and passed. I did take practice quiz and think it did help. I'd say it was more or less what I expected based on practices. Glad to have passed. Thanks. Class very helpful." James F., PMP - passed 3-3-17

"Passed PMP! Just this afternoon. I'm so relieved. Thank you for all your help and instruction. Good luck in your future journeys. . . I was quite anxious, even though I spent most of the last 5 days in review. I expected challenge, and it was." - Cynthia Q., PMP - passed 3-3-17

I just successfully completed the PMP exam! Thank you so much for the great preparation! The quizzes were such a big help." Was it easier or more difficult? "I felt it was more difficult, as some of the questions were different than those I'd seen before." - Donna M., PMP - passed 3-2-17

"PMI test. Done and passed." Robert H., PMP - passed 2-25-17

"Good afternoon,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam today. I am so thoroughly appreciative of the time, effort, and overall support that you and Mo have provided. . .I'm thankful that this part of the journey is now successfully complete. You are wonderful people and I'm so very thankful that our paths have crossed. Cheers." When asked if it was easier or more difficult than expected, he said, "I thought the worst when I pressed the button to finish the exam." -Jon B., PMP - passed 2-20-17

"Hi Mo,
I took your class back in November with my colleague Sarah L and I wanted to let you know we both passed the exam this week! Thanks for your great prep class and help with the application." Asked whether it was tougher or easier than expected: "I was definitely prepared for the exam to be tough, but it was tougher than I thought it was going to be.

Thanks again for the training!" - Chris C., PMP - passed 2-17-17 and Sarah L, PMP - passed 2-16-17

"Hi Nereda and Mo,

Thank you both for the course and exam prep tips. I took my test on Thursday down by the Portland airport. It was the hardest test I have ever taken, 90% of the questions were verbose and confusing. Even the few math questions I got were worded strangely. I was convinced throughout the test that I had drawn one of the "hard" ones meant to keep the stats low. So after 3 hours 15 minutes of frustration, frequent breaks to clear my head, and a math question with no right answer I hit finish and closed my eyes. When I opened them again I saw the magic word, Pass! I am still not sure how I got so many correct answers, but I tried to remember Mo's voice throughout and not second guess the answers I felt were right. I am still working on what is next for me but your course and knowledge has been invaluable. Many thanks to you both and hope you have a great spring and 2017! Best." Stephen R., PMP - Passed 2-9-17 - finished class 1/22/17

". . . I passed the PMP. :)" Was it easier or more difficult than expected? "It's hard to say. I was concerned that so much time had passed from when I took the class that I constantly did little mini reviews in a effort to keep the information fresh. It probably would have been easier if I didn't have to wait for the audit to clear." - Ray F., PMP - passed 2-2-17

"Nereda. A positive update on my end; successfully passed the PMP exam today! Thanks for all your assistance and support through the process (to both you and Mo)." Regarding whether the exam was easier or more difficult: "Overall, more difficult...but I didn't sleep a wink 😉 last night due to how anxious I felt. I got a boatload of what seemed like fuzzy situational questions, that did not have a clear-cut/ obvious answer, and required quite a bit of mental analysis. I kept waiting for the easier questions to appear. In-fact, I found the math on the exam to be the easiest. The above said, I knew that I was the most prepared that I could be, so this provided much liquid courage through the exam process." Natasha S., PMP - passed 1-4-17

Email Subject Line: "Yong's PMP test result - Pass
Hello Mo and Nereda,
I hope you two are having a blast in Australia. I just took my . . . PMP exam. It has been a tough few months but thanks to your support, this was possible. Again thank you for everything and I will keep in touch for future endeavors." - Yong C, PMP - passed 12-30-16

"I passed! Yay! Thanks Mo! Hopefully will see you in the ACP course in January! Thanks again!" . . . Answer to was your exam more difficult or easier: "I'm not sure if it was easier or more difficult than I expected; I'm kind of neutral since it [the exam] doesn't really tell you what you got right or wrong. . . I was also glad that there were less subjective questions, as in 'Bob is being resistant in your meeting, what's happening? Well, Bob is upset because he had to cancel his cruise.' [A SmartPath LLC Question related to Para lingual.] But obviously, like everyone has stated, the practice examples do really help you prepare for the actual exam. " - Christian M., PMP - passe 12-29-16 - finished training Dec 15 - 2016

I passed the PMP exam yesterday." Maryellen L, PMP - passed 12-21-16

"Hi Nereda,
I took and passed the PMP exam yesterday! . . . I am not sure if it was easier or harder. I studied well over the average 40 hours and went in thinking I could easily not pass. . . I thought it was less in depth than I had studied for, but the questions asked were still difficult enough. I really wish I could have seen the answers I got wrong! " - Neil K., PMP - passed 12-20-16

"Good Morning Nereda
I passed the test - Thank you and Mo for all your help!" - Michael P., PMP - passed 12-19-16

"The classes are really great and I am so delighted I found you [SmartPath LLC]. Mo is a keeper!" S.H. - 12-14-16

"Hi, I just passed the PMP!!!! I was worried that I hadn't passed ...Thanks to you and Mo for everything!!! . . . It was a bit more difficult in that the answer choices were not always clear. A lot of situational questions. . ." - passed 12-12-2016

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know I took the PMP exam yesterday and passed! Thank you so much for the fantastic training and materials. The quizzes were incredibly helpful!" - Kimberly L, PMP. - passed 12-11-16

"Good morning. Just wanted to let you all know I passed. Thanks for all the help! Have a wonderful holiday!" - Regina A., PMP - passed 12-9-16

"Passed. I should be the last scheduled from [our] group." - Alan R., PMP - passed 12-7-16

"Good morning Mo, Nereda, I did my PMP exam yesterday and managed to pass (yay!). It was a lot harder than i thought but the final outcome was good so I'm thankful for that. Mo, thank you for being such a great instructor. Thank you both for the coaching and for making the process relatively painless." - Paul M., PMP - passed 12-6-16

"Passed the PMP!!! I felt that it was more difficult than I hoped. So many questions were fuzzy beyond belief. By when I pressed "Submit" I was only 50/50 on whether I had passed. In addition, the 4 hour duration was like a roller coaster with stretches of confident answers followed by durations of likely wrong answers. I kept hearing Mo reminding me not to get bogged down on any one question; that strategy helped me remain focused throughout. Thank you both for the service and support you have provided!" Felix A., PMP - passed 12-6-16

I wasn't sure if you needed this or not, but wanted to inform you that I passed my PMP exam. . . . when I submitted my answers, I was not confident I was going to pass. . . . The questions and answers where phrased slightly with a different style then used by you and Mo, but by focusing on the Keywords, processes, etc mentioned and using the logic from class and as explained in the quizzes when questions were answered incorrectly I got the hang of it after a few questions." Joseph G, PMP - passed 12-1-16

"I passed by exam!!!" Was it easier or more difficult than expected? "It was about what I expected. Not too bad. Had I not done all the quizzes and taken the class I would have never passed though. :)" Laura D, PMP - passed 11-30-16

"Hello Nereda and Mo
I have successfully passed the PMP exam! Thank you for your guidance and support. I would say that 50% of the questions were easy to answer. Class and practical quiz preparation helped in selecting the proper answer. Although, IF had I not taken the training or practice quizzes I may have selected a more positive or flowery answer. (I chucked a little at some of the possible answers). The other 50% of the questions really necked down to 2 most probable answers. So I guess I picked properly at least half the time. Definitely would not have passed without your prep class." Philip M. PMP - passed 11-29-16

"Took the exam this morning and I passed!" Was the exam easier or more difficult? "The exam was a lot easier than I expected in some ways. The sample questions were much more difficult. . ." - Andrea B., PMP - passed 11-23-16

Passed the PMP Exam. "It was about the level of difficulty I was expecting. Thank you for your help in preparing for the exam." - Michael B, PMP - passed 11-21-16

"PMP Exam- I passed! I passed the exam yesterday- thank you very much for you & your wife's training & help! . . . Thanks so much!" Was the exam easier or more difficult? "The exam was less difficult than I thought it would be . . . Taking the time to go through your practice exams was essential. . . Lots of stress & self-doubt the last 2 weeks, but all better now- it's worth it. Charles, S, PMP - 11-21-16

"I passed!!! Wahoo!!!" Question: Was it easier than you thought? "It was harder than I thought, but mostly out of just being scared and self doubt. All the materials provided helped a lot!! Maybe next time, PBA? You guys are awesome." - passed 11-18-16

"Just wanted to let you both know that I passed my PMP Exam today and now I am officially a certified project manager! Thanks for your support and training:). That thing was so vague and so many areas. Certainly glad to get it behind me. Thanks again!" Todd E., PMP - passed 10-26/16. Finished class 10/21/16.

"Good Afternoon,
I just took the PMP exam this morning and I passed !

I wanted to thank you for all your time and help. Psychological tests are not my strengths but being able to identify the key words and associated them with the processes really help. The positive is that I've learned and studied so much that I know the concepts really well! I will definitely recommend your class to my peers. Thanks." Jennifer L-G, PMP - passed 9-3-16

"As you might remember I took your great class and learned a great deal. Although I have not taken the PMP exam yet, the information I took from your class has already help me a great deal in my work." M.K. - 9-1-16

"Mo and Nereda,
I want to thank you for delivering an excellent class and service. I was very hesitant to take a boot camp as I did have a poor experience with the one I attended many years ago. Your professional approach and delivery are greatly appreciated and have been noticed. I have sent three people your way already. :)" - Paul D. - 8/27/16

"Passed!!! Time to go drink!!! Thank you guys!" - Kim S, PMP - passed 8/27/16 - Finished training on 8-14-16

"Hi Nereda!
I wanted to let you and Mo know that I passed my PMP exam. Yeah! Thank you both for all of your help. I will be starting back to work as a PM on Sept. 12th and plan to join the PMI. Hopefully our paths will cross again someday. Take good care." Heidi W., PMP - passed 8-24-16

I took the exam yesterday evening. I was worried through the test . . . However, the more important part is I passed :). . . Thanks Mo. I am excited to have passed and this will be a big help to further my career. Not only that but passing the exam is an enormous relief :). " Luis L., PMP - passed 8-23-16 in roughly 30 days.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today. Thanks" What I did to Prepare for the Exam: "For me it was pretty simple, A LOT of studying. I went back and forth through the SmartPath pm workbook and did the practice quizzes multiple times. . . The test made me nervous because I have never been a very good analytical thinker. However, as the SmartPath pm workbook notes analytical skills 'improve with practice.' I think after the constant repetition of questions and studying I was able to start to see the bigger picture. I learned how to note the key words and got to the point where I could automatically eliminate at least two answers per question to be able to get it down to a 50/50 chance of getting each question correct. I have seen other students note it in their testimonials and I have to agree that the test questions I had on my exam were definitely different than anything I had seen from SmartPath. But I was able to (as Mo kept telling us) "remember the major concepts" and as stated previously was able to automatically eliminate at least 2 answers per question and get it narrowed down to a 50/50 chance. I hope you are both doing well and thank you again for the class and guidance!" - David D.,PMP - passed 8-5-16

What helped you pass the PMP the most? "Really for me it was the lecture, and the parts where Mo would repeat himself 3 or more times on key points. I found myself taking the test, narrowing down the potentially correct answer to two options, then I would remember what Mo said about a particular process or topic. My schedule is pretty busy so I wasn�t able to study much, so I basically passed the test on what was presented in class. . . Thanks for your and Mo�s help!" - Bill A., PMP - passed 7-23-16

"Just wanted to let you know that I took the exam this morning and passed! Thanks for all of your help, I appreciate it!"- Stephanie M., PMP - passed 8-2-16

"Thank you very much for all your help and support. SmartPath's in class teaching and study material are the best. My special appreciation to Mo for keeping the every session of the training more interactive." - Lok K. PMP - passed 7-14-16

"PMP Exam. I took it Friday and passed :)" - Chris P., PMP passed 6-24-16

"FYI. I passed the test today; thank you for your help!!" Lil L., PMP - passed 6-27-16

"I took the test today and passed!! Thank you for the amazing help and support. Please let Jai know. Your program made all of the difference. Thank you. . . [What helped the most?} What Jai told me to do, take the test to study as opposed to the other way around. Also the instructions on how to take the test ie:
- dissecting each question
- how to immediately discount certain answers
- time management
I had taken another PMP class before, but yours was so much better. I felt so confident after my weekend classes. It made me feel like I could pass the test. " - Ravindra W, PMP - passed 6-20-16

"Hey Nereda,
. . . I took the test Wednesday night and passed!! I have to say, the test was much more difficult then I anticipated, the questions were drastically different and my test had a lot of questions on closing and weird situations around that. I'd say about half the questions I easily answered because of what we talked about in the class as it was a wide variety. I also think the CCB info was very helpful. . . Cheers and I'll be talking soon about taking another class!!" - Michael L, PMP - Passed 6-15-16 in less than 30 days.

"Thank you Nereda, I did pass, so fortunately won't need the subscription any longer!" How did she do it? "Really it just came down to a lot of studying. I took the practice exams, and for every question I got wrong I researched until I understood the correct answer. I kept "understand it, don't cram it" in mind, which was vital. I don't think cramming would have worked, given how behavioral the test was." - Jennifer P, PMP - passed 6-17-16 in just under 30 days.

"It has been a long time since we have spoken. I took your class with Mo 5 years ago. . . I had not done anything with it for years until a few months ago. I took the test on Tuesday and passed! I just wanted to let you know so you could update your numbers on students that passed the test. Thanks" - Gabe A., PMP - passed 6-14-16

"Good Afternoon just wanted to let you know that i took my exam today and passed. . . Thank you for the wonder class and quizzes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks." - James G., PMP - passed 6-11/16

"Hi there! Took the PMP test today and passed! . . . After the boot camp I dedicated 2 weeks to studying and I wished I had more time but I thought the [exam] questions were easier than I expected. The concept exercises helped me the most. Especially listing out the pm roles . . . Best Regards," Sarah K., PMP - passed 6-10-16"I passed!!!!! . . .The most helpful items [for passing the exam] were:* the comprehensive workflows for the PM roles (workflow 11) and the process (workflows 12 and 13)
* working through the quizzes
* my handwritten summary notes for items such as PM Leadership Skills, the WPD, WPI and WPR process summary and flip cards
* reviewing the process backwards as listed near the end of the book" - Katrina, H, PMP - passed 6-9-16

"I passed . . . I felt it mirrored what I studied. . . I'm so glad it is over! Thanks again to you and Mo for all the support to get me through this!" - Ragni S., PMP - passed 5/31/16

"Good morning! I still can't believe that I passed such a hard exam. If you did not guide me for requesting for extra time, there was no way for me to know there is such a possibility. That was a big reason that I could . . . pass the exam. THANK YOU" Shahnaz F., PMP - passed 5-22-16.

"I PASSED my PMP exam today! I could not have done it without your guidance and prep course. I had been studying the Rita Mulcathy book for months and would have never been able to make the connections or pass the exam without the prep course you provided. Also, Kela was my inspiration and was adamant about taking your prep course. I am very proud of myself and still in disbelief. Thank you again! If I'm ever in DC, I would love to meet you both in person to thank you! (Can you believe it ...I have PMP at the end on my name!" - Tania N, PMP - passed 5/12/16 - finished training 4-24-16

"I passed the exam!! Nereda, Mo, can't thank you enough for guiding me through this! Will write tomorrow in detail about the exam. Kind regards," Sowmya M., PMP - passed 5/11/16

"I took your class in 2015 . . . I attended (another recent) boot camp for PMP but I used the materials given by Mr. Haque to study and pass my PMP. The materials that you provide are way 1000% better than the material provided by the (other) boot camp. Keep up the good work." TJ T., PMP - passed 5-10-2016

"Nereda/Mo, Just finished my exam and to my surprise I squeaked out a pass. I was Proficient in Initiation and Closing, and Moderately Proficient in Planning, Executing, and Monitoring & Controlling. There is no way I would have passed without your class and preparation. Can't thank you both enough. v/r," - Kevin V.,PMP - passed 5/2/16

"Hi Nereda,

I passed the PMP exam this morning! Feeling great." - Kristen C, PMP - passed 4-28-26 ;- finished training 4-24-16

"Passed." Mike H, PMP - passed 4-28-16

"I passed!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!
. . . Thanks to you and Mo for helping prepare me!" John R., PMP - passed 4/27/16

Thanks for the information below, helped on a few. Thought I would let you know, I passed today, first attempt. " - Jared F., PMP - passed 4/26/16

"FYI, just passed." - Calvin C., PMP - passed 4-24-16

"I just passed the exam. I cant believe it. Thanks for your help." - Krista M, PMP - passed 4/22/16 - finished class 4/12/16

"I passed!!! Thanks so much for help!!!" - Anthony O., PMP - passed 4/14/16 - finished training 4/8/16

"Great news! I passed the PMP exam on April 7. Thanks to you and Mo for guiding me through the certification process." - David S.,PMP - passed 4/7/16

"I passed! . . . Lots of situational questions with a scenario and the "what would you do..." Brian B, PMP - passed 3/25/16

"Just wanted to share the good news with you that I passed the PMP exam earlier today. Thank you for all your training, insights, tips and tricks about the exam and flexibility over the past couple of weeks. Really appreciated all the knowledge as well as the willingness to come in at my schedule. Happy to be a reference for your business any time. Just let me know. Thanks," Kash A, PMP - passed 3-24-16. Finished training 3/20/16

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I passed !!!!!!! (followed by happy face emoticons, ice cream cones and more! -and looking forward to a promotion! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH AGAIN!! Couldn't have done it without you :)" - Jennifer W., PMP - passed 3-24-16

"I passed! Just finished at testing center.
Initiation prof
Plan mod prof
Executing mod prof
M&R mod prof
Closing prof
," Bernard C, PMP - passed 3-23-16 - great job!

"Thank you, Nereda! (Finished class Mar 6) - The exam was slightly easier than I expected. Maybe the prep quizzes you provided had my concerns raised, as I was repeatedly scoring below 70%. To be fair though, I didn't do any of the exercises in the book first. I just jumped right into the quizzes to see where I stood. Mo said to focus on quizzes A, J, K, and L first due to time constraints, which turned out to be excellent advice. It took me 3 hours to complete the exam, plus another 45 minutes to re-check my marked questions (ones I wanted to revisit). I marked 55 questions to be rechecked and only ended up changing maybe 5 of those answers. My first impression apparently served me well, as I passed 4 of the 5 knowledge domains with moderate proficiency, and the other one with full proficiency. . .To prepare myself for the exam, I took Wed-Fri off from work to just stay home and study. During that time, I photocopied workflows 11-13, then cut the boxes or of the diagrams with a pair of scissors and practiced putting them in order over and over until I memorized all the PM roles and processes in order. This exercise made it much easier to answer the "what would you do next" exam questions.

SmartPath's 4-day prep course was absolutely critical to organizing my thoughts before the exam. While I was already quite familiar with all the concepts Mo covered, there's no way I could've passed the exam without his expert guidance. I loved all the workflow diagrams. I've shown them to some of my co-workers, some of whom were already PMPs. They were blown away. They all took prep courses with other instructors said they were never given training aids that were so organized and helpful. That made me feel great about selecting SmartPath!

Mo is a superb instructor, and a fascinating person. The PMP prep course was definitely worth every penny. I'm really glad I selected your business over the competition. I can't thank the two of you enough. I'm already thinking about future training opportunities for agile and business analysis. When I'm ready to take them I'll definitely give you a call! Please give my best to Mo. I wish you both the best of luck on your continued success.

(Incidentally, you have my permission to use any of the comments in this email as written testimony for marketing purposes.) Very respectfully," Scott L, PMP - Passed 3-11-16 on the 5th day following class.

"Hi Nereda
I sure appreciate your active involvement in the process. Also, the 4-day course that Mo delivered last week was absolutely awesome, as I�m sure you�re aware � far exceeding my expectations. . . Thanks" DM - 3-3-16

"Hi Mo, Nereda,
It's with great pleasure and relief that I write to say I just passed my PMP Exam!!!. . . Thanks for all of your support and help along the way." Erik O, PMP - passed 2-23-16

"Nereda and Mo, I just wanted you to know that I passed the PMP exam this evening.

There were a lot of questions about . . . what went wrong and what next and the connections (what was missed), and tools and techniques. I'm exhausted and have a flight in the early am but wanted you thank you. You were right in that the quizzes help you be prepared to think about what is really being asked.

What a huge relief--the entire time I was taking the exam, I felt like I was failing and thinking, "What am I going to now"?...not a good feeling...and then the confetti came out of the ceiling and I couldn't believe it!!!" - Tammy W, PMP - passed 1-18-16

"Good Morning:
I took the PMP Exam yesterday and passed. Thanks for you help." Rheanna B - passed 2-4-16 - finished training Jan 22- 2016

"Well I kept my appointment, studied over the past week and PASSED! Oh so relieved :) thanks for all the help! " Megan M, PMP - passed 1-29-16

Hi Nereda & Mo,
I'm reaching out to inform you that I passed the PMP Certification exam yesterday and would like to thank you for preparing me to achieve a successful result. I really appreciate your approach and process. Blessings to you guys." Willie C, PMP - passed 1/11/16

"Hi Nereda & Mo,
I wanted to email to let you know that I passed the PMP exam! Thanks again for providing such a great class with all of the practice quizzes available for studying ~ it was invaluable." Biz C. PMP - passed 1-8-16

"I passed the PMP today. Thanks for the resources and training!" Holland G, PMP - passed 1-11-2016

"Certified PMP!!!! Thank you!!!!" Catherine T., PMP - passed 1-11-16

"Hello Nereda and Mo!!

Bad news!! Unfortunately I will not bother you with the PMP anymore because I PASSED!!! I can't thank you enough for all the support and the dedication. I will be sure to come back to smart path if I have to take any other exams ... Thank you," Fadella B., PMP - passed 1-11-16

"So how difficult is the new test? . . .I [am] just curious, I passed my test today." Jeffery S., PMP - passed 1-9-16

"Dear Nereda and Mo, Thanks to your training, shared wisdom, and support, I passed the exam Friday. I'm thrilled to finally have my PMP and am looking forward to applying everything I've learned. Thank you so much for the training and the ongoing encouragement. Regards," Ann B, PMP - passed 1/8/16

Took the PMP exam test this afternoon and �����. Passed. I have to say that you and Mo were great. What he presented and the handout material you two have assembled really made a difference. Trish and I went through a lot with our dog dying just before the holidays - it set me back several weeks in studying. However, when I picked up the course material and started reviewing it I still could remember Mo's presentation and his talking about processes and PM roles and how the pieces fit together. He�s a great teacher. . . Next will have to be the PMI-PBA. Thanks again," Steve H. PMP - passed 1-7-15

"I took my exam today and passed! See you soon!" Tina H, PMP - passed 1-4-16

"I have passed the PMP exam. on Jan. 2, 2016. Thanks you for you & Mo's help in preparing for the exam. Chu-Hwa L, PMP - passed 1-2-2016

"Hi Nereda,
I did pass. Thank you guys for the instruction and pmWorkbook to guide me through. It's already been very helpful in my work and I know it will continue to be (especially after I finish this engineering degree!). Have a great 2016!" Adam B., PMP - passed 12-28-15

"Hi Nereda, just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP exam today. Thank you to you and Mo for all the support, I couldn't have done it without you." Christopher C., PMP - passed 1-2-16

"Hi Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today. Thank you! Marci M., PMP - passed 1-2-16. Just finish two certifications since the end of Sept. PMI-PBA and PMP Certs. Great job!"

"Text to Mo: "This is Hiro of Seattle. I'm in Portland, and just passed my exam. Thank you millions for your help. Having extra two hours and Japanese on top of your superb instructions were very helpful." Hiro F., PMP - passed 1-2-16

"Hi Nereda/Mo,
I'm writing to let you know that I took the PMP exam this morning and passed! Thank you so much for your encouragement and guidance through the whole process, and for helping me reach this professional goal!" Robert A. PMP - passed 1-2-16

"Good afternoon Nereda -
I took the PMP exam this morning...and I PASSED!! Thanks!," Sandy A, PMP - passed 1-2-16

"Passed! [all process groups]... Thanks! Couldn't have done it without your class. Lots of questions where you had to pick out clues to pick the process or tool." Neil C.,PMP - passed 1-2-16

"Overall, the class was exactly as advertised, covering a ton of material in 4 days, which is no small feat. I feel confident I have the baseline of knowledge from the class, which connects with my experience, as well as all of the tools and support to go deeper outside of class and chew on it more to get ready for the exam. Thank you so much for a very well run class, very well-presented set of material." - E.O - 12/31/15 - New Exam class

"Hi Mo and Nereda
Good news! I just passed the exam. I also just your email for the day 3 and 4 training. Thanks for all your help." - Ashwini R., PMP - passed 12-26-15

"Hi guys! I passed the PMP certification exam yesterday! Thank you so much for your program! Absolutely outstanding and I will recommend you to my peers and friends. Happy Holidays!" Kurt H., PMP - passed 12/24-15

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the exam today. Thank you for your assistance in helping me through the administration and staying on track through the audit process. . . Please extend my thanks to Mo for his excellent instruction. You guys are great! Best regards," John D, PMP

"Hi Nereda and Mo
Just want to say thank you for all the help and coaching! I passed today down in Portland. . . There were a number of times VOM was in my head (voice of Mo) ...your list you created on the four predominant areas helped me a lot. The night before, I read through all of those sections in the book, refreshing my memory on a number of key items that surfaced. It was easier [than I thought] . . . But some very tricky ones. (I wish I could see which ones I got wrong.)

I liked how the software structured the text by separating the conclusive question at the end from the lead in information, so that helped." Greg T.,PMP - passed 12-21-15

CAPM: "Hi Nereda and Mo
I wanted to follow up and let you know that I passed the CAPM exam in December! Thank you for all of the support and the valuable training course! I hope you two are doing well!" Stephanie T., CAPM - passed 12-17-15

"Thanks for all of your help and emails of encouragement along the way. I have a couple of peers that I have recommended SmartPath too, I expect they will look into it during 2016," Alesha F., PMP - passed 12-15-15

PMP Exam: "Mo and Nereda, Passed PMP this morning!!! Thank you sooo much for helping me get through the final push to achieve this long-standing career goal!!!" Kirsten S., PMP - passed 12-15-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda, Just wanted to let you know I took the exam today and I passed! Thank you so much for everything, and happy holidays!" Denise H., PMP - passed 12-14-15

PMP Exam: "Omg!!!! I can't believe it but I passed!!! Thank you much for all your help Now I'm ready if you have some volunteer job . . . :)" Peggy L, PMP - passed 12/14/15

PMP Exam: "I passed! And there is no way on God's green earth I would have if I hadn't done those practice quizzes! Thank you!" - Melissa W., PMP - passed - 12-11-15

PMP Exam: "I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam this morning! I was really surprised at how little math was involved in the test, only a couple of questions that required calculations. Thank you so much for everything you did to help me prepare. I will be sure to recommend your class! Thank you again!" Kristyn H. PMP - passed 12-9-15 - finished class 11/13-15

PMP Exam: Just got a called from Jamila B. Lots of math and mostly fuzzy questions. Felt well prepared. "If I had not taken the exam L (fuzzy questions), I think it would have been more difficult. That coupled with the exam prep tips in the back of the PM workbook were extremely helpful for the type of exam that I received. Thanks for everything!" Jamila B, PMP - passed 12-9-15 - finished training 11-8-15

PMP Exam: "PMP Pass! Hello Mo and Nereda
Thank you both for all your coaching and assistance. Having not tested in 10 yrs and with competing work priorities, I was extremely nervous about passing PMP. But I buckled down, followed your methods and passed! Again thank you. And happy holidays." - Emily M., PMP -passed 12/3/15 - finished training 11/22/15

PMP Exam: "Nereda,
Just writing to inform you and Mo that I just passed the PMP exam. Thanks for everything," Rodney C., PMP. Passed 12-1-15; last day of class was 10/29/15 - finished class 11/8

PMP Exam: "I am so happy to report that I passed my exam today! I hope you both had a great thanksgiving and I can't thank you both enough for your guidance and support." Laura G., PMP - passed 12-1-15 - Finished training 10-15-15

PMP Exam: " I passed my PMP exam tonight. . . I'm glad it's over." Joseph K, PMP - passed 11-30-15 - finished class 10-29-15

PMP Exam: "Good afternoon Nereda and Mo,
I hope you had a great holiday and a nice vacation. I wanted to let you know that I took my exam yesterday and passed!
It was stressful and I took the whole time. . . All in all, I felt prepared. The practice exams, while similarly worded, seemed more difficult than the actual exam questions, so thank you for helping me become as ready as I possibly could be. I really took away a lot from the classroom time as well. I found myself hearing Mo explain something and it would trigger my memory to find the right answer.

Prior to the test, PMI did get into my head and mess with my confidence a little bit. I know it was just stress, but it definitely messed with my game a little. I was selected for an audit, which wasn't such a big deal, but then they implied that they may have lost my documentation, which I had fedexed overnight. There was about a week of stress and emails going back and forth with customer service to get that issue resolved. In the end, everything worked out and I was able to schedule my exam at the testing center I preferred and close enough to my preferred date.
Anyway, I just wanted to give you the good news, and thank you again for the top notch instruction and support. I will absolutely recommend SmartPath to anyone I know who is looking for certification training. I will also come back myself if I decide to pursue any of the other certs for which you provide training." - Kristen P., PMP - passed 11-28-15. Last day in class 11/8/15

PMP Exam: "Passed 1st time!
What a great experience. Everyone was so accommodating. Jai was the best instructor. Thanks for all your help. Last day of class Nov 22, 2015. Passed Nov 27, 2015.

PMP Exam: "I passed the PMP Certification exam today. Thanks for all your help!" Christy L., PMP - finished class 1-15-15 - passed 11-26-15

"Hello Nereda! hope you and Mo are doing well :) Just wanted to let you know that after 2 years I finally [took] the exam and passed :) It all came back to me easily and somehow something just clicked. Maybe the break did seem good lol!" Joanna V., PMP - passed 11-15-2015

PMP Exam: "I took the exam last night and passed. Glad it's done before the holiday!" Dina K., PMP - finished training 11-20-15

PMP Exam: "Nereda,
Just thought I'd let you know that I passed the exam today. Thanks to you and Mo for all of your help in getting me to this point!" Anthony D, PMP - passed 11-23-15 - finished class on 10-30-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
I just wanted you to know I took the PMP exam Saturday and passed. Thanks to you and Mo for all your support and preparation guidance. It was all very helpful. Thanks so much again," Dawn J, PMP - passed 11-23-15 - finished training 100-30-15

PMP Exam: "Nereda and Mo,
I passed my PMP today!!! Thank You both so much😊 . . . Definitely was more difficult [than expected] only due to the way they worded the questions", Tex L., PMP - passed 11-20-15; finished training 10-23-15

PMP Exam: "I PASSED!!!
It was as expected. I cannot even pin point what else I would review again in order to improve my grade if I had too. I was thankful that there was a lot of EVM. Thank you for all of the support." Amanda M, PMP - passed 11-18-15,finished class Oct 30

PMP Exam: "I passed this afternoon as well. I forgot to inform you. Thanks for everything," Bruce B, PMP - passed 11-18-15, finished class Oct 30

PMP Exam: "Hello Nereda, Mo,
I would like to pass to you the great news. I passed the PMP yesterday and I am officially PMP certified now. Thank you so much for all your efforts to make this as simple as possible and assist with all your advices and tips to pass this exam. Thanks," Sherif I., PMP - passed 11-17-15 - finished class Oct 30.

PMP Exam: "I passed! Thank you for extending my quizzes!" Carolyn M, PMP - passed 11-17-15

PMP Exam: "I passed my exam yesterday! So Glad to finally get that off my back. . . Thanks for everything!! You've both been very helpful! Now I guess I better get ready to find a new job." Joshua W, PMP- passed 11-16-15

PMP Exam: "Passed! . . . The exam was more difficult than I anticipated . . . Thank you for the preparation Nereda and Mo..." Colleen N, PMP - passed 11-16-15 - finished training Oct 23

PMP Exam: "Nereda/Mo,
I passed! Thx for everything" Dan H., PMP - passed 11-16-15. Finished training Oct 23

PMP Exam: Hi, Nereda!
I just wanted to let you and Mo know that I passed the PMP today and to thank you for all of your assistance. I could not have done it without the class Mo taught and all of your support. Have a great day!" Pam T., PMP - passed 11-14-15

PMP Exam: "Yes, what a relief to have that accomplished! This test was much, much easier than I expected. It was pretty much like Test K (maybe even slightly easier. . . The class definitely provided the grounding and allowed me to connect the dots. But my study practice was to write things down and then throw the paper away and write it down again. In particular, I made sure to write down the table with all 53 processes down, as well as all the math formulae at least once a day. When I got to the exam I wrote them on my scratch paper but hardly referred to them because I had the material so well internalized by that point. . ." Gwyneth M, PMP - passed 11-11-15

PMP Exam: "Mo, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for your instruction and guidance. I passed the PMP exam earlier today and I am sure it was, in significant part, due to your reminders to remove real world experience from the answers and focus on the blind material. Thanks so much and have a great rest of your day. Best regards," Brent H., PMP - passed 11-10-15

PMP Exam: "Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam this morning! Thanks for the great education!" -Dustin G., PMP - passed 11-10-15 - Finished class 10-23-15

PMP Exam: ". . .there were several questions where *none* of the responses seemed like the best answer, and I had a hard time gauging if I was over-thinking a question! I finished in about 2:30 but agonized over several questions that I had flagged. I still had nearly an hour to spare, so I went back through the first third of the questions just to make sure my stressed brain didn't steer me wrong. I changed a few of those responses, where I felt like I had missed a key piece of info the first time through. I used nearly all of my 4 hours. Overall, I was more prepared than I had worried. The bootcamp was definitely helpful to my readiness! Cheers to you and Mo. :-)" Tami F., PMP - Passed 11/7/15

PMP Exam: "Nereda & Mo
I passed the exam today. Thank you so much for all the coaching and support." - passed 11-7-15 - finished class 10-11

PMP Exam: "Hi Mo and Nereda,
I passed the exam today! Thank you both for all your help. The fuzzy questions were particularly helpful, as I think my exam was almost all fuzzy questions. Thanks!" Elizabeth S., PMP - passed 11-4-15 - finished class 10-12

PMP Exam: "I passed yesterday. Yay!!!" Sarah R., PMP - passed 11/2/15

PMP Exam: "Passed. It wasn't as difficult as I thought." Scott P., PMP - passed 10-29-15

PMP Training - emailed to Mo Haque: "Thank you for teaching us this subject. It was one of the best classes I ever attended." F.T. 10-21-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
I took the exam 2 weeks ago and passed. Thank you very much to you and to Mo. Best Regards, "Maher A., PMP - passed 10/17/15

PMP Exam: "Thanks Nereda! Very happy to have passed! Best," AJ R, PMP - passed 10-15-15

PMP Exam: "I passed! SmartPath�s material prepared me the most. I purchased other material but SmartPath�s class, workbook and practice tests more closely simulated preparation for the actual exam. Sitting through 4 days of SmartPath�s class is the exact feeling of exhaustion I have after the exam and their simulated quizzes were pretty close to the actual questions. Good job SmartPath! I had 20+ math questions which were not fun. Preparing to sit for a 4 hour exam is tough. I struggled with trying to care on the last 50 questions but somehow managed to get through. Good luck to everyone! You can do it if I can." Mike L, PMP - passed 11-13-15

PMP Exam: "Passed the exam this morning on the first try. I found I had to go back to the way I passed the CAPM to get it down. Mostly it was reading and rereading, then testing section by section. Probably not the way most will accomplish this exam but it seems repetition and self study is the trick for me. Thanks for everything over the year since we took the class." Emily N. PMP - passed 10/12/15

PMP Exam: "PMP Certified! Hi Nereda,
I took my exam yesterday and I passed!! such a refief:)" Prerana R., PMP - passed 10-7-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Mo and Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP exam this morning - two weeks after starting class. Thanks for your help!" Jen V. PMP - passed 10-7-15 - That's how to do it!

PMP Exam: "Thank you both for your help. I just completed my exam... I passed." - Passed 10-06-15

PMP Exam: "Hello Nereda and Mo
I am very happy to let you know I passed my exam today. . . Thank you so much for the training, the material and practice tests! Talk to you soon! Best," Suresh N., PMP - passed 3-11-15/ Finished training 9/27/15

PMP Exam: "Thanks so much. I am glad I have PMP finally behind me. Again thanks to you and Mo for all the support and help." Khalil H. - passed 10-2-15

PMP Exam: Good morning,
I would like to thank you both for your wonderful PMP training program. I took my exam this past Saturday morning and passed!

I had scheduled the exam and then things got very demanding at work with an emergency situation which took a lot more of my time than planned during my preparation. I was not able study for the exam as much as recommended and I was very concerned that I would not pass. I found the flow charts and detailed explanations and study guides in the book to be extremely helpful in quickly understanding the material rather than just memorizing. Thank you," Anne G. PMP - passed 9-26-15 - (SmartPath LLC doesn't recommend memorizing anything except for formulas.)

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP. Thank you to you and Mo for your help and support. Thank you!!" Keneishia W., PMP - passed 9/27/15

PMP Exam: "I passed on 9/25. Thanks." BJ Passed 9-25-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda and Mo,
Just wanted to write you a quick note - I passed the exam today! Thanks so much for your guidance and support. Taking all these quizzes really prepared me." Sandra D, PMP - passed 9-16-15

PMP Exam: "Nereda, Mo hello!
Wanted to share the good news and thank you again for very relevant course prep for the exam!" Svetlana A, PMP - passed 9-15-15

PMP Exam: "I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam on Sunday." Emmanuella G., PMP - passed 9-13-15

PMP Testimonial: "Just thought I�d shoot you both an update and let you know that I have (after 8 months and a couple other positions) landed a PM position with ____________! This will be the highest paying position I have ever held, and I could not have done it without your help and guidance! Thanks and best of everything to you and yours!" Testimonial by I.S., PMP.

PMP Exam: "Nereda and Mo, I passed the exam and want to thank you again for your continued support and help throughout the process. Your notes and training were the only resources I used and felt quite prepared" Kumar V., PMP - 9/10/15

PMP Exam: "Hi Mo and Nereda, PMP exam - I passed :) I just wanted to send you both a quick note of thanks for all your training and support in the PMP exam process. I took the exam today, and passed! Hurray! Have a great week :)" Siena B., PMP - passed 9/8/15

PMP Exam: "It was just like Mo described in class. The ceiling opened, confetti flew, and horns sounded! I am now PMP certified. I PASSED. Thank you and Mo for everything! God bless you." Joe G., PMP - passed 8-19-15

PMP Exam: "Hello Nereda and Mo,
Wanted to let you both know that I passed the PMP exam. Thanks so much for your help. Best," Deloa D. PMP - passed 8-14-15

PMP Exam: "FYI, I passed Wednesday. Thanks for all your help!" Matthew D., PMP - passed 8-12 - 2015

PMP Exam: "I took your class in mid-May in Bellevue. Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP yesterday. . . glad it is over :-). Thanks for all your help in class." - Catherine M, PMP - passed 8-10-15

PMP Exam: "I passed! Thank you for all your help. I will write a testimony on your site. Have a good weekend," Wayne D., PMP

PMP Exam: Passed. "Thank you! It was just as hard as I thought. I really didn�t feel ready to take it, but leave tomorrow for vacation, and wanted to take it before I left. I believe I passed by the skin of my teeth!" - Angela B., PMP - passed 8-1-15 on the 9th day after class

PMP Exam: Hi Nereda & Mo,
Thank you for all your help and support in preparing me for the PMP exam. I was able to pass on Tuesday and now I can focus on the next certification. I'll be reaching out to you for the PMI-ACP certification help...unless you're tired of me by now... Thanks," Dean B., PMP - passed 7-21-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP this morning, thanks for all the help and excellent materials. (I did not end up taking any of the test questions. I'm very sure they would have helped a lot, it's just that I was running out of time and too spread thin with other coursework.)

More feedback when I have a minute, but one in front of mind: The section that steps through the processes in reverse was really helpful, i.e. the explanations why B had to be preceded by A. That really helped provide a rationale for the definitions and order (which is what a lot of folks seem to disagree with or not get). I know Mo emphasized the value of this section . . . Best regards," Serge G., PMP - passed 7-20-15

PMP Exam: "I PASSED!!! Thanks for all the help." - Doug R., PMP - passed 7-20-15

PMP Exam: ". . . Thank you for the resume input. I�ve got a FTE role over at a software development company in Bothell as a PM. Woot woot! . . . Thank you and Mo so much for being so supportive and championing to me and the rest of the students. I�m sure that you�ve gotten many people telling you how much they appreciate your help but again, it is so great to have instructors that are dedicated and concerned. If there is anything I can do please let me know." H.Y., PMP - 7-17-15

PMP Exam: "How are you guys doing, I would like to inform you that I cleared my PMP exam . . . and now I am PMP Certified. I would like to thank both of you guys & class room training definitely helped me in understanding the exam and project management. Once again Thank you Mo." Krishna N., PMP." - passed 7/14/15

PMP Exam: "I can't believe it, well, maybe I can...I passed the PMP exam. Yahoo! Thanks for all your help! And so glad it is done!" Terri B., PMP - passed 7-12-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
Just thought I'd pass on the great news! I PASSED! I got Moderately Proficient in Initiation, Execution, & Closing and Proficient in Planning & Monitoring/Controlling.

Thank you so much for your and Mo's help! I'll recommend you without hesitation to anyone I know who's looking for a class! Please say HI and Thank you to Mo for me too! Have a great day. " - Andrea W., PMP - passed on the 8th day after class on 7/7/15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda,
I just got out and I PASSED!!!!!!! I got moderately proficient in every knowledge area. Cheers,!!!" Heather Y.,PMP - passed 7-2-15

PMP Exam: Congratulations to Alexander O, PMP who passed on the 11th day after class. July 2- 2015!

PMP Exam: "WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Passed PMP today. Thanks Mo & Nereda!!!" Dave a., PMP - passed 7-1-15

PMI-PBA & PMI-ACP, PMP - To Mo Haque: "You are an excellent teacher and I truly appreciate the enthusiasm you bring to class. Thank you again." - C.S.,PMI-ACP - one exam down and 2 to go.

PMP EXAM: "Thank you and Mo for all your help and encouragement. Now to figure out how to get a job!" - Bev G., PMP - passed 6-20-15

PMP Exam: I passed the PMP Exam. Thank you Mo, Nereda and Megan. I am in Oregon! Cheers to you guys!:)." Cecelia G., PMP - passed 6-28-15

PMP Exam: From Robert E.: "Posted this on my FB Feed along with the SmartPath Group Link
Some of you watching my news feed and Linkedin saw my announcement that I passed the PMI-PMP exam on Saturday. It is comparable to the CISSP in length, time and difficulty. For my DC and Bellevue/Redmond peeps I do want to call out where I studied and why:
1. The instructor is not a 'trainer' but a PM who has worked on very complex projects. (Real World and Practical Experience)
2. The training was thorough and you will pass if you do the work.
3. They DO NOT teach the test, they teach the concepts and skills that are industry wide not how one or two companies do it.
4. They were the most supportive trainers I have ever worked with." Robert E., PMP - passed 6-27-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda
Just to let you know that I passed the PMI [PMP] exam. Thank you and Mo foe being so supportive." Flavia C., PMP 6-26-15

PMP Exam: "Hi guys,
Just an update letting you know I passed the exam this AM! Thanks for . . . near real-time feedback via email. Really helped!" Tony E., PMP - passed 6-22-15

PMP Exam: "Passed today. Sitting for 4 hours was not easy given my current condition -- proctors kept watch because I was constantly shifting [moving the weight from one check to the other] -- but had to go because my year expired 16 June. . . had a lot of complaints on the wordings of a lot of the questions [PMI tries to get us to us standard verbiage and yet in the exam a lot of the questions were like trying to decipher a foreign language]. I'll let you know my next step(s). Regards to you and Mo." Christof P., PMP - passed 6-1-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda and Mo,
Just wanted to share my good news with you both, I passed the PMP exam! Thanks for your help. I am so impressed with your commitment to the students of your program. Regards," - Michelle C., PMP - passed 5-27-15

PMP Exam: Passed. "I found it to be pretty easy to comprehend. . .I was surprised my scores were as high as they were at the end." J, PMP - passed May 12-12-15

PMP Exam: "I passed! Thank you for all of your support." Shanthi V., PMP passed 5/12/15

PMP Exam: "Hey guys,
Took the test today and passed . . . The biggest issue I had was that the questions were are like 1 to 2 paragraphs... so the format was definitely unsettling and draining. Just so much reading and intense understanding of the background.

Glad it's over though. I have been studying 4 hours for 2 weeks on weekdays, and 8 hours on Sat and Sun on 2 weekends... LOTS of hours of studying. . . Anyway, glad to be done! - Jessica P., PMP - passed 5/12/15

PMP Exam: "I passed!! Thanks a bunch for all of your tutelage. I could not have done it without your instruction, material and encouragement!! Cheers." Darrin L, PMP - passed 5-9-15 - passed in 17 days!

PMP Exam: "I am pleased to inform you that Angie and I both passed!!!! Attached is a copy of my results. I could have not passed without the assistance of both you and Mo, so thank you again for your dedication to our exam preparation." - Hannah K, PMP - passed 5/5/15

PMP Exam: "I passed. Despite incorrectly remembering my exam date, and realizing it while in the middle of what I thought was my final day of study. I made it to the testing center in time (I realized at 12:20 and my test was at 1:30) and PASSED! So I guess I didn't need that final day as much as I thought I did. :)

Thank you so much, the quizzes really helped. . . I knew that content so well. . . Great class, I have already recommended it to a few people who have asked me about preparing for the PMP." Janet R. PMP - passed 5/4/15

PMP Exam: "Yes! (passed!) That was one hell of a test. Ended up with 4 moderates and 1 proficient. Thank you for letting me use your services. I feel they really helped me prepare for the questions on the test. I finished in 3 hours and 20 mins and spent the last 40 mins going back over the first 50 questions." - Chris M. Notified 5/1/15

PMP Exam: "Your success rate remains intact :)" Amy H, PMP - passed 5/1/15 - passed in 13 days!

PMP Exam: Mo & Nereda,
At this point in my PMP quest, I have only 2 remaining questions:
1) When is your next training session in DC? 2) What is Nereda's drink of choice?

I PASSED THE PMP EXAM THIS AFTERNOON!!!! Thank you for the awesome materials and your encouragement on this journey! I don't know that I could have done it without you! . . . Virtually all of it was situational/scenario questions as you foretold. The best part is... it is behind me!!! Seriously, I would like answers to the 2 questions above. I would love to swing by the next time I am in the DC area. Most gratefully yours," Denis M, PMP (!!!!) - passed 4-25-15.

PMP Exam: "Nereda,
I passed my exam this morning! What a relief. Please thank Mo for his great instruction - I heard his voice in my head many times during the test." Celia D., PMP - passed 4-23-15 within 13 days!

PMP Exam: "Hi Mo and Nereda,
I passed my PMP exam! In fact, I was 'proficient' in four out of five categories and moderately proficient in the fifth. Thank you for all your help in preparing my my exam! I will be sure to recommend SmartPath to anyone who is interested in the certification. Thank you. . . I took the test on Tuesday and, like you said, it was easy! After your course and all of my studying I was definitely prepared and very confident. Thank you! " Jason B., PMP - passed 4-21-15 within 23 days

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda, Mo,
Happy to share that I�ve just passed the PMP exam today!!! The quizzes do help and thanks for a great class." Angie L., PMP - passed 4-21-15 in just 23 days!

PMP Exam: "Mo, Nereda, and Jai,
I just wanted to pass along a quick note that I passed the PMP exam this morning! It feels so great to have that behind me now. The course book, workflow charts, in class instruction with Jai, and online quizzes definitely prepared me for the test. These learning tools helped fill in my knowledge gaps. Thank you all for everything! . . . " Edward "Deke" V., PMP " - (it feels so great to be able to put that after my name)- passed 4-21-15, finished in 23 days!

PMP Class: "I look forward to getting to the test questions after this coming Saturday. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company thus far. Jairam does a great job at breaking down the material into understandable and digestible pieces. It is still a lot of information to consume. The laminated process sheets are priceless. I was able to learn in order all the 53 steps (47 processes and 6 RDPs) after one class." CJ

PMP Exam: "Mo, Nareda, Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP last week. I waited far too long after the boot camp, but I did spend the time (probably a full 7 days) studying and using the materials, in concert with your "don't cram it, understand it" motto :)," Ed B., PMP - passed 4-15-15

PMP Exam: ". . .I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, help with the application, emails, opportunities to re-sit (in person and virtual) and general cheering on! I was so nervous as I waited for the results to come on the seemed like it took forever...I could hardly look. I can't tell you how grateful I was to see the results begin with the word "CONGRATULATIONS"!! I managed to score Moderately Proficient in: Initiation, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Proficient in Planning (and) Closing. Thanks again for everything." Mary G., PMP - passed 4/9/15

PMP Exam: "Mo and Nereda,
I want to thank you both for all of your help during this process. I just passed and owe it to your course and help! Forcing me to understand the material really helped and I am so thankful for your curriculum and approach to project management and this exam. I felt really good going into the exam and came out with some pretty good scores, to which I owe your help - and a whole lot of studying, haha! Thank you both again, it means so much to me." Jeff H, PMP. - passed 4/8/15. Finished training 3/27/15. Zero to PMP in 11 days!

PMP Exam: "Nereda/Mo, just wanted to give you a quick update that I passed the exam this morning. It's not an April Fools joke. Thank you both for the help!" Carl M.,PMP - passed 4-1-15

PMP Exam: "Thanks for checking in. Please close my quizzes; I am done with my test today. I passed. Best regards," Marilyn C., PMP - passed 3-20-15

PMP Exam: "It was an awesome class and I picked up a lot on what I need to study. I so much more appreciate Mo's class than me trying an online version. Perhaps I should have taken the 2 weekend days, week off, then 2 weekend days schedule, because I'm a single parent and there didn't seem like there was enough time at night to study and digest what I just learned that day. But I know what I need to do and will get it done this next week." - DB

PMP Exam: "I want to thank both of you for running a company that does things right. You demonstrate selfless leadership by focusing on our success and not on fulfilling your contract to teach us the PMP. This alone is more motivating than any lecture that you could have come up with.

I want to thank you for the gifts of your experience and the time you took mentoring me on the material and so much more, You will definitely be recommended to friends and I will be back." R.E.

PMP Exam: "Mo and Nereda,
I passed, too!! . . . Thanks for being such a great resource and helping me prepare for this exam! . . . just got back from Puyallup. Thank you so much for your help! Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I know I will!! " Kara B., PMP - passed 3/21/15

PMP Exam: "Passed! Thought you'd like to know I passed the PMP exam today, first attempt. Thanks very much for the training and excellent online quizzes" - Mark W., PMP - passed 3/19/15 - Finished class Feb 19.

PMP Exam: "Hi Nereda and Mo,
I have passed my PMP exam too. . . Training and the study material was really very helpful , especially the 10 charts for each knowledge areas were really helpful to prepare for exam. . . I felt exam was little easier than the mock test but practicing mock tests again and again till I reached above 80% was my key to pass the exam." Satpreet K., PMP - passed 3-18-15

PMP Exam: Dear Nereda and Mo,
Yes, it was a very happy coincidence and surprise that Byron and I were both taking the exam yesterday morning!! And even happier that we both passed! I scored "proficient" in each area. :)!" Kate H., PMP - passed 3-17-15

PMP Exam: "Hi Mo and Nereda,
Checking in to provide you with my status and some feedback. I took the PMP this morning. Results attached for your records. I've also attached that "Stop Scope Creep" zombie image I promised Mo... A lot of my feedback is around online quizzes, since that made up a big chunk of my studying. They are, obviously, very useful, and gave a pretty good sense of what the exam questions would be like. . . It helps that Mo is an absolutely unforgettable instructor. I think I will be hearing "Guess what, guys?!?!" in my head every time I find myself at a Change Control Board meeting." Dmitriy Z, PMP - Passed 3/17/15 - Finished class Mar 8 - 2015. From Zero to PMP Certified within 9 days!

PMP Exam: Hello Mo & Nereda,
I just wanted to send you both a brief note to say THANK YOU -- I took my PMP exam this morning and I passed! I'm proud of this accomplishment and credit your excellent prep course and materials for my success.

As Mo suggested, now as I return to my search for full-time work, I would love to hear your feedback on strategies for utilizing my new PMP certification to greatest advantage -- either in developing my fledgling environmental consulting business, or in a full or part time position with a government agency or relevant company, or perhaps some combination of both. An example of my functional resume and firm credentials are attached FYI. Thanks again -- I look forward to hearing from you! - Valerie N., PMP - passed 3-17-15

PMP Exam:"Mo,
I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for getting us through the PMP hurdle. Both Kate and I wrote and passed the test this AM. Thanks again. . . . The questions themselves were very similar to the practice questions so no problem from that perspective. . . The big lesson learned is RTQ! [read the question] I wasted a couple of minutes calculating a network diagramme when I could have answered the question just by looking at the one on the computer" - Byron C., PMP; Kate H., PMP - passed 3-17-15. Finished class 2/27/15

PMP Class: "The materials are excellent! They fill in the knowledge gaps that exist in other online self-study programs." - DM - finished training 3/11/15

PMP Exam: "I passed the PMP test today!" - Colleen T., PMP - passed 3-11-15 with 3 proficients and passed all areas.

PMP Class: "The class was one of the best certification class that I�ve ever attended." - Federal Government Client

PMP Exam: "Great news - I passed the exam this morning. :) Thanks!" Rachel R., PMP - passed 2/18/15

PMP Exam: PMP Exam: "I passed my PMP! Thank you so much and please thank Mo." Matt B., PMP - passed 1-31-

PMP Exam: "Hello Nereda and Mo

PMP Exam: "I PASSED!!! ... Thank you very much for helping me change the direction of my career!!" Ivan S., PMP - passed 1-27-15

"Hi Mo & Nereda,
I just passed the PMP exam and can't thank you enough for your prep course. You guys truly & thoroughly prepared me to pass the exam. The level of your practice exams were identical if not more challenging to the exam questions. Thanks!!!" Keila B., PMP - passed 1-27-15

"Hi Nereda! Just an FYI - I passed my PMP exam today!" - Lori B., PMP - passed 1-26-15

"Good morning Nereda:
I just opened the paper this morning and it said 'passed...' I'll send you the offical one when PMI sends me the email...(thank you) for your persistent coaching and encouragement... You two are the most wonderful and patient people I know... THANK YOU, THANK YOU Sooooooooo Much!!!!" - Eleanor j., PMP - passed 1-26-15

Hi Mo and Nereda,
Thanks for the excellent class and materials. I passed the PMP test yesterday! I am so happy that I don't have to retake that test. :-) . . . I couldn't have done it without your expertise and materials. Thank you again." Chuck A. PMP - passed 1/22/15

"Just wanted to let you know I just finished the exam and passed!!! Thank you and Mo for all your help, literally could not have done it without you both and SmartPath. I am now a proud member of that elite society of project management professionals. All the best," Sherry F.,PMP - passed 1-14-15

"I passed the test on Saturday." Ryan W., PMP - passed 12-27-14

"Hi Mo,
I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam yesterday. I got 4MP and 1P. Happy holidays!" Stanca H.,PMP - passed 12-21-14

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I wanted to let you know that I passed my exam yesterday. Thanks for your help." Rathika B., PMP - Passed 12-16-14

"Mo, I'm very happy to report that I passed the PMP exam today! Thank you very much for your support during the stressful application and preparation process; I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking this credential.

I have a colleague that will be signing up for your class in early 2015, she has already bookmarked the URL I sent her to minimize Google's take. Joyously. . ."from a card attached to a lovely gift:" Mo, thank you for your knowledge, guidance, and encouragement. Your education and tools helped me pass the PMP exam the first time! Enjoy "Miller Time" on me" Gregg L., PMP - 12-16-14

"Hi Nereda, I passed in Spokane last Tuesday. Thanks for all your help." Jim D., PMP - passed Dec 9 2014.

"I passed!!!!!! The exam was not difficult and I was well prepared. . ." Sheena H., PMP - passed 11-30-14

"Dear Mo and Nereda
Wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam last night. I appreciate all your training, input, quizzes and materials. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving." Mishri S.,PMP - passed 11/23/14

"Hi Nereda, Hi Mo,
Thanks a lot for all your help. I passed the PMP yesterday. All the best to you both." Susanne B.,PMP - passed 11-18-14

"Hello Nereda,
I am happy to inform that I have passed my PMP exam today. Thanks for all your and Mo's help. Without SmartPath help I will not be able to do this. Your study material, questionnaire and Mo's teaching really helped me. Thanks a lot again" Kartikeya J, PMP - passed 11/17/14 -

"By the way, class was great, I went straight to the library to study. I don't want to lose momentum and am happy to have chosen SmartPath" E.M.

"I passed! . . . Thank you and Mo so much for your help!" Katie B., PMP - passed 11-12-14 within 30 days.

"I'm glad I chose your course. It offers 'value-added benefits' that competitors in the area do not offer such as up-to-date and relevant course materials. . . I will recommend your training program to anyone I know . . . " PG -11-7-14

"Hello Nereda and Mo
Just wanted to thank you for the training � I passed the exam yesterday. Very Best Regards" Alan F., PMP - passed 10-30-14

First PMI-PBA Certified - and first to take the exam after our training: "Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to update you. I decided to sit for the exam after the training session and take part in the pilot program, though Mo had offered to let me sit for another session before taking the test.

I just received notification that I passed and now have my PMI-PBA. I�m not sure if you track who passes after your courses, but though I would let you know." Sabrina B.,PMP,PMI-PBA - 9/22/14

"Nereda and Mo
I just stepped out of the PMP Test facility and passed! I want to thank you both as I realize now that there would have been no way I could have passed that test without the insight of your prep Course!!!" Jim M,PMP - passed 10-8-14

PMI-ACP exam:"Hello Mo & Nereda,
I passed the exam today. Thank you very much & have a great week!" Kim N., PMP, PMI-ACP - passed ACP exam 10/6/14

"I took my exam today. Thank you. . . The straightforward questions were most helpful when they led to principles that could be applied later. They helped to reinforce the information.

The fuzzy questions helped me deal with the questions on the exam that weren�t in an expected format; it really helped to be able to cut through the verbiage and determine what it was they sought. (And sometimes a game of �one of these things is not like the others� with the answers helped.)" Robert K. C., PMP - passed 9/24/14

When asked what helped the most: "Probably sitting the class a second time. It goes fast and there is a lot to learn. The second sitting really helped to understand the material." Sean M, PMP - Passed 9 - 19 - 2014. Finished in 26 days.

I passed the exam! Thanks again for all your help and advice! " Vik L.,PMP - passed 9/17/14

Cheers! "Hello Nereda and Mo,
Well I did it, I just passed the PMP exam on Friday. I can now check that off my bucket list. Thanks Mo, for your outstanding job teaching." Jon S., PMP - passed 9/12/14

"I passed!" Andrea C., PMP - passed 9/12/14

"Well tickle me pink, I walked away knowing for sure I failed but perhaps I should have stuck around." Michael B. PMP - passed 9/9/14. Lessons learned: avoid a bad evening by waiting for your results.

"Hi, Nereda
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam this morning! :-) Thank you for all your support. It was a tough exam and a lot of hard work and I'm so happy to have it behind me now, especially as I am going to Hawaii next week and won't have to study!! :-)" Carrie D., PMP - passed 9-8-14.

"I do want to get another certification or 2. I really want an agile cert and the PBA cert so I will probably sign up after I get my ducks in a row!!! Thanks for keeping in touch. I still tell anybody who asks that SmartPath has the best PMP cert class available. It really is what made me pass! Say hello to Mo." S.H.,PMP

"Hi Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know that I took and passed the PMP exam today! YAY! I�m mentally wiped out . . ." Jen G., PMP - passed 8/25/14

"Thanks Nereda. Just cleared the exam. Thanks so much!" Genie P., PMP - passed 8/24/14

"Nereda!!! I passed the exam today!!!!!! Thank you SmartPath!" Anna D.,PMP - passed 8/23/14

"Hey Nereda & Mo,
Wanted to say thanks again for your time on Monday, as well as the additional ambiguous and vague questions! I took the test today, and passed. I received 'Moderately Proficient' in all sections. . . after reviewing the additional ambiguous and vague questions you provided, I wasn�t feeling quite as confident, but it�s probably a good thing that I got them, because it felt as though a majority of the questions were in this type of format. Yuck!" Todd P., PMP - passed 8-21-14

"I am a PMP!
Appreciate everyone's help!" Perry R., PMP - passed 8/21/14

"Hello Nereda,
I actually took the test today and passed. Yeah! I really appreciate the course you guys put together. It was like night and day from (compared to) when I took the exam last time (after doing a previous program.)" Allen B., PMP passed 8/20/14

"I'm enjoying the class! Toysha is great and I'm looking forward to conquering this exam." - A.D.

"I passed! Thanks team!" - Dan M, PMP - passed 7/31/14

"Hi Nereda,
I just wanted to inform you that I PASSED the PMP exam earlier today. So I wanted to take this time to thank you and your husbands superb course material and guidance along the way. I will definitely recommend your services to others that are in pursuit of their certification. Thanks again!" Lance K., PMP - 7/29/14

"All done...certified. :)" Pam W., PMP passed 7/27/14

"Hi Nereda,
Thanks, I have completed the training yesterday with Jai. It was an absolute pleasure and it has definitely helped me get a clearer picture of the PM processes. I would also like to commend you for the excellent course materials. I loved the way the concepts are presented in different diagrams, they are very helpful." G.P.

"Greetings Mo and Nereda,
Thank you very much for the PMP instruction last week. Mo, your facilitation techniques are superb and I will recommend all my colleagues to SmartPath! . . . Looking forward to scheduling the exam and obtaining the official PMP designation. I know that I will utilize your class content and materials for years to come for successful project management! " D.R., MBA

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
Just wanted to give you the good news that I passed the exam today. Thanks for all your help and support!" Nadine H., PMP - passed 7/21/14 - finished training 7/13/14

"Yesterday I took the exam and made it out with a certification! The test would have been daunting if it weren�t for your help and guidance.

Your class really helped me string the understanding of how the processes tie together throughout a project. For practice, I took several quizzes that you provided and from other books as well as completing the worksheets in the book you provided. The understanding that came from your class, along with a little memorization and focus on the knowledge areas gave me the tools necessary to pass the exam.

Thank you for your help, your insight, and your wonderful program you built. . . The process of learning the methodology of project management has really opened my eyes and I have big plans to improve our organization.

I�ll make sure David sends more of his staff your way." Jacob G., PMP - passed 7/8/14

Passed the PMP exam, so we sent a congratulations email: "Thanks! I'm out of the country so didn't have time to let you know..." - Olga P., PMP - 6-16-14

"I did it! Thanks to both of you for all of your help. You guys made all the difference." - Brett G., PMP - passed 6/18/14

Passed the PMP exam, so we sent a congratulations email: "Thanks! I'm out of the country so didn't have time to let you know..." - Olga P., PMP - 6-16-14

"I have continued to study. Mo is an awesome teacher and has made a great impact on me." A.B.

"I am sending you this email to let you know that I passed the PMP Exam. The instruction I received at SmartPath was a key component to my success on the test. Big Thanks to Jeff Angus, too. I did log a lot of dedicated time to studying for this test. I took your course May 19-22. . . I used all the links SmartPath provided and I took the complete 4 hour quiz. . . Anyway, this is my readout. Thank you for your training and advice (oh almost forgot, Mo�s FastTrack call with me on Friday was well worth it � I did bone up on all the areas he pointed out" - William N., PMP - passed 6-17-14

"Hi Nereda and Mo!
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam today! Thank you for all your help!!Cheers!" Karin Z., PMP

"It is finally behind me. I just passed the PMP. . . I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the help and coaching you (Nereda) and Mo provided in assisting me to sit and pass the PMP exam in one sitting. The structure or the class, material, and insight was awesome. Before taking the class the volume of information seem insurmountable and I actually wondered when or how I would have found the time to consume so much information.I am most impress about the techniques presented on how to first understand the information without cramming. I am happy to recommend your school and I hope all the success. " Horace G., PMP - 6-7-14

"I am a newly minted PMP. Translation: I passed the test." Steve L., PMP. 6-7-14

"Hi Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed!!!!!! . . . wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the results- I couldn't have done it without you, Mo and Toysha!! . . . Thanks again!!! For my results, it said that I was proficient in everything except initiating, where I was moderately proficient. I think I'm happy with that... I was really excited to see "CONGRATULATIONS" pop up on the screen! Like I said before, I couldn't have done it without you guys! It was really great to have you there every step of the way to prepare me for the exam! I would have been nowhere near as prepared if I had studied on my own or relied on a virtual self-paced class. I was able to get a lot better understanding of the logical flow of the processes and learn the materials instead of trying to memorize everything. - Corinne S., PMP - 6-6-14

"I actually took the quiz last Monday and was very happy when I passed. I would say that I could have been more prepared, but I was enough prepared to pass." - Ina K., PMP - Passed 6-2-14

"I feel as if I am very well prepared; the course is great...SmartPath has great offerings,..I'm thinking about taking the ACP course next year...I am so glad I found this course, great value for the money - Jeff (instructor - WA) was fantastic!:)" J.G.

The training I received was very professional and appreciated [I have relayed this to SkillsForce]." G.P.

"I hope you two are doing well!
It's been a very busy few months at my new job. I found a great Research Associate position at a small startup and after proving myself in the research lab they gave me all the project management and marketing/ business development responsibilities for the company! This all happened yesterday!" - new PMP, Anonymous

"Hello Nereda and Mo,
I just wanted to let you I took my PMP exam this morning and passed! It was a long road between the auditing process and scheduling but I am now done. I was very thankful to pass on the first attempt. Quite honestly, I didn't think I passed at the end (I didn't even finish the exam). However, everything worked out in the end.

I have to say your course was invaluable and the biggest contributor to my passing the exam. The care and caliber of the instructors were second to none. In addition, the course material was exactly what I needed for the exam (no more, no less).

Thank you again for your time and support during this process. All the best," Tana A., PMP

"... . I really did enjoy the class a lot and am actually looking forward to resitting! Thank you very much for everything!" T.Z.

"Hi Nereda,
Wanted to let you know I took the PMP exam last Friday and passed! Nadine H., PMP - passed 5/3/14

"I passed. I'm officially a PMP and am keeping your success rate high. :-) Thanks again for your help!" - Laura H., PMP - 4-24-14

"Great course! Will definitely recommend this course to others." K.L.

"Hi Nereda & Mo!
I passed the PMP this week, and wanted to let you know. . . Thanks," M. C., PMP - passed 4-8-14. She finished the Exam in two hours with proficient in 4 areas!

I�m happy to inform you that I passed the (PMP) test last week." - Hector G, PMP - 4-4-14

"Thanks again to you and Mo for such a fantastic (PMP)class!" - Another LH!

"I thought the class was excellent and have recommended it to two of my colleagues. I can't wait to pass the (PMP) exam!" L.H

"(PMP)Course was fantastic." P.C., MBA

"I thought the (PMP) course was really good . . . I felt that a lot of care went into preparing us for success." Annonymous

"Hi Mo,
Thanks again for a great class. Your enthusiasm and expertise was just great in this type of training environment. Attached is a copy of my PMI (PMP) application. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Thanks." - S.T - 3/24/14

"Thank you all for your time and energy. I passed the test yesterday . . . in all areas. If there are any future students from eastern Oregon or Washington, I would recommend the La Grand Prometric testing center. There are only six testing stations and they rarely have a full house. Nobody is going to steal your snacks there." Peter C., PMP - passed 3/15/14

"Dear Jai, Mo and Nereda I just finished the test and am excited to inform you that I passed! Thank you for a great prep course! Going to celebrate." Adam L., PMP - passed 3/7/14

"Thank you for following up. We have all taken the test as of today." David N., PMP - passed 3/7/14

"The exam was similar to what I had expected but the entire process of that many analytical questions for four hours is definitely taxing." Devin B., PMP - passed 3/4/14.

"Hi Mo, Nereda
Just wanted to let you know that I took the PMP exam today and passed! . . . thanks for all your help! Wati N. - 3-4-14

"Good Morning Nereda,
Thanks for the follow up. I was able to take the test Monday March 3rd, and I passed. I'll be looking to get those PDU's now! :)
Thanks for offering such a great class, and Mo certainly kept us all engaged. Kind Regards" - Todd B., PMP 3-3-14

"Nereda, I passed today. Yay! . . . It was not easier than I expected, but I was more prepared than I expected. Thanks to you and Smart Path for the support!" - Eric K., PMP - 2-24-14

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
I have just finished taking the prep class with Jeff Angus and I am very thankful I chose your company instead of some other competitor. I had a delightful week and look forward to ultimately passing. . . I'm shooting for testing early next week as long as I'm performing well enough on all of the practice questions" - PC 2/23/14

"Your online Quiz was tremendously helpful. I really commend your efforts." - M.A. - 2/28/14

I can�t thank you enough for the wonderful training, insights and the overall program. I�ve been through several different classes, etc. over the years and this was by-far the best. I left today with a real understanding of the complete life cycle (according to PMI) and real life lessons I will be applying.

I�ll keep you posted on my progress and test results. I appreciate all the work I have ahead but to be honest, it�s a lot easier than studying without it! You should be seeing another four PM�s from us in a month or so." David N. - 2-13-14

"I took the exam this morning and I am pleased to announce that I passed the PMP exam! Thanks so much for all the helpful tips! Please share my appreciation to your husband for an awesome class. I will be sure to continue recommend your training to my colleagues. Take care and I hope we cross paths again." Africa R., PMP - passed 2-4-2014

"Nereda and Mo,
First off, I would like to thank you both for being very helpful and supportive throughout my PMP exam preparation. The classes were very enjoyable and the atmosphere was very friendly. After reviewing with Mo the overall process was more clear to me. Mo does an excellent job integrating the processes with the whole project management process. After finishing class with Mo I spent 4 days taking and retaking the practice problems and writing out the workflows. By the time I went to the exam I had memorized the workflows and answers to all the questions in the text book... Exam: The Prometric center let me use a physical calculator which was key for speed in my case. I'm super excited to have passed! I was feeling good after the practice exam in the book - I scored an 85,... Thank again! Stay in touch! . . . Mo, you really remind me of my father, teaching style, mannerisms, and I think you think similarly! He was a professor before he retired, he is very disciplined and organized leading people to think he has had military experience. My father is a huge fan of using diagrams to teach; so I showed him your workflows and his reply was "wow, I bet this guy was a great teacher!" - Esther D., PMP - passed 1/29/14

Thank you for taking the time to review my PMP application. I have submitted it . . . Class has been an exceptional learning experience for me, nicely done!. . . " Cliff W. 1-24-14

"Nereda...I PASSED! hooray! Thanks to you and Mo for all the help and support." Munira J, PMP. Passed 1/18/14

"HI Nereda,
I passed the PMP Exam on the first try.
Using the PMBOK and Mo's (4th edition) notes, I passed the PMP on my first try. Your class was very helpful and I don't think I would have passed if Mo had not told us what to study. Happy New Year!" Samone H., PMP - passed 1/16/14

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP this morning, thanks for all your help!" Graham F., PMP. Passed 1-12-14. Finished training Dec 15, 2013.

I was just getting ready to write you and Mo. YES I PASSED!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the great training by you and Mo. I couldn't do it without both (of) you!! The training materials you provided were invaluable! Mo's lectures were unforgettable. I will keep you in mind for further training!! Happy new year and thank you!!!" Kuan S., PMP - passed 1-7-2014

"Good morning,
I wanted to share with you the good news that I passed my PMP this morning thanks to the help from SmartPath! Thank you again for all your help" Nicole G., PMP - passed 1-5-14 - Finished training 12/15/13

PMI-ACP Cert "Passed it this morning." - Liz H, PMI-ACP. Passed 12/24/13. Finished training Dec 8, 2013.

"I took the test this afternoon�.and PASSED! Just call me Brian G____, PMP . . . Again, thanks for your help. Hopefully our paths will cross again." Brian G., PMP - Passed 12-19-13. Finished training November 21, 2013.

PMP Training: "Thank you very much for meeting me and allowing me to sit in Mo's class. I really enjoyed Mo's teaching and am very happy about my decision to make the trip to the East side today (Bellevue). . . Mo brought the joy of learning out of me today. He enabled me see things from different perspectives, connected processes and activities together and related them to things I know and have done in the past.

There is old Chinese saying and it means "one has better to have the right tools and techniques if one wants to accomplish one's task". Mo has the gift, tools and techniques to enable me to learn in the way working for me effectively.

I taught infectious diseases for three years before I came to the US. . . I really appreciate your mentoring, instruction and help. Feel free to use me as a reference�it has been a positive experience " Feng C. 12-17-13

PMI-ACP Cert: "Well, I passed today, but with only Moderately Proficient in both categories, which is to be expected I guess as I still have a lot to learn in application of agile. . . The practice exams were pretty close to the actual test. But there were definitely some tricky questions. . .Thanks for your help in the prep." Bryan N, PMP, PMI-ACP - Finished training, December 8. Passed 12/13/13

"PMP Certified! :) Done, thank you & Mo for all the coaching." Nagashree Y, PMP - Passed 12-12-13. Finished training the end of October 2013.

"I passed... Mo does a phenomenal job laying the ground work...I appreciate your professional class setting and an expert staff in you and Mo." Jason F., PMP - 12-9-13

Sent from wireless phone: "Passed," Monica B, PMP 11-22-13

To Mo and Nereda: "Thank you all for your help and assistance with the PMP Exam. I passed this morning. Please let me know if you need any references. I have several friends who just completed business school and several others in my company and at my client site who are looking to get certified. All the best," Evan P, PMP - Finished training Nov 10th - 2013.

"Hello Nereda,
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Still waiting to hear back from PMI about exam approval... I contacted my references just in case they are contacted. I have done all the exercises in the book to the point of being able to answer all the questions correctly. Lots of great exam prep in the book. You have done an impressive job!" Esther D. - Took the training in Bellevue WA.

"Hi Nereda,
I wrote the exam yesterday.... and??? I passed!!! " Amy K., PMP - 11-20-13 - Finished training October 11.

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
Wanted to let you know I passed the exam on Friday!! Thank you for allowing me to resit the class multiple times until it all came together. I appreciate your patience with me.  Hope our paths cross again soon." Delaina B. PMP 11-15-13

"Hey Nereda,
Just FYI, I passed the PMP exam this morning. Thanks for all your - and Mo's - help." Dan M.,PMP 11-13-13. Finished training a few days ago!

"Hello Nereda, Thank you for the email. Class is going well. The instructor Jai is great and I appreciate him for sharing his knowledge. I have scheduled my exam before the end of this month. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. Thanks for the warm wishes!" A.R. 11-9-13

"Overall, (the PMP Exam was) about what I expected. I did feel prepared after taking your course." Keith S., PMP - 10-7-2013. Finished training Sept 29.

I took my (PMP)exam this morning and passed! Thanks for the great instruction and help!" Were the questions more difficult than expected? "I�d say it was definitely on par with the practice exam in the book (pmWorkbook)." Jason C., PMP - 10-3-13. Finished training Sept 20.

"PMI (PMP) Exam. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain is putty... the test wasn't harder from the standpoint of the degree of difficulty of the questions. Time - that was what I was running up against. At the halfway point (100 questions) I had 1 hour 56 minutes left. I knew I had to pick up the pace if I was going to answer all 200 questions. Luckily about the last 40 questions were not long drawn out story problems that required time to filter out what was the question being asked... they tended to be of the short (variety)... so I was able to speed up my response time. I finished with 12 minutes left.

"By both Richard's (in class) and Mo's (webinar) pounding on the phrase 'what will you do next' I studied ... across all the knowledge areas. You know exactly what you're saying with 'don't cram it, understand it'." Rob S., PMP - 10-2-13

"Hi Nereda,
Today, I passed the PMP exam on the 1st attempt! Thank you and Mo so very much for the most excellent instruction. The study tools � ALL of the large reference sheets were extremely helpful too. Regards," Sheila P., PMP - Passed 9/18/13. Finished training end of August.

"Hi Mo:
I�m getting ready to submit my application to PMI for the (PMP) certification exam. Would you mind giving one last look-see?

...I�m confident I�ll be re-attending class very soon (probably video). I can tell you that I gained SO MUCH from the class. Certification exam or not, I can look at my current project and see how the best practices fit in. I just need a better handle on those many processes.

Will appreciate your review of my application before I submit it. Thank you." Pam W. - 9-6-13

"I took my exam on Saturday for PMP and passed, thank you and Mo for your help." - Maroun G., PMP - passed 8-17-13.

"FYI - Just finished my exam - passed :) (Yay!)... I am relieved and ready to drink :)" - Nadine P., PMP - Passed 8/17/13 - Finished training August 1.

"I passed the exam this morning...everything you recommended worked great- thanks again!" - Jim M. PMP - Finished training July 21. Passed 8/9/2013.

"Thanks Nereda!
How did you find out so quickly that I passed? I . . .just took my time to make sure I understood what was going on in every process. . .Anyways I can't thank you guys enough for the training and motivation you provided. I greatly appreciate it. Keep in touch with me." ZaQorae B.,PMP - passed 7-30-13

"Passed! Can't thank you and Mo enough for all your help - from the bottom of my heart, thank you!" Kyle W., PMP - passed 7-30-13

Just a quick note that I passed the PMP exam yesterday." - Jon M., PMP - 7-29-13. Great! Now everyone in your class has passed!

PMI-ACP:"Afternoon Nereda,
Hope you are well. I passed earlier this afternoon so I�m quite pleased (and ready for a nap!). Thank you to you and Mo for a great class, it is much appreciated. I�m sure you will be hearing from me again as now I have to deal with continuing education credits!" Angela B., PMP, PMI-ACP� - 7-29-13. Finished training 7/26/13

"Hi Nereda,
Yesterday, I passed the PMP! Thank you and to Mo for your help!" - Marco M.,PMP - Passed 7-28-13

Just want to let you know that I passed the PMP test today. Your course was my main source but had to study since I took the class a while back. Saw many similar questions from your course. Thank you for all your help. Very good course." Thomson D., PMP - Passed 7-27-13

Thank you. I took test on last Thursday. Ram is taking today. I registered for the test in the last minute. Was not sure if i prepared well. Have been sick due to cold from weekend and on sick leave. Was about to send email today. Have not forgotten you at all. Thanks to you for the excellent coaching we received. It helped me a lot. Followed your guidelines while preparing for the test. Thanks a lot for all your help. Would have been difficult without it. Looking forward to taking some more classes from you." Rajeswari V., PMP - passed 7/25/13

"I knew when I went in that I had understudied the Inputs and Outputs due to not having enough time to study... I studied just enough for the formulas and PM tasks and responsibilities. One thing I did do that helped me tremendously is to take all of the exams in your study guide until I achieved at least a 95%.

The recommendations etc helped me a lot. The way you have it laid out in the study guide to develop the brain dump is excellent... I never got to mapping the information out in 9 minutes as the Study guide said but I am able to do it in about 16 minutes and I added a couple of formulas and some info on some outputs." - Mark S.,PMP - passed 7/25/13

"OMG--the hardest test I have ever taken!! . . . What was difficult was that I didn't know if I was choosing the "best" answer or not--did I learn the thinking process well enough!! I guess I did!! I have a number of athletic, music, education and work accomplishments in my life--this was the toughest!!!. . . Now I need a job! Thanks for reaching out! . . . Also--I don't know how anyone can pass that exam without a class like the one you provide. " Lynn M., PMP - passed 7/24/13

"Nereda and Mo, "I can�t thank you both enough for the many opportunities to resit the class and the investment that you had with me. I�m very glad it is behind me but also very glad for all of the support. Thank you," Peter Z, PMP - passed 7/22/13

"I passed the PMP Exam this morning! Thank you for the great training, study help and mentoring along this way! Hurray!" Bernd Z., PMP - passed 7/22/13

His Message sent to Jeff, Mo and Nereda: "Good evening all
I sat for the test this morning.. and passed! This is a goal ten years in the making, and I want to personally thank all three of you for your instruction, insights, guidance, consideration, and most of all your support. While I have had other training opportunities, it was working with SmartPath LLC that helped make the difference this time." Mark R, PMP - passed 7/21/13 after being recently in class.

"Hello Nereda
I passed the exam. Thanks to you and Mo for your help preparing. Cheers," - Patty H.,PMP -passed 7/20/13

"Thanks. Under prepared I should say. Didn't realize that some of the prometric Centers do not offer PMI exams, ended up choosing a date with les preparation time.

I did not read a single paragraph in PMBOK, nor practiced any test, just reviewed SmartPath material and I was able to clear the exam. Mo's workflows were great! Thanks," - Prakash J,PMP - passed 7/17/13.

"I am thankful that its now done. Thanks for your assistance." Jamar O, PMP - passed 7/17/13

Jeff just called to say he passed and he like our learning methods. They really help him. Jeff S.,PMP - Passed 7/16/13 - Finished training the end of June.

In his own words: "Passed!! Nereda, thanks very much for the excellent training. First rate, actually. ...I was being super diligent for the first hour and got behind schedule but flew through about 70 questions in the last hour. Had about 10 that I skipped early on and could not get back to and still passed so all good. Thanks... Brad D., PMP - passed 7/16/13. Finished training the end of June.

"Hello Nereda! I PASSED today! I could not have passed without you and Mo! You guys had given me extra support on a continual basis and went out of your way to help me. I really appreciate you guys.

Let me know if you ever get to Mill Creek, my treat for Indian lunch. Just call me and say we are in Mill Creek or going to Mill Creek. Seriously! I owe you guys!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! I am so happy! Thank You!" Cindy A, PMP - passed 7/16/13

"I wanted to thank you and Mo for all the wonderful training. I don't think I would have passed the PMP the first time without it. I will definitely be contacting you later for the Agile certification." Kari R.,PMP -Passed 7-15-13. Was in training the end of June.

"I was actually below proficient in two categories but still passed. I enjoyed the class overall. I appreciated the extra online classes available to take for free. This made a world of difference. I will recommend SmartPath." Zach M.,PMP. - passed 7/13/13

"Passed! Thanks for all your help and guidance on the process!" Neetu A.,PMP - passed 7/11/13 - finished training the end of June!

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you for the kind words and support throughout the process." Reynelle W., PMP - Passed 7/6/13

"Just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP day. Thanks so much to you and Mo!!" - Robin G., PMP - passed 7/3/13. Robin was in class a year ago but got busy with projects. She recently took the one day PMP� Intensive Prep on June 25.

"Thank you very much for your wonderful classes. I feel confident that the tools you all have provided will push me over the top." Mark G. Recent trainee.

"Thanks so much to you, Mo and my other instructors (Debra and John L.)! As you know, I took the bootcamp in early April, then let life get in the way. Thanks for your encouragement, guidance and yes, gentle nudges along the way! As recommended, I only studied the SmartPath materials: pmWorkbook, workflows, color-coded spreadsheet, LinkedIn discussions/practice questions and my in-class notes. That's it! The 3 Cs and 1 R study approach and test-taking techniques really helped me out! After resitting with Mo last weekend and plenty of self-study, I feel like I entered the world of "understanding" this week, just in time for the exam. Thank you! On this note, let me perform administrative closure for this project.." Bettina L.,PMP - passed 6/30/13

A recent unsolicited testimony emailed from a recent trainee to a prospective trainee:
"I highly recommend Smart Path as a PMP education provider. . . The course methodology is excellent and so are the materials, hand outs, flow charts and recommendations for studying the material prior to taking the exam. You can repeat the class as many times as you like up to 6 months...

I took the 5 day PMP class, studied all day on Sat and Sun, repeated the PMP 4 day class the following week, reviewed and studied all day Sat and half day Sun, took the exam on Monday and passed. I don't think I could have passed without using that school since the exam is very deceptive and has a high failure rate.

I am LinkedIn to Nereda/SmartPath and receive emails all the time of their students successfully passing. The school has a very high pass rate the first time, however, you must listen to everything that they say and follow what they say in order to pass." Kathy B.,PMP

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam on 06/25/2013. Thanks to you, Mo and David (my instructor)." - Saravanan R.,PMP - passed 6/25/13

"Hi Nereda, Mo, Jeff,
I passed my (PMP)test today! Thank you all!" Sravanthi T.,PMP - passed 6/25/13 - finished training June 1.

"Finished and passed the exam! Thanks again for all the help." - Palmer B.,PMP - passed 6/24/13. He finished training on May 31, 2013. he did all of his training using his computer online via Live Video Conference.

Chantelle S., PMP - passed 6/21/13

"I took the exam Friday and passed. Thanks." - Anita H.,PMP - Passed 6/21/13 - Finished training June 2.

"Good Afternoon Mo and Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam. I did not have much time to prepare but gave the exam anyways based on the remote classes I attended. It was on the 19th.

Thanks for the class. Mo was good at teaching with reasoning, I think that helped a lot." Kanna M., PMP - Passed 6/19/13

"I wanted to let you know I just passed my PMP exam!" Chris I., PMP - passed 6/18/13 - All 4 people in his class have now passed. 100% of them passed the first time.

"Success!", Rita W., PMP - Passed 6/18/13

"In her words: "I passed the test! Colleen E., PMP - Passed 6/18/13

"I am really enjoying the course and the Professor John is amazing. I am learning a great deal about Project Management. I believe you should advertise this as a course for people who do not know anything about project management and as a test preparation class." Valeria W. Ph.D candidate currently in training.

"Thanks Nereda!!
Yeah, I took the exam end of May. I have been meaning to reach out to let you know I passed! It wasn't that bad, the stuff we learned in class really helped! I remembered it after a whole year! :) Yin H.,PMP - passed 5/22/13

" "Yes that's me who took the test. After much procrastination, I gave it a whirl and passed it on the first try." - Michael L., PMP

"I PASSED!!!!!!! Thank You for everything!! You have been great! I will be back for more training!!! Your program works!! Everything that was on the exam was covered in your book!! Thanks again!" Kimberly B., PMP - passed 6-7/13

PMI-ACP Exam: "Hello Mo,
Well good news is I passed." Stephen C., PMI-ACP - Passed 6-5-13. Finished training May 14, 2013.

Congratulations to Diana B., PMP who passed on June 4th after doing a 5 day fundamentals class a few months back!

"Hi Nereda, I passed my test yesterday and would like to thank you, Mo and Richard for helping me get through it. Thanks," Rafael R.,PMP - Passed 6/3/2013. Finished training May 12th.

I passed the PMP this morning (Mon. 6/3).

Moderately Proficient in all Process Groups except for Planning where I was Proficient!

I'm looking forward to having my life back! :)." - Roy D., PMP - 6/3/13 - Awesome!

"Hello Nereda,
After taking classes in August and things happening, I finally got to take the exam again today and I passed.

Thank you for all the help, guidance and encouragement you provided. Thanks." - Asha M.,PMP 6/1/2013

"Hi Nereda,
I took and passed the PMP exam on my first try yesterday. The SmartPath class training, workbook, and workflows were the only study material I used and it was extremely helpful!! Thank you so much to you, Mo, and my instructors, Bill and Debra!

Thank you again!!" Melisa S, PMP - 5/30/13 Finished training May 5th.

I passed my PMP today. Better late than never!" - Sarah I., PMP - Passed 5-28-13. Goes to show with our great materials you can still pass if your class was almost 12 months ago! Awesome.

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you know that I took and passed the PMP on the first try this past Thursday. Thank you so much for the course and support. Your instruction, materials and memory joggers gave me the exact skills I needed to pass the exam. Wishing you and Mo a Happy Memorial Day weekend." - Mary M.,PMP. - Passed 5-23-13. Finished training 8/16/12. Great job!

"I passed the exam today. The training was very helpful. Thank you." Brian W., PMP - 5-25-13 - finished training on the May 12th. Awesome. That was great!

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP test yesterday. It was very hard with moving and all, but I was able to finally focus and scheduled my test for yesterday. The classroom materials was very helpful for my preparation, specially the workflows. I am very excited about it. Thank you so much to you and Mo. I am sure that I will refer to the classroom materials for guidance in my next position as a project manager!" Feri F., PMP 5-21-13 - Feri was in class last August. You can count on SmartPath LLC's materials!

After being thanked for referring a friend: "Sure. Your training really help me to pass the exam in a short period of time." Latha K., PMP

About referring two friends: "You are Welcome Nereda. I really liked Mo's teaching and it greatly helped me on the exam and I passed it in within three weeks of taking the class. So I recommended them to SmartPath." Deepa C., PMP - 5-19-13

"Hi Nereda,
I passed my pmp exam today on the first attempt! I just wanted to thank you and your organization. Special thanks to the instructors whose classes I sat in on - John Lefor, John Lake, Jeff, Richard B and Mo!

I will definitely recommend SmartPath to my colleagues!Thanks again." - Ryan F., PMP - 5-19-2013.

"Hello Nereda
... WOW - what a great class this is! I cannot tell you how I am impressed at how chock full of info is in the class! Jeff is a great teacher, and seems superiorly experienced with the information." Mark B, PMP

Just got a phone call from Ed T.,PMP who passed a very moments ago in Baltimore! 5-18-2013

"I passed. Proficient in 3 areas, moderately proficient in the others (Closing & Executing)." - Keith B.,PMP -5-15-2013

"Hi Nereda and Mo, I Just got back from Portland where I passed the PMP! Thanks for the help, the frameworks and to Mo for keeping me awake." Taylor O,PMP 5-12-13

"Hi Nereda, please share with Mo that I passed the PMP exam on 6 May. Thanks for your help in this achievement. Time to relax now!" - Drew C.,PMP - 5-6-2013

"Hey Nereda! I'm here at ______ working on an ___ project & working with the PMO people. I was filling out some PM docs & thought of Mo & you & the class I took with you guys. I can't thank Mo enough for all the insight he's provided during the class. I think I got more application from his experience than reading the pmbok. I think the PMP isn't in my career path, lol. The overall journey was fun & I apply all I've learned in that class everyday in my work. I've impressed a lot of people applying what I've learned from Mo." Ong Y, 5-9-13

Hi Nereda,
I did not have the chance to contact Mo the last couple of evenings and I took my exam today. I passed!! . . . I do wish they would give you a print out on how you did on each question. It would be great to review the incorrect answers. Thank you for all of your help in preparing for the exam. The class and materials all proved to be very valuable." - Rachel G, PMP 5-1-13. Finished training 4-4-13.

"Hi Rich/Nereda/Mo,
I just passed the PMP exam. Whew! :-) The class definitely helped! Thanks! Cheers,.." Helen L.,PMP - Finished Training 4-19-13

"I passed! Thanks for all your support." Kevin S., PMP. Recently in class. 4/26/13

Hi Nereda and Jeff
I just wanted to let you know I just passed the exam. I want to thank both of you for providing me a foundation for success. The instructor lead sessions in conjunction with the slides made all difference from what I was previously studying. Thank you again." David S.,PMP. 4-26-13 Finished trainined 4/26/13. Awesome!

"Nereda and Mo,
Thank you very much again for the PMP training; I passed the test this morning. I was very satisfied with the class, and would definitely recommend you to anyone else looking for exam preparation training." Alan B.,PMP 4-23-13. Finished training on the 14th.

"I passed the exam on the 20th. :) The training helped a lot. Thank you!! Kingyin C.,PMP. 4-20-13. Finished training on April 9, 2013.

PMI-ACP� Exam: "The exam was heavily focused on Scrum and XP. As you said during the class, if you know the principles and the manifesto, you should pass. As I answered the questions, I chose the best options that fit the principles and the manifesto." Michael R., PMP, PMI-ACP Passed April 19, 2013. Finished training on April 2. This class has more memorization than the preparation for the PMP� Exam. Excellent work.

The class provided 90% of the content. "Passed my PMP last Thursday! Boot Camp definitely helped!" Lovella L., PMP - 4/18/2013. Finished class April 4.

"Hello!! I finished the [PMP] class on Friday and it was awesome! Richard is an amazing instructor. Absolutely loved him! Also, he told me to send you both my application before I submit it to PMI... Please take a look and let me know if I need to change anything (PDF attached). Very much appreciated. Thanks again for everything!!" Kimberly B.

"I passed the exam this morning! What a relief! I want to express my thanks to both of you....The time and energy you and Mo spent with me gave me a boost in confidence and that definitely helped. �.the 'Connection Mapping Exercises' and the 'Individual Process Input & Outputs' chart #11 [helped]....It made a big difference for me to do those exercises when I understood the connections on chart 11....It really helped going through the materials again. I wrote down the 'Project Process Groups & Knowledge Areas' and the formulas at the beginning but I didn't need to refer to either of them once. I knew them by heart. Also, throughout the exam, I had to keep reminding myself, how would PMI do it? It was tough but it was worth it. Maybe others can benefit from my experience." Jason R.,PMP. 4/13/2013. Passed all areas plus one Proficient.

"Just wanted to let you know that I just passed my PMP exam. I scored moderately proficient in initiating, executing, and closing and proficient in planning and monitoring & controlling." Mike F.,PMP. Passed 4/11/13. Finished training March 21.

"Hi Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP exam a little over a week ago." - Jeff F., PMP. 4-9-2013

"Hi Nereda
I passed the PMP today thanks to you and Mo! Excellent study materials and great tips! The PMP is a challenging test and your system helps demystify the process." Lynn B., PMP - 4/10/13. Finished training 3/24/13

"Passed the CAPM (Exam)!...Whew!" 4/9/13 Ron W.,CAPM. Took the Exam just under 3 weeks. From zero training to passing in about 3 weeks. Great job!

"Nereda and Mo
I took my PMP exam this Saturday and passed it! I was deemed 'proficient' in all categories but for Initiation where I was 'moderately proficient'. Any idea what does this mean in % of questions answered correctly? Thank you for your training and support through this process and please let my instructors (John Lefor, Rich, Mo)know as they did a fine job." Monica Z.,PMP - 4/6/2013 It's estimated that proficient is probably about 85% to 100% correct out of 200 questions and Moderately Proficiently about 61% TO 84% correct. Monica was a recent trainee.

"I passed! Thank you so much for allowing me to repeat the class. I am sooooo happy!" Vern V., PMP - 4/3/2013. Passed the first time! SmartPath LLC allows trainees to resit the whole class for up to six months, unlimited times where needed! When life gets in the way as it did for Vern, this is exceptionally helpful!

"Passed PMP exam today!...I got �Proficient� in both Initiation and M/C and �Moderate� in the other three." Alana C.,PMP - 4-2-13.

"Mo, Nereda,
Thanks again for the class. I passed my test yesterday! Thanks." - Kristen K.,PMP 3/23/13. Finished training March 14!

"Hi Mo, Nereda, and Debra,
I'm writing to let you know that I passed the PMP exam yesterday. I'm so relieved! Thanks for all of your instruction and pointers on things to watch out for. A couple of the tricky questions definitely came up...thanks again for your help. Cheers." Suzanne D., PMP - 3-18-2013. Finished training 2-17-2013.

"Hey Nereda
Just wanted to let you know that I cleared my PMP today. Just back from my exams. It was stressful but a nice feeling. Thanks to you and your team for all the help and support. Much appreciated. Thanks!" Sunil V., PMP - 3-18-2013. Finished training a few weeks ago.

"Another one passed! Thank you Nereda, and please pass my thanks along to Mo." - Paul Y.,PMP - 3-18-2013. Finished training March 8.

"Hi Nereda
...I emailed all of the employers with the contingent offers on my successful completion of the PMP exam. Everyone was pleased that I passed. I went for an hour walk around my neighborhood and then celebrated with a glass of red wine. I am really looking forward to continuing my education with the Business Process Analysis class. It is probably a good thing that I have a two week break since it was a pressure cooker experience to get through the certification course. I am hoping that I will have a new employment start date after the 5th of April.

I want to thank you and Mo once again for your professional training classes and materials. Your company is the only company that I have encountered that teaches the processes that are so critical to passing the PMP exam. PMI does not offer courses of your caliber!

I will be glad to write a separate email with an endorsement of your training that excludes my personal celebration experiences. Please let me know and I will be more than honored to do so.

Thank you so much for the great training!" Kathy B.,PMP 3-11-13. Class finished 3-1-13.

So you can tell your students that if your worst student, who would much rather play with the fire department than learn this stuff, can pass the test, after your class & cramming over a weekend with your superior study materials & techniques, anyone can ; )...Thanks." - Dov.,PMP - Passed 3-6-2013 - Finished training January 18 - 2013.

I just wanted you to know that I passed the PMP exam this morning. Thank you for all of your support and training." Kyle C., PMP - passed 3/5/13.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help while studying for the PMP exam. I passed this morning." Karen G., PMP - 3-1-13 - Karen finished training Feb 3. Great Job!

Again, I can't thank you enough for all the support and great education in preparation for the exam...I just tell people you better know as much of everything as possible because no two exams may be alike....I'm VERY grateful I passed, especially once it showed me how I tested in the different process groups...

Here's my review: I've taken PMP prep courses before, but none were like this. The training I received through SmartPath was fantastic. The SmartPath team is very invested in helping you understand the concepts and the ability to apply them. This is critical to obtaining the certification and I am truly grateful to them for their passion, as it ensured my success. I highly recommend SmartPath's PMP prep course if you are looking to get your certification and want to have all the tools you need to pass the exam." Monica B., PMP - passed Feb 26 - 2012. Thanks for the review also, Monica!

"Hi Nereda,
I took the exam this morning and PASSED! :)...Cheers!" Lyanne M, PMP - 2-25-2013. Finished training 2-15-2013.

"Just letting you know I passed the PMP on Saturday! I had 1 minute left by the time I got to the last question. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I clicked �okay� at the end knowing I would find out if I passed. I studied solidly for 3 weeks before the test�and let me tell you, I am happy to have my free time back." Molly H,PMP. 2-16-13

"I passed the PMP exam today. 3 groups proficient, 2 groups moderate proficient. Thanks for your recent help! - Mark O.,PMP - 2-14-2013

"Passed my PMP exam! Can I start using PMP right away? ...Thanks! I'm pretty excited! Definitely could not have done it without you! Or do I have to wait for something from PMI?" Christine N., PMP - 2-11-13 - Finished training Jan 27 -2013. Answer: Yes, use your PMP credential immediately!

"I loved the course and learned a lot from Rich and had a great time doing so. L.C. - 2/8/13

"Just a note to let you know I passed the exam yesterday. I got proficients in planning, executing and monitoring/controlling. Thanks for your help and advice, and a huge thanks to Rich for the excellent instruction." - Jean M., PMP 2/2/13. She finished training Jan 11 - 2013.

"I passed the PMP!" Michael H.,PMP 2/2/13

"I passed. I've got to say, though, that there were MANY more questions on EV, PV, AC, SV, CV, CPI, SPI than I was expecting. And also quite a few on Quality Management...The biggest deficiency in my knowledge was understanding what goes on inside each of the 42 processes. This cost me a number of questions, I believe. Thanks to you and Mo for all of your help. Thanks to you and Mo for all of your help." Ryvers W., PMP 1-31-13

"Passed my CAPM� today Thanks so much to your and Mo the review a couple weeks ago and your continued support made all the difference...Next up PMP exam once I am confirmed CAPM on the PMI site I will re-apply to take the PMP exam. My plan is to take the PMP exam end of February." - Glen H.,CAPM - 1/17/2013

"I passed! Thx for help!!" - Chuck D.,PMP - 1-17-2013 finished class Jan 11.

"Just passed the PMP� Exam today. Took the course back in October 2012. The SmartPath LLC method worked like a charm! - Judus F.,PMP. 1-16-2013

"I passed the PMP exam this morning. Thank you for all of your help. Thanks to Mo for all his help also." Latha said in a phone call that practicing speed was important. Also valuable was looking at our exam practice questions and thinking about other ways the question could be asked. Latha K.,PMP - 1-15-2013

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam today (first try!). I have to admit, I was a little flustered at the end when I realized I only had an hour and 45+ questions to go. I definitely spent a lot of time on the questions and answers! But, analyzing those situational questions and looking for the key works throughout the exam was the most helpful technique for me. Following the recommendations of how to break down the questions in the study guide really helped me a lot and kept me from getting too panicked. The intensive review I did with Mo the Friday before Christmas really made a difference in how I interpreted and retained the information. I studied a ton in between then and today and it paid off!

Thanks for all your and Mo�s support. It�s a good start to the week and the New Year!" Laura G.,PMP - 1-7-2013

"Mo and Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know that I just passed the PMP exam in Puyallup this morning... Thanks again" Wiliam S.,PMP 1-6-2013

"Hey Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know I passed on the 29th. Please give your team and you as well my appreciation for having a such a great class." Donny R., PMP 12-29-12

"It wasn't pretty, but I passed my test yesterday! Thanks for all your help." - Dan K., PMP 12-29-12

"FYI I passed the test! Thanks again." Cole N.,PMP. 12-29-12

"I took the PMP for the first time yesterday and passed! Thanks to you and Mo for helping me. I can attest to your curriculum. The studying that I did outside of the class was to review each section and then take each section�s test. I memorized the process groups/knowledge areas diagram and the formulas. I wrote them down when I first got into the test, but honestly since I had spent the time memorizing them I really didn�t look at them much at all. It was nice having them in case my mind froze (and to double-check myself). The only thing I did outside of the material you provided is take two practice exams a friend loaned me. I honestly don�t know if they made a difference.

Anyway, thank you so much. I�m looking forward to future opportunities." Pamela C.,PMP - 12-17-12

"Nereda and Mo,
Just wanted to let you guys know I passed my PMP exam tonight! Thanks so much for all the help and letting me re-sit the classes, really appreciate it and couldn't have done it without your help! Ryan K.,PMP - 12-27-12

"Good news. I passed. Proficient in Planning, M&C, and Closing. Mod proficient in Initiating and Executing. Thanks for your help. I'm interested in learning agile next so I'll look into that." Brian N., PMP - 12/20/12 - Finished training on 12/15/12

"Nereda and Mo,
I took the exam today and I passed it...Thanks for all your help and advice!" - Krithika V., PMP - 12-19-2012

I was just going to email you. I wanted to let you know I passed!!!!! I am thrilled beyond belief and CANNOT thank you and Mo enough for all you�ve done to help me prepare. Needless to say, I could not have done it without you. Thank you SO MUCH!!! I�m so excited to rest now." - Stephanie S.,PMP - 12-18-2012

"Thanks! The course was spot on, and really prepared us for the exam." Thomas & Mary S., PMPs - Passed Dec 5 and Dec 11 - 2012

"I can't tell you guys how much I enjoyed your presentation and professionalism in regard to the PMP class. You both are so well versed in the subject matter and I learned so much as opposed to other classes that I have taken. I would gladly recommend your class to anyone who is seeking to be certified in the PMP discipline." - Phillip R., 12-7-12

"Passed by following "Mo's strategies." - Charles L., PMP - 12-1-2012

"Wanted to let you know the good news that I passed the PMP exam on Saturday 12/1. Thanks for offering a great course. I couldn�t have done it without your test prep!" Laura D., PMP. - Passed 12-1-2012

"Yes I passed...Thank you for all of you help. I certainly will recommend your course to others." - Lois F., PMP - 11-12-2012

Thank you to both you and Mo, and Jeff Angus. The Smartpath course is the best opportunity I have been afforded through WorkSource, and they have a lot of great programs". - Anthony L.,PMP - passed the PMP� 11-12-2012. Finished training 11-12-12

Coppied 'Congratulations, you have obtained the PMP� Credential'. "Just FYI. Thanks for the prep help." - William B.,PMP - passed 11-8-2012. Finished class October 5, 2012.

"Just wanted to let you know that I took the exam for the first time yesterday and passed." - Jeff D., PMP - passed 11-6-2012

Today's message: "Joe J. passed PMP today." - Joe J., PMP - Passed 11-6-2012

"Just wanted to let you know that I took the exam for the first time yesterday and passed." - Jeff D., PMP. Passed 11-5-2012

"HOORAY I passed the PMP exam!
I was selected for a PMI audit and after getting notified I passed the audit last Thursday, I went online to schedule my test thinking I could select sometime between November 5 and 10th but the only availability till December was November 3rd at 12:30pm so I went for it! I had been studying regularly since taking the class so I felt confident with my plan.

It was a TOUGH test. I used every second of my allotted 4 hours and took NO breaks. I did not use the computer calculator but asked for a small calculator which I read in the tutorial was allowed. I used the check for unanswered questions and luckily that option was there as I had not answered 2 questions I knew. I had hoped to review the questions I marked for review but only got through 4 of them before my time was up. I wore the provided headsets but I would advise no Earrings. I had some on and it was bothersome but I did not take time to fix that." - Cathy N., PMP - Passed Nov 3, 2012. Finished training Oct 5, 2012.

"Nereda, Mo,
Just a quick note to let you know I passed the PMP this evening! Thanks for all you help!" - Michael P.,PMP - Passed 11-2-12.

Your materials and classes were invaluable. Got a mix of Proficient and Mod Prof. Surprised at the number of questions on closing and problem solving styles. Pass on thks to Mo. May see you for PDUs. Thks." - Ernest E., PMP - 11-31-12

"Nereda,I passed the PMP exam yesterday. I took the boot camp from Richard Bixby the week of Oct. 8. Thanks for the training." Linda S., PMP - passed 10-29-12. Finished Training Oct 12. Great job!

Passed. "Thought you'd like to know. Thanks again for the great training and support. Your team is excellent." - Newton B.,PMP - 10-25-12

"I took the test last Wednesday and passed." - Jenna M.,PMP - passed 10-24-2012

"Last week's workshop was very valuable and now I'm excited to get the exam out of the way." Newton B. Finished training 10-12-12

"....thank you for the great class!" Sharon F.,PMP Passed 10-4-12 Finished class mid September.

"I received my Project Management Professional Credential. I passed the exam yesterday (09-20-2012) at the testing center in Spokane. Thanks for all the help. The course materials and methodology you provided were instrumental in passing the exam." Mike B. PMP - 9-19-2012

"The recent class on how to handle the more difficult situational questions were essential to answering them on the exam. I believe I got most of them right and it helped me pass the exam." Ramana M., PMP - 9-8-2012

"Thank you so much for your help! The class was awesome and I can't wait to take the exam! Would you mind reviewing the following for my application submittal? . . .Thanks so much!" - Julie R. 9-1-12

"Rich, Nereda, Mo,.. I passed the PMP certification exam today. A big Thanks! to all of you. Your advice and continuous support made this possible for me." - Mark D., PMP - 8/30/12

"Just a short note to let you know I passed today. That was one tough afternoon. I appreciate your team�s efforts to help me succeed." - Kathleen B., PMP 8-28-12

"Written to Richard: "I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you! and that I passed the exam last night at 9:00 pm.

The exam took me the entire 4 hours, in fact I had one question unanswered. . . I definitely could not have done it without you, and you did such a wonderful job facilitating the class and keeping it interesting. Thank you so much!" - Elisabeth T., PMP - passed the next day! 8-27-2012.

"I passed! That was exhausting... Glad I don't have to do that again. Got a question regarding the Results... Please let Mo know I want to thank him for his superb training and patience in handling my many questions and "disagreements" with the official PMI answers." - Gerald, J, PMP - 7-23-2012

"YEAH! Thanx sooooo much for the training and encouragement! You were totally right about the inputs and outputs. Mo�s charts really helped me get to know them better! Thanx again!" Robert also sends special thanks to Rich and Debra also. - Robert Z., PMP - passed 7-18-2012

First, my thanks to Mo and yourself for the excellent and enjoyable training. I look forward to and anticipate a continued association." Mark O. - 7-14-12

I�m studying daily for the exam, and starting to feel confident about it. Thanx to you, Mo, Debra, & Richard for all the training! SmartPath ROCKS! lol." - Robert Z. - recent trainee.

I just took the exam this morning and I passed. Thanks to you and Mo for your guides, hints and recommendations." - Monica, C.,PMP. 7-5-2012.

"Hi Nereda
"I took and passed the PMP exam today. Special thanks to Mo." Ben B., PMP - passed 7-3-2012"

"Mo, Nereda, Rich,
I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I passed the PMP exam yesterday. Thank you for the training and guidance. I felt the course was right on the mark. Thanks again, Kevin C., PMP - 6-22-2012 - Finished training June 8.

" Thanks, the training really prepared me for the exam." - Jack J, PMP - June 8 - 2012

"Hi Nereda, wanted to let you know that I just took and passed the test this afternoon! Thank you for the training, it was well worth it." David B., PMP - passed 6-20-2012. Finished training on June 10.

"Hi Nereda,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I sat for the PMP exam today and passed. I probably shouldn't admit it, but I did absolutely no studying outside of class time. I felt that the class prepared me enough for the test, and apparently I was correct. I think that's a credit to the program you guys have. I'm looking forward to earning PDUs with Smartpath classes. Thanks, Pete S.,PMP - passed 6/16/2012

"I took the PMP exam yesterday and passed it. A big Thanks to Mo for his detailed instruction and hints." Deepa C., PMP - passed 6/9-2012 - finished training May 23.

"It's done. I'm a PMP. :-). Thanks for the great training!. . . Passed my PMP certification test tonight with flying colors! Only 2 weeks after completing the PMP Training class with Mo. Huge Thanks to Nereda and Mo! A bit of advice to those taking the class, DON'T WAIT months to sit for the test! Waiting to take the test is like finishing a summer school class in college (compressed time frame) in August, then studying the for the Final exam, and waiting until December to actually take the Final exam. You forget too much. If you are going to take the class with the intention of becoming a PMP, then DO NOT wait more than a week or two to take the test! - David H., PMP - Passed June 1, 2012

"Hi Nereda - I just got home from the PMP exam and passed! I couldn't have done it without the great class and information you and Mo provided. Thank you!" - Robin D.,PMP - passed 6/1/2012

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you know I passed the PMP certification exam yesterday. That was one LONG test. So what happens now? Am I officially certified with the credential immediately, or does that process take a while? Will I receive something in the mail? Thanks." - Scott G.,PMP - passed 5/25/2012 - finished training May 11, 2012

"Hi Nereda,
I passed my PMP exam this evening with great marks! Thanks for the class!" - Ryan S.,PMP. - passed 5/25/12 - finished class May 11.

"Hi Nereda,
Thank you and Mo very much for the great test prep. I agree with the feedback you provided with Treva�s note below. I spent a good deal of time over the last 3 days learning the ITTO contents, but I still missed a few of those about which element was updated in a particular process or process group. The prep did help. My weakest area was in Execution. . . I skimmed the tutorial as it was pretty intuitive and spent most of my 15 minutes doing my brain-dump. I ran 2 or 3 minutes into test time, but felt it was worth it. I was behind the first two hours by about 10 minutes (tracking 50 questions per hour), but caught up in the 3rd hour and finished about 20 minutes early and reviewed the first 50 non-calculation questions. Didn�t change any unless I was sure I had made a mistake. Worked out okay. Not sure it was the best approach, but it worked. Thank you again." - Ellen M., PMP - Passed 5/23/2012. Finished training May 11, 2012.

"Tell Mo he can relax! I passed today! I know he was worried about me! ;-) I can't believe how helpful Process flow 12 and 10 were. I thought he was joking..but boy did I reference those in my test. - Heather M., PMP who passed 5/21/2011. Finished class May 11, 2012!

"Mo and Nereda,
I just passed. Proficient in all but "executing", (settled for moderately proficient). Thanks for all your help! - Tim B., PMP - Passed 5/21/2011. Finished training May 11, 2011.

"Nereda,..Thank you for your guidance and assistance the past 2 weeks, it was extremely helpful. I passed with flying colors, proficient in the 3 middle process groups and moderately proficient in initiation and closure. Mo's advice was spot on regarding what the test covered. Thanks again, Kristin C, PMP - Passed 5/18/2018. Finished class 5/11/2012

"Hi Nereda! Just letting you know I passed the PMP exam this morning! Thanks to you and Mo for everything! I will see u when u come back in June!" - Kristin O., PMP - 5-16-2011. Finished training on 5/11/12

"Nereda/Mo/John, I am excited that I, Jason finally passed today, on May 11th! You will find it on PMI�s registry when you check every couple of months! virtual from Virginia, Seattle, even Tucson, AZ) or in-person).

Sorry for being such a �thorn� in your side with scheduling and re-scheduling of make-up SmarthPath PM prep classes, virtual and actual classes. A huge �Thank you� to John Hill, Terri Vail, Mo Haque, and of course Nereda and numerous fellow attendees who were in class with me - Each of you helped me to enrich my understanding of project management with your project management stories to make a point regarding the topics we were studying. You have all done so much to help me while I took what I will refer to as the �longer than expected journey� to achieving PMP status! Yes, it was undoubtedly a significant time and energy drain from life, however the benefits are worth it! If you work hard and devote time and effort, you will succeed. For some, the path to success is shorter�

I unfortunately put off significant time from scheduling and finally taking the exam �(after)� about half a year. I finally put my foot down and put an end to �Parkinson�s Law.�

Conclusion: Every student should determine on their own terms just how their own personal challenges will impact their study experience. I recommend devoting a time that works for the student to set aside time to study the PM charts that Mo put together (they are like a map to achieving success) and the valuable workbooks with easy to comprehend content.

Not to sound like a �broken� iPod, I found it was paramount to understand the OTTIs (Know . . .why you need the doc), study the project management roles, tools and techniques, devote time to reading the materials, consult your workflows for what�s in OPAs and EEFs. Color-coding works well for me as a �visual� learner. Find what works for you. I kept several colors of sticky post-it flags on hand when reading a section of the SmartPath PM prep workbook.. . . I recommend taking . . . practice tests from the workbook to build �endurance� for taking a rigorous 4 hour test. I recommend taking a brief break (about every 45-50 minutes. . . It is also about taking a moment to shift your attention and providing your mind a �break� from what it was previously focusing on. Have a great weekend." Jason G., MBA, PMP - passed 5-11-12

"I passed !!!!!! Thank God!!!! A thousand thank yous to you both for all of your help and belief in me when I really needed it! Cheers. " - Julie, PMP - 5-9-2012

"Thank you Nereda, and please thank Mo as well! He is a very good instructor." - Vic, G - passed May 5 2012. Did his training by LVC!

"I took my PMP in May and successfully past." - David G., PMP. Passed 5-3-2012

"Nereda and Mo:
I passed the test this morning and am now PMP certified!! .. Thanks very much to both of you for your persistence, encouragement, and very good curriculum. SmartPath is great!" - Bob B., PMP - 4-26-2012

"Good afternoon,
I passed the PMP exam yesterday! Thank-you both for your help and support! I couldn't have done it without the Haques!" - Sara G., PMP - 4-21-12

"Hello Nereda,
I am happy to say that I took the test yesterday and passed. I thought the course was well taught. There is a ton of information and it would have been difficult to organize it all on my own." Bryan R., PMP - 4-20-12 - Finished training 4-15-12.

"Took the exam last night and PASSED! Yay! Thanks to Brian Wilkerson for doing an excellent job during the boot camp." - Cecelia V., PMP - 4/16/2012

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I took the PMP exam today and Passed (�proficient� in all categories)...Thank you ... for your assistance and guidance! This would not have happened without your help. I am looking forward to starting the Business Process Analysis class this weekend!" - Mark H., PMP - 4-11-2012.

Hi Nereda,
Just to let you know that I did it this Saturday! :)...I got my PMP certification...Thanks for all the support you've done for me so far and please send my regards to Mo." - Paul K., PMP - 4-7-2012

Sat for my PMP this morning, and passed on the first go! I wanted to thank you,..[and] my instructors, Brian and John, both were excellent and the info provided was spot on....Thanks again,...Mike P., PMP - 4-3-2012 - finished class March 18

"Just wanted to pass along that I passed the PMP exam this morning. Thank you very much for your help during my review/study process, and please pass along the good news to Mo! All the best." - Matthew C., PMP - 4-2-12 - passed next day!

"Also I wanted to tell you and Mo Thank You. I thought your on line class was excellent.... Thank you for all your help." - Rick, J - 4-2-2012

"Hi Nereda,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today. Thank you." - Lisa R, PMP 3-30-2012

"Hi Nereda
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I cleared the PMP exam yesterday on my first attempt... I would like to thank my teachers Rich and Brian at SmartPath, for providing me with all the preparation for the exams. They both are wonderfully experienced and their expert advice, really worked for clearing the exam.

The charts [Workflows] prepared by Mo are a blessing. It really helps to use the flow diagrams, to integrate one process area with another, while practicing on the exam tips...I also thank you for your advice on foreign language support during exam and documents for audit process." - Ashish M.,PMP 3-27-2012

"Wow! I am so glad that test is over. To my surprise...I felt really comfortable with the questions... Thanks to SmartPath I was well prepared. Their study outline was the success of my passing. I did what they recommended...and passed on my first try...even scoring above average in some subjects. Love you guys!" Debra P.,PMP - 3-12-2012

"This morning I completed the PMP exam... � I attended a PMP prep course in early January. SmartPath gave me the study materials and focus I needed in order pass the PMP exam. They helped me de-construct years of bad project management habits. I encourage others to take SmartPath's recommendation to heart in studying at least two hours per day - disciplining yourself for three to four weeks to learn how processes link to each other, and across knowledge areas and process groups is very important. Knowing how to detect and what to do when things go wrong is equally important. � I have attended similar examination preparation courses from other vendors in recent years. SmartPath gave me the knowledge, skills, and study plan to achieve my goals within an affordable small group setting. I'm definitely recommending SmartPath to my colleagues.

Please note that I was particularly pleased with Richard's instruction. His positive attitude and adaptive teaching style is very compatible to a wide range of students.... You company provided a great service to me. Thank you and good luck." Jeff S.,PMP - 2-20-2012. Jeff finished training on January 13.

"I passed .....I can't say I enjoyed the we discussed in class -- who do they get to write some of those test questions??? Wow! But the bottom line is I passed. Thanks for all your help." TJ K., PMP - 2-20-2012 - Passed on the 3rd day after class ended!

"I am incredibly happy and relieved to have passed. I could not have accomplished this without the SmartPath course. You folks persented the material exactly how PMI tests us on it. Thank you very much for all the time and energy spent in developing this course and keeping it current! - Elayne H., PMP - 2-9-2012 - Passed in 9 Days.

"Nereda, Mo and Robert,
I re-scheduled my test for this morning and I PASSED! Thank you so much for your great program, I will definitely recommend it to others!" - Barbara R.,PMP - 1-21-2012

"Hi Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know John is a sound Project Management Professional (PMP), who has presence, and the interpersonal ability to connect with learners. In a classroom setting where you have a mix of professional experience, John was able to keep the class focused on the prep material, provide quality answers to questions and most importantly he has the spirit of encouragement. I will be submitting my application Monday and sit for my exam early next week after the approval process." - Spencer O.,MBA. 1-16-2012

"I am happy to report that I passed!...It was definitely a miracle, but I passed! So very relieved and happy to be done!!!!!" Tanya S.,PMP - 1/12/2012

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I passed!... Big Surprise, eh? Just took the exam this AM. Glad to do my part to contribute to the SmartPath success rate! That's all. Have a good weekend." - Aaron G., PMP. 1-07-2012

"Hello Nereda, I�m still progressing towards my PMP and will keep you updated... Truly the time I have spent learning from both you and Mo has made a considerable difference in my knowledge of Project Management and the outcome of my career projects." Karl R. 12-27-11

"Nereda,Happy New Year!
Just got back home from vacation. I want to let you know that I've passed the PMP exam on 12/23. Thank you very much. Your class is very helpful in preparing and understanding the PMP concept. I think understanding is the key. Thanks again." Larry L, PMP., 12-23-11

"I took 3:59:15! Thank you for everything...Your teaching methodology is superb. I wanted to let you know first. I passed the exam this AM.....In retrospect, I was extremely well prepared for the exam b/c of your tools and advice...However, my understanding of what the values mean (EVM) and how they are derived allowed me to get through those. I was able to do it b/c of the instruction I received from Mo and the homework I received from you. Key for me was my "PMP Exam Dump Sheet" that I wrote during the 15 minute tutorial: Workflow #12, memory joggers, methods of conflict resolution, methods of dealing with risk (positive, negative, acceptance), stages of building a team, PV & FV, and formulas allowed me to focus on what the question was asking me to do as the project manager. - Another key was the focus on Procurement, Risk, and Quality (Ring of Fire) that I put into studying (because you guided me there). Those are my thoughts....basically I did what you and Mo told me to execute and it worked out. The key was studying and UNDERSTANDING relationships between the processes and groups. Again, what you and Mo preach to us." Rob S.,PMP -12-18-2011

"I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that SmartPath � John, Mo, Rich and Nereda � passed on to me in 5 days. And Mo is a master of project management as an art. I also appreciate the support and encouragement of Teresa, Jerry and Brian. The SmartPath program is awesome!..." - Trina T. PMP (Passed the day after class - 12-17-2011

"I took the PMP exam this evening and passed, no issues." - Brian W., PMP - 12/16/2011

"I wanted to let you know first. I passed the exam this AM... - In retrospect, I was extremely well prepared for the exam b/c of your tools and advice.
- I felt nervous going in, but once I started the exam I fell into a rhythm and it was a function of staying on time and task. - ...I was able to do it b/c of the instruction I received from Mo and the homework I received from you. - Key for me was my "PMP Exam Dump Sheet" that I wrote during the 15 minute tutorial: Workflow #12, memory joggers....basically I did what you and Mo told me to execute and it worked out. The key was studying and UNDERSTANDING relationships between the processes and groups. Again, what you and Mo preach to us." Robert S.,PMP - 12-16-2011

"Good Afternoon Nereda and Mo,
I just got home from the exam and passed. Thank you so much. The various exercises regarding PM roles and responsibilities, Connections, et al were invaluable. Thank you so much for all of your help." James S.,PMP 12-9-2011

"For your information and records, following my attendance at the SmarthPath PMP prep course 17-20 Nov, I took the PMP exam on 2 December and Passed. Please convey this to my instructors and thank them for their time." John M.,PMP -12-6-2011

"I meant to email you earlier...I apologize for the delay. I took my test on 11/27 and passed....five days before my 1 year deadline. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I only studied for about 5 hours before taking the test...I'm a auditory learner, so I learned most of the material during the class and just refreshed my memory over the 5 hours by going through the binder. I memorized the chart of 42 processes...I think it is chart 12, and the equations, and skimmed the inputs and outputs. It may be a miracle that i passed (I was certainly suprised), having taken the exam 8 months after taking the class and barely studying! or Mo explained it so well that it stuck!'s probably a combination. Thanks again." Lavina S., PMP - 11-27-2011

"I passed it on Sunday. I was a bit stunned when the word Passed displayed. I kind of sat there for a moment staring at the screen wondering if I was missing something LOL. I really appreciate the assistance I got from SmartPath. I have recommended SmartPath to other friends who are considering getting their PMP.

Although I was a bit slow in finally taking the test, it was worth it. The material were good and the flow diagrams of inputs and outputs were really useful. It helped me how everything hangs together so using those in conjunction with the other class materials was really great. I recommend using the input/output flow diagrams if they really want to see how it all hangs together. I also appreciated allowing me to audit classes I was still struggling with. That was very helpful.

I noticed SmartPath offers classes for PDUs so I will definitely sign up for those also. Thanks again for all your help! Have a great Thanksgiving!" - Kathy W.,PMP - 11-20-2011

"Hi Nereda,
Finished my training on Oct 23. Passed my exam tonight! Yay! I'm a PMP! Thanks for everything." Veronica D., PMP - 11/16/2011

"I passed my certification yesterday. Please thank Mo and Richard for me for all of their training and thank you for all of your help from setting me up in the class, to all of the information and hints, as well as the constant contact." Michael B.,PMP 11-17-11

"Thanks for all the help! I passed my exam this morning, on to take some Lean and Agile courses!" Jamie S.,PMP - 11/14/2011

"For your information and records, following my attendance at the SmarthPath PMP prep course 17-20 Nov, I took the PMP exam on 2 December and Passed. Please convey this to my instructors and thank them for their time." John M.,PMP - 11-5-2011

"Hi Nereda I just wanted to drop you line to let you know that I passed my PMP exam. I took part in the two-weekend boot camp with Terri in mid-October." (Finished Oct 23) "Terri really helped solidify my knowledge of project management, and helped me identify the areas for improvement. I think the biggest attribute of me passing the exam was understanding the process inputs, outputs, and T&Ts, or at least knowing the difference. Thanks again." Pat A.,PMP - 11/5/2011

"Hi Nereda�..I wanted to let you know that I took the exam today and PASSED!!! I cannot thank you, Rich, and Mo enough for everything you have done to help me achieve this goal. This is a big milestone in my life, and all of you were a part of making it happen.

I highly recommend SmartPath's teaching and materials. "Ethically", I am not permitted to give any specifics about the questions on the test, but I can say that there is NOT an irrelevant SmartPath slide or chart. Please thank Mo for the quick meet to plan my study strategy before taking the test. The CCCR (Concepts, Connections, Context, Roles) approach was spot on and helped tremendously. After taking the course, I spent several hours a day reviewing the material �.. before the test to ensure I "understood" the material in order to instill confidence. Finally, practicing the mapping of inputs and outputs, along with knowing the T&T and PM Roles inside and out is key." - Stephen B.,PMP - 11-3-11

"Hi Nereda,
Today I finally was able to take the exam and PASSED! It took two additional weeks because I had to go through the audit process (I guess I was one of the unlucky ones). Anyway, the additional time allowed me to fully absorb the SmartPath PMP� prep information. The SmartPath documentation, my experience, and the classroom education were the only study aids I used and passed no problem. Thank you for your help. I�ll definitely recommend SmartPath to my colleagues." - Andrew D.,CTS,PMP - 11-2-2011

"Hi Nereda,
I apologize for being out of touch for so long. I know that you have reached out to me personally and I really appreciate it...I know that you have reached out to me personally and I really appreciate it. I have been extremely busy lately,....While I have not sat for my PMP Exam, and probably will not for quite a while, I want you to know that the training you and Mo provided has started me on a new path, both professionally and personally. While I won't go into everything, I will tell you that the extra hours required for a non-college graduate, and sitting in class with so many folks with advanced degrees, has caused me to return to school and more formally study my career field.

Your training also led me to my first real project manager job, as a vendor-employee at ___________. I came in late on a deployment project, initially hired to provide administrative and development support. Using tools and techniques I learned at SmartPath, I quickly assumed the project manager role. One of the benefits of being a vendor at ___________is that I can actually manage a fairly good-sized project, rather than a bunch of little projects with operational tasks thrown in. I would not have the skill set or the confidence to take on this project without your training.

I expect that I will not actually sit for the PMP� Exam for a couple of years, allowing time to finish school and gain the required hours. I am however committed to the concepts, tools, techniques, inputs, outputs and ethical teachings of the Project Management Institute. So, despite ......lack of the PMP� credentials, you have unleashed another project manager on the world. I already look forward to re-taking the class with you guys when I am ready to sit for the exam." Anonymous, 11-1-2011

"Hi Nereda,
I just wanted to let you know that I successfully Passed the exam yesterday! Giving myself the extra time to study and understand the material, and also re-sitting the class helped tremendously. Terri was really great. She's a fantastic instructor and really took the time to make sure that all of the students understood the concepts. She did a great job of explaining things and describing the content conceptually, which helped a ton. I really had a great experience with SmartPath and have recommended you to some of my colleagues that plan to pursue the PMP Credential in the near future. Thanks again for all of your help!" Stacy E., PMP - 10/24/11

"Hi Nereda,
Hope Mo and you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I have been promoted to project manager from an associate. Truly an exciting opportunity. And recently have been reached by a few other promising job opportunities as senior project manager. This further validates the value of the PMP credentials and how it helps support career growth. Your program helped me get where I am today. Thank you." - Anonoymous, PMP

"Yes, I passed the PMP certified. Thank you both for the your support...I wouldn't have been successful without it. Job hunting - here I come! ... I want to explicitly say that without doubt the approach and material were good and I would definitely recommend Smartpath to anyone wanting to get certified. I am impressed by how much I did learn in such a short period of time and you are right about not being overwhelmed too early in the learning process. Having instructors that had practical experience and could relate "stories" to help understand was important, as well your interest. It is always easier doing something when you have proper support." - Ann S., PMP - 10-18-2011

"Nereda - I don't see my name appearing in the registry yet but I passed. Yay! I am back in town and going thru my mails now. I will wait a few days before calling them. I also got an email from them saying something about incorrect exam scores due to a vendor error! Did you receive one also? Can you believe that!? - Nina, S.,PMP - Oct 5 - 2011

"Hello Nereda,
I am catching up on the emails now. (saying that I passed) This is amazing news! Looks like I can cancel the test that I had already rescheduled for Saturday! Thanks again for all your support." Pravin A.,PMP - Sep 22, 2011

"I thought Terri did an excellent job. She was very flexible and focused on the areas where Ana and I needed the most attention. I received my certificate in the mail this week and I am now preparing for my test and will keep you posted on the results. I am glad I selected SmartPath for this training." - D.S - PA. Soon to sit her Exam.

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP exam today. I want to thank your company for the great instruction. I�ve been keeping up with your emails, and I believe that everyone in my class has passed. Although, I think that I may be one of the last few people in the country to have taken the �old� exam. - Eric G.,PMP - 8-31-2011

"Hi Nereda,
I PASSED!! Thank you for your encouragement and support. Your training materials are top notch and your emails all said to me, 'you can do this'. I am so grateful that Deepali told me about her experience with you and Mo." - Gary C.,PMP - 8-31-2011

"I just passed! Thanks to Mo and Nereda :) �.It is kind of a blurr...One question had answers which I had never seen the terminology before - must be a new question. I was surprised that I thought it was easier than I expected and I liked taking it on the computer rather than a paper test."

"Hey Mo and Nereda
I passed. . . .Thanks for your help and good preparation, you really did a great job of teaching to the exam." - Doug. D.,PhD.,PMP. 8-29-2011

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Yesterday I passed my PMP exam. I want to thank Nereda for her tips and encouragement, Moe for his excellent tutorials, and Richard for his exam review. The advice we receive is correct. Stay with the SmartPath gameplan, study appropriately, and you can succeed. While I have been managing client projects for some time now I feel the management skills learned through your program have greatly strengthened my approach and overall perspective to project management. Thanks again. PS. Did Moe say he was going to buy me a beer if I passed??? Best regards." - Larry C, PhD.,PMP.

While I did PM work for years the only formal PM class I did was the 4 day bootcamp with Terri in July. I took a few weeks to study and this morning I passed on the first attempt. Cheers." - Breege K.,PMP - 8/25/2011

I am happy to inform you and Mo that I passed the exam today - whoo hoo!!!.... Thank you for all your encouragement and support. It is greatly appreciated." Mary Jo K.,PMP -8-24-2011

"Hi Nereda,
I passed my PMP tonight. Please pass along my thanks to both Mo and Richard for their positive class experience. And thank YOU too for all of your support. Thanks." Bonnie B.,PMP - 8-24-2011

"Hi Nereda!
I passed! I was really nervous, but registering for the PMP really put the pressure on. On the day of the test I perfected my brain dump of chart 12....Thank you so much to you and Mo for all the help. The quality of your material far exceeds everything else I reviewed!" - David C.,PMP - 8-24-2011

"Nereda and Mo, I passed the PMP today in Morgantown, WV (OO-Rah). I attribute my success to hard work and SmartPath LLC�s cutting edge instruction. Mo�s mentorship and process charts gave me a crisper understanding of the processes and how they are integrated throughout the Project Management body of Knowledge. I thank you both for who you are and the business that you execute. SmartPath LLC stands by their guarantee of excellence and passing success rate." Robert P.,PMP - WV - 8-24-2012

"Hi Guys,
I passed! Thanx for the help!...Yes all of it helped, your tips and the conversations with Mo & the ppl in the class!" - Manoj A.,PMP - 8-23-2011

"Hi, Nereda. I just wanted to let you and Mo know that I passed the PMP today! Thanks for your help! I was very confident going in, but there were a lot of tricky and/or ambiguous questions." - Chris M.,PMP - 8/20/2011

"Just passed the PMP exam today!" - Allan D.,PMP - 8/18/2011

"Thanks, Nereda. Huge relief to have that done. It was a tough test, so I appreciate the help of your team!" - Matt, H.,PMP - 8-16-2011

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
I just passed the PMP exam an hour ago and I'm so happy that I'm done. Nereda, your excel sheet given in exam review and your last email 2 days ago about how to pass PMP helped a lot. Mo, thanks for teaching the PMP class and interesting stories :-)....Thanks for all your help. " - Praveen A., PMP - 8-13-2011

"Passed. :)" - Nathan,P.,PMP - 8-12-2011

"Hi Nereda � Everything went great last night and I passed with flying colors. Thank you, Mo, and Terri so much for all your help. Sitting in the class again really helped solidify some of the concepts and help me focus. It�s exactly what I needed for that last extra push before taking the test." - Anne O., PMP - July 19, 2011.

Hello Nereda,
Thanks to you and Mo once more for all the support and knowledge you shared. I am so swamped with work and have only managed to get to write the exam on Sunday and am very happy it is now behind me." Fitzroy R.,PMP - July 17, 2011.

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
This is my 'mission accomplished' email: I'm happy to report that I passed my PMP exam yesterday evening. The exam was tough - more of an intellectual challenge than I expected.... But I was prepared; Mo�s material is right to the spot. Thank you so much Mo for providing me with the mental framework during class! Thanks Terri for the tips on exam strategy and Nereda for your encouraging emails!" Peter N., Phd., PMP - 7 -14-2011

Just a little feedback from my test. I tested at the Puyallup site and they didn�t have calculators for us, we had to use the calculator on the computer. Not a big deal, but not what I was expecting and it does slow you down.

... I took almost the entire 4 hrs. The practice tests were probably the most helpful to understand how they ask questions and how to analyze them. Thanks for all your help!" - Molly O, MBA, PMP. - 7-11-2011

"Hi guys just wanted to tell you that I took the exam yesterday and I passed. Thanks for all the encouragement." - Svetlana H, PMP - 7-5-2011

"Hi Nereda,
Great news, I just passed the PMP exam!!! Many thanks to you and Mo for an excellent training program. I will definitely recommend SmartPath!" - Ivan D.,PMP - 6-20-2011

"Hi Nereda,
Just want to let you and Mo know that I just passed my PMP Exam today. Thanks a lot for the training. it's really helpful. Now, I understand what you said Just do what Mo told you." :) Thanks a lot!!" Chao D., PMP - 6-24-2011

"I passed!....By the way, I know I did well on these formulas because I got a Proficient (Above Average) rating in all three of the big areas: Planning, Execution, and Monitor & Control. Many thanks to you and Mo!! I look forward to working with you again in the future � especially with the new PMBOK� Guide 5 materials. Hopefully I�ll be hired by a great company (like ...) who will want to pay me to attend those classes, right?. Kathleen W., PMP - 6-23-2011

"Just wanted to thank you guys for all the help and information you gave me over the past couple of months. I also wanted to let you know that I took and passed the PMP exam this evening. Hope all is well with you guys. Thanks again!!" Mike W., PMP - 6-9-2011

You can write my name on the board as well!! I passed this morning! Thanks for all your support!" John L., PMP - 6-9-2011

"I took the PMP exam today and passed. ... Knowing the formulas and Inputs, Outputs and Tools and Techniques probably made all of the difference. Thank you for the help." Steve K., PMP - 6-8-2011

"Hello Mo and Nereda,
Thank you so much for all your help and support. I passed by focusing on the class materials only. I did not stray and spent a lot of time deprogramming my brain of the non-PMI knowledge (junk).

The exam was quite tough....Most of my questions were lengthy--like the exam review. For most questions, I had to answer by process of elimination after careful analysis.

Again, thanks for all your help and support." Tracy A,PhD., PMP - 6-6-2011.

"Hi there, Took the test tonight and passed!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!" - Madeleine S., PMP - 6-1-2011.

Hi Nereda,
Just wanted to let you know that I took the PMP test today in Portland and passed the passing record continues! Thanks for all of your help" - Cathy M., PMP - 5-27-2011.

"Hi Nereda,
I passed the PMP test today! I took Mo's PMP prep class back in in August, and happened to get a job that I was too focused on to take the test. Now that I had some time, I studied the materials, memorized the chart, practiced the inputs and outputs and tools for processes. The training really did help. The test is long, but I felt that I recognized the answers that made the most sense. It felt great to see that I passed at the end." - Tim W.,PMP - 4-27-2011

"I have taken classes for Project Management from Portland State University and found that SmartPath LLC by far, much better prepares students for taking the PMP Exam....Passed!" Joe C., PMP - 4-22-2011

"Hi Mo and Nereda,
Good news... I passed today. Thank you both for the great preparation. Lots of Quality questions, very few EVM (unfortunately because I was ready for those!), and a good number of procurement. The rest was as expected, based on Mo's practice exam." - Brett F., PMP - 4-22-2011

"Thank you, Mo, so much for your guidance. You are the best PMP instructor!!! I will definite come back for more training from you!" - Bonnie L., PMP - 4-15-2011

"Hi Nereda & Mo,
Well, today was finally my day and I passed the PMP exam! I could not have done it without the excellent class, excellent materials and the extra materials that you sent me since I could not attend the review class. By this past weekend I was scoring in the low 90�s on all of your tests, including the 28 you have online, so my confidence was high. I received many quality and risk questions, two areas that I felt less confident (of course!). But in the end all that matters is that PASS on the printout. Thanks again for your help, I could not have done it without you!" - Phil D., PMP - 4-19-2011

"Hi Nereda: I took the PMP this morning and also passed. I am thrilled to tell you this. Your emails have been so inspirational and informative. You are a stellar example of a training and development organization... I was in Mo's class last August, but started on a new project in the beginning of September and was unable to study further at the time. In my project, I established and currently run the Change Board process. It was no surprise this morning when I completed the test and found that my best subject was "Monitoring & Control...Thanks again to you and Mo for your expertise and support. I plan to take additional classes with you soon." - Annette A., PMP - March 26, 2011

"Nereda, Just to let you know I kept the ball rolling and as of 6:30pm today I am a PMP. Many, many, thanks to Mo for his great teaching ability and to you for your words of encouragement." - Jim M., PMP - March 26, 2011.

"Nereda, My compliments on Smartpath�s instructional strategy and quality. Mo Haque is in a league of his own in his ability to manage and convey the important information about the PMP certification. Prior to the class, I bought numerous books, flashcards, watched videos, etc. No one else is even coming close to Mo�s ability to simplify the information into something manageable. As someone formally trained as a teacher, I was particularly impressed with Mo�s ability to remain engaged and attentive through a 10 hour session. If Mo elects to teach a class on 'How to have as much energy as Mo Haque,' please let me know. Thanks again!" - David C. - March 25, 2011.

"Hi Mo & Nereda,

I passed my exam!! I took it on Friday. Yeah!!! It was pretty challenging, I took the full 4 hours to review my work. Your training was fantastic! Thanks for helping me prep and succeed!" - Randy B, PMP. - March 18, 2011

"Hi Nereda, I took the exam last night and passed! I'm very excited and relieved. The boot camp really helped to stay focus on the types of questions to be aware of. Also, chart 12 and the 14 formulas helped... I'm happy it is over and I passed the exam. Now I can peel off all the posters and post-it's of my wall.

Thanks again to Mo and you for your help and motivation. This class was worth every penny." - Rose C., PMP - March 18, 2011

"Hi Nereda! I just wanted to drop you and MO(jo)a line to thank you for an awesome class. I sincerely mean it when I say it's one of, if not the best classes, I have ever taken (and I've been around the block a few times). I definitely will be back to pester you both! Starting tomorrow I will work on the experience spreadsheet and then stop in to have you or MO(jo) review it.

You should be extremely proud of the benefit you are providing to the PM (or PM would be) community.

Thanks again and now it's time for a drink!

Cheers!" - Wayne G.

"Mo and Nereda, Thank you so much for all your support! I applied for a position at noon yesterday, had a phone screen and go in next week! All because of the PMP :)" - Esther B.,PMP. Esther B passed Monday, March 14 2011!

"Hi Nereda, You can add another PMP to your roster. I took the test today and passed. It was grueling, but definitely worth it now. Since the class in February I put in 2-3 hours of study every night after work and 5-6 hours every day on the weekends. �I made sure that I conceptually understood all of them (inputs, outputs, tools & techniques) so that I could identify where they belonged when I saw them�.Thank you to you and Mo for helping me get past this major milestone. Now I can focus on my knee surgery without this test looming out there. Thanks again!" - Randy B., PMP - March 15, 2011.

"Hey Nereda, Quick note that I finally got to take the test (only had to reschedule four times) and passed with flying colors. I felt very prepared and there were only a handful of questions that really came out of left field... Finished in three hours, including revisiting the 20 or so I had marked for review. Mo's materials and test prep tips were invaluable�Thanks again for all the encouragement along the way!" - Erik M., PMP - March 15, 2011

"Mo & Nereda, Just a quick note to let you know that I took and passed the PMP test yesterday. Hope all is well with you two." Jamie V., PMP. Please note: Jamie believes he over studied! March 10, 2011

"Ritesh and I appeared yesterday and passed! We were out celebrating yesterday after studying for so many weekends so couldn't mail you earlier. Thanks to you and Mo for all the help with preparation :)" - Swati R.,PMP & Ritesh K., PMP, Feb 22, 2011.

"Hi Nereda, I did take and pass the CAPM, and my wife and I immediately left town for a long weekend in the mountains away from all tech so I couldn't email the good news... Thanks again for all of the assistance you and Mo provided, it was worth 10 times the price of the class!" - John B., CAPM.

"Hi Nereda,
I passed my exam this afternoon! I want to thank you and Mo for the exceptional service and encouragement. It would have been very hard to pass this exam without your help. Cheers!" - Pat S, PMP.

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Thank you for your encouragement, excellent training materials, and great teaching. I passed yesterday." - John M., Ph.D.,PMP.

"Hi Nereda and Mo,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam yesterday! Thanks for all the help and support over the last month while I prepared for the exam." - Marcie G., PMP.

"Nereda and Mo,
I did it! I passed the exam�YAY! Thanks for all your help! ...You have been so helpful and encouraging. It was a long grind and I am soooooo glad it's over. I am very proud of the fact that I have 'PMP' after my name now on my professional correspondence.

Mo..thanks again for all your wisdom and direction. It was immensely helpful and the only reason I was able to pass the first time...You guys rock!! Have a great weekend!" - Stuart R., PMP

"Sorry, I forgot to mention, I passed this weekend. Thanks." - Joe G.,PMP

"I passed the PMP today. Boy there were a lot of cause and effect questions...Got a bunch...lots of questions on tools with inputs in the answers and questions on inputs with tools in the potential answers." Terri V., PMP

"Thanks for all your effort � I passed." - Amit G., PMP

"This course was exactly what I was expecting; It allowed me to better see the �big picture� and helped me fill the numerous gaps I had; I can apply many concepts and advices daily at work. Thank you Mo and Nereda, just perfect!" - Aude F, PMP

"No matter how much you know about PM or how much experience you have in PM - if you want to pass the PMP exam you NEED this class. Mo�s method shows you exactly how to think like the PMBOK (not a seasoned PM) in a clear, concise, and highly effective manner. Worth every penny!" - Heather F., PMP

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP this morning. It felt great to pass the test." Bruce L.,PMP

"Thanks to your training I passed today - yay. That thing was a killer but I guess I narrowed them down well." Alexis F, PMP

"Hi Nereda,
Just an FYI, I took the exam yesterday afternoon and passed. The course and materials provided was definitely right on the mark and I was able to complete the exam in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Other good news was my car was loaded up and as soon as I passed the exam I headed up to Whistler and will be skiing powder for the next few days. Also, let Mo know the bars here in Whistler are open late so I was able to celebrate sufficiently when I arrived here last night. Thanks." - Steve R, PMP.

"I sat for the gruelling 4 hour exam today (Sunday) & I am delighted to say that I passed. Your class, study materials & exam review session paid off. Many Thanks to you & Mo." - Bola A, PMP

"Mo & Nereda
Thank you so much for everything! The classes were wonderful & I hope to have the chance to attend others. I also will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know!

Take Care & I certainly will keep in touch,..." - Kim S, PMP

"Nereda/Mo, Yes I took it today and I Passed. :). I had a 2:30 PM slot and have just come back from the test Center.

Thanks to all the guidance from Mo and you, Could not have done it without your expert help.

Thanks and Regards..." Santosh P., PMP

"Thanks so much � I really appreciate the love and support from you both. And of course Mo�s training was top notch." Barry S., PMP

"Hi Nereda and Mo. Wanted to inform you the happy news that I cleared the PMP. Thanks to Mo's wonderful class and tips. The biggest challenge was for me to lock myself down for 4 hours. With 6 breaks I managed to stay inside the exam for 3 hours and 10 minutes and pass the exam. Thanks to Mo and you for all the guidance. Thanks." Pradeep N., PMP

"Another PMP!....This time from CANADA! Hi Nereda: Please be informed that I wrote my exam this morning and, believe it or not, passed it. They didn't give any scores except how I did in each of the groups...Thanks very much to you and Mo for all the guidance. Best Regards...- one more happy customer!" Rafiq P., PMP

"I'm Official :)...Hi Nereda, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP this morning. Many thanks to you and Mo for helping me prepare � couldn�t have done it without your guidance and instruction. Look forward to taking your MS Project prep class in the fall � need a little break from all this studying. Thanks again." Ed F., PMP

"Hi Nereda, I just wanted to let you and Mo know that I passed my PMP exam. Thank you both for the excellent class. I know that I wouldn't have been able to pass the exam without it! The way Mo broke down the information and made it memorable was exactly what I needed to filter out exactly what I needed to know for the exam and how to remember it. Thanks again" Heather F.,PMP

"The PMBOK is a HUGE intellectual meal. A lot of brain food. What Smartpath has done? Is carving it up into digestible meals. They are not snack food but you can work on them over a week. I bought the training and passed the PMP Exam. Thank You Mo." - Bob L,PMP

"Thanks Mo for the great class! Thanks Nereda for quick, warm and detailed replies to get me to the class! The PMP Exam Prep class not only helped me passed the exam in a short preparation timeframe, it also gave me a new understanding of project management. Mo is a great teacher with a lot of real-world project management experience, kept the class interesting, has a great amount of interaction with students." - Samantha S.,PMP

"The Review class is extremely helpful. It made me find what area I needed to study more before the exam." - Marlena M.,PMP

"Given the short time I had allotted to studying for the exam, I learned what I needed to know and passed the PMP exam on my first try. I would definitely recommend SmartPath for project management related classes." - Anonymous,PMP

"I am extremely happy with the course. I can say without any reservations that I owe Mo and Smartpath a lot of the credit for my PMP certification. Without their course and Mo�s materials it would have been much more difficult to pass the exam." - Sung B.,PMP

"Thanks again for the great class. You get credit for me passing the PMP certification. Mo, you are a great teacher. I came out of your class with a new understanding of project management. It is because of your great teaching, that I was able to pass it with less than 20 hours of studying. Thank you also for letting me attend your class multiple times. I wish you all the best and hope to attend some more of your classes in the future." - Rajiv P.,PMP

"I found the SmartPath PMP Exam Prep class really helped me prepare to take the PMP exam and pass on the first attempt. Within days of passing the exam, I got several calls to set up interviews." - Fred L.,PMP

"I spoke to someone else last week about PMP, and the conversation made me realise how valuable the prep training you gave was, especially the process-based approach to learning. It really helped put all the PMBOK knowledge into context for me, and combined with your experience of real-world project management gave me the confidence to sit and pass the test with ease. Excellent value for money!" - Andy M, PMP.

"Mo makes everything crystal clear and easy even if you have no idea what Project Management really is." - Scott K.

"I was skeptical that Mo�s �Don�t Cram It, Understand It� approach would really work. However, after attending SmartPath PMP Training I was able to combine more than 20 years experience with PMBOK4 in a way that enabled me to retain and understand PMI terminology and Best Practices. Small classroom size, individualized instruction, laminated process flow charts, and lively classroom sessions were invaluable to me. I passed the test easily thanks to SmartPath!" - Don K., PMP.

"...I know for sure I could NOT have done it without taking Mo's class.

I didn't do so well on Monitoring and Controlling and I really think it is because I didn't study EVM as much as I should have. The review we had last Sunday was a HUGE HUGE help and saved me from missing a few questions!

I got a lot of questions on scope, time and cost. After all they are the triple constraints. Also ALOT on quality which as you know, encompasses all 3 of those. As per what Mo stated, most questions are around the executing, monitoring and controlling and Professional and Social Responsibility.

There were some terms I did not recognize which were not spelled out in the PMBOK, but again as Mo stated, the process of elimination helped the most when it came to those.

The test took me 3.5 hours. About 2.5 hours answering questions, then about 30 min reviewing the ones I had marked and then about 20 minutes were spent on me staring at the screen in disbelief! :-) ... It took about 3 hours. I got 4 sheets of scratch paper and the exam had a calc right in the program so you don't need to bring one.

The results of Pass/fail come back in each Process group as "Proficient", "Moderately Proficient" and "Below Proficiency."

Anyway, based on what we learned in Mo's class and with heavy self study on practice tests and such, you guys will do just fine! I do have to say I am so glad I took Mo's class prior to the test. That was what really solidified my confidence in myself and exam prep....

I do have to say that when the result came back as 'Pass' I really did not expect that. The test is tough! Study, study, study!!!

TTYS guys! Gonna go celebrate now!!!! :-)" - Michele R.,PMP

Project Management Exam Review Class Testimonials

"Excellent handouts showing Process Groups, Activities, and Knowledge Areas...My project experience combined with Mo�s instruction for the PMP Exam Review Class was all I needed to pass the PMP exam on my first attempt! Keep up the great PMP training Mo!" - Keith T,PMP

Visio Training

Dear Mo,
I must say after taking the Visio classes, I became more aware of my weaknesses in using the software as you gave me the tools to strengthen them. Your very personable approach and �hands-on� learning exercises enabled me to become more confident in the workplace after 25 years of project management. I learned a variety of models that graphically display the various processes that I use every day and realize that pictures truly are worth more than a thousand words. Before this class, I wasn�t even aware of all the things you can do with this dynamic tool. This will allow me to be more persuasive in developing presentations for senior level management and with colleagues who desire to become more effective in their communications.Yours truly," - Anonymous,PMP, ITIL Expert. - 6-3-13

Business Process Analysis Testimonials

"Attached is my completed Course Evaluation. Thank you again to both you and Mo. I enjoyed training with your company. Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms if you can this year while you are in town. It is a memorable experience!... What, if anything, would you have improved on the course? Nothing; Excellent training material; Workbook and Workflows. Enjoyed building 2010 Visio Business Object Models to reinforce course content. Appreciated the openness where any question was welcomed and answered. Enjoyed the stories and real world practical applications to the course work. The program opened my eyes to endless applications of the coursework as well as new potential opportunities in the work environment. Thank you for the excellent training!" Kathy B, PMP 4-6-2013

"Just a quick thank you for the Business Analysis class. John is a great instructor and I really appreciated the content." Sidney W. - 12/19-2012

"Business Analysis training is another tool that dovetails very well with Project Management and ITIL enabling businesses to root out waste and streamline processes. Calling Mo is the first step in improving a wide range of business processes." - Scott K., MCITP, Network+, A+

SharePoint Designer 2010

"I thought the course covered what I need to put into practice for my clients....This was a great course for me. The material, but more importantly Rich, being able to dedicate his time to me and answer all of my questions. Fantastic!" Grant L., PMP - NY

Leadership in Highly Effective Teams

"I had a great time with Terri Vail. She is an excellent presenter and after we went through the training materials, we had time to discuss how to apply the concepts to my current work direct reporting relationship challenges." - Kathy C - 2011