SmartPath LLC Provides a Comprehensive PMP(R) Training Content, Material & Tools Package

SmartPath LLC Provides a Comprehensive PMP(R) Training Content, Material & Tools Package
PMP Certification with Exam Prep Training Content, Material & Learning Tools for the Exam that started 1-2-2021. See all 4-day or Two Weekend PMP Certification with Exam Prep training by simply clicking on the down arrow schedules and purchase URL. You can also Shorter Preps: Retraining Loyalty / 2 PDU options are also on this page. This training covers Predictive, Agile and Hybrid project management tailoring for all areas.

SmartPath LLC Badge: SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P) .

Expert Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP. PMI(R) Authorized Partner Instructor Qualifications: Verify all.

Mo Haque's experience. Mo Haque is a highly experienced instructor.

SmartPath LLC Provides a Comprehensive PMP(R) Training Materials & Tools Package

A. Class Slides and the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep Training Book: Our Class Slides are provided by the Project Management Institute, Inc. About the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content: This content was produced by PMI)R) in order to develop high quality PMP exam-focused training. They included the definitions in V2.1 of the Prep book content so definitions are no longer in our Supplemental Material. The Prep book is ordered through Logical Operations (LO) by us for you. This content is provided in both print and digital and it's included in the training price with the exception of extra taxes and shipping fees where applicable if you don't live within the lower U.S. 48 states: Provide us your address and phone number and we will be able to provide you a quote. We allow shipping and tax of up to $27 so you would only pay the portion above that amount. In the U.S. the sales tax is based on $99 for the printed book / digital. Please allow up to 10 days for the print copy to arrive as upon receiving your order, we will order your print/digital, through PMI's partner, Logical operations / LO Choice, then they arrange the shipping and send you an email with login information. We anticipate that an email with your digital login will reach you within 2 business days. Please keep a lookout for it and check your spam often.

B. Supplemental Content including Workflows is provided in Digital format for Live Online Training, and they are provided in Print and or Digital for Onsite training: SmartPath LLC provided supplemental content is aligned to the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book to enhance your learning for the exam through providing additional exam visibility, and job visibility so you can drive project value at work. Supplemental content descriptions:

   Workflows for PMP(R) Exam based on IBP (Industry Best Practices) & ECO (Exam Content Outline) Printed Workflows 1 to 15 are provided in digital format for all Live Online trainees. If you wish to have printed copies, you can print a copy for yourself or you can purchase a printed set on Gloss Cover printed single sided or double sided. See all options listed on the bottom of the PMP(R) Certification page. There are 3 purchase choices. Again, all Live Online Trainees will receive a digital copy of Workflows 1 to 15, set up for 11" x 17" printer which they can print for their personal use at home or work.
   I. Operations and Project Environment
     2. Project Inception and Governance Framework (PM Framework)
     3. Managing a Project Using One (1) of Five (5) Different Methodologies
     4. Framework for Managing an Adaptive Project Lifecycle
     5. Framework for Managing a Predictive
     6. Sequential Flow of PM Processes
     7. Integration Planning and Management
     8. Scope Planning and Management
     9. Schedule Planning and Management
     10. Budget & Resource Planning and Management
     11 Quality Planning and Management
     12. Communications & Stakeholder Planning and Management
     13. Risk Planning and Management
     14. Procurement Planning and Management
     15. Team Planning and Management

   II - Table Depicting Items 1 to 8
The following areas depict the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content, cross referenced with the following:

     1. Lesson Titles
     2. Book Sections
     3. Topics
     4. Brief Description of Process Details.
     5. Process Names
     6. Sequence Flow Numbers
     7 . Page Numbers

C.1. Practice Exam Quizzes A to L aligned to the EOC, with over 2,000 questions, 200 of them are cloned questions, aligned to the EOC (Exam Outline Content). These questions are vital to your understand of project management fundamentals and foundations, which you should understand before taking the PMP(R) Exam.

     1. Quiz A. Project Management Processes
     2. Quiz B. Project Management Concepts
     3. Quiz C. Project Management Agile Concepts
     4. Quiz D. Project Management Mixed Fuzzy - 1
     5. Quiz E. Project Management - People, Teams, & Mixed
     6. Quiz F. Project Management - Plan & Manage
     7. Quiz G. Project Management Combined Domains
     8. Quiz H. Project Management Mixed Fuzzy - 2
     9. Quiz I. Integration, Communications, and Stakeholders
     7. Quiz J. Scope, Time, and Cost
     8. Quiz K. Quality, Resource, Risk, and Procurement
     9. Quiz L. Change Requests, Roles & Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct

C.2 . Must-Do Quizzes, 1 to 3 - Clone questions from the exam

     1. Quiz 1. Agile Project Management: Scenario-based agile project management quiz deals with agile methodology. The questions are related to the agile concepts and their applications. An agile project management methodology is an unplanned iterative software development approach. This approach is suitable for IT software where fast pace of change can be accommodated without waste. These questions represent similarities that may appear in the real PMP certification exam.
     1. Quiz 2. Hybrid Project Management: Scenario-based hybrid project management quiz deals with hybrid methodology. The hybrid approach is managed when a planned project for hardware and an unplanned portion for related software development are combined. The questions are related to the hybrid concepts and their applications. These questions represent similarities that may appear in the real PMP certification exam.
     1. Quiz 3. Predictive Project Management: Scenario-based quiz dealing with predictive project management. The predictive approach is also known as traditional and waterfall. This is the most prevailing project management methodology. Almost ninety percent of the real-life projects are predictive, since no one wants to invest money without understanding its return on investment. Hence, a plan is created to protect the investment, manage and control the scope, schedule, and cost. The predictive methodology of managing a project mitigates the risks of failure, better than any other methodology. A predictive methodology can be done in shorter phases. The phased approach gives predictive methodology additional advantages of being iterative and incremental; therefore, implementing agility in the project management. The questions are related to the traditional concepts and their applications. These questions represent similarities that may appear in the real PMP certification exam.

D. Exam Prep Roadmap Steps to Success:

     1. Solving Activities Exercises in the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep (PAPEP) content in print and digital.
     2. Exercises solving process sequences.
     3. Final Exam Review Checklist.
     3. Take your PMP Exam.

E. Exam Prep Roadmap Steps to Success: Online Quiz Practice for up to 60 days post class, and it starts on the third day of class for 4-day classes, and the fourth day of class for 5 day classes.